Scalding Gallows

When you regain control of War, head down the ramp and as you do look at the building in front of you. If you did not grab the chest from here earlier, you should be able to see a red crystal on a pillar here. On closer inspection you will see that the crystal has a bomb growth on it. Hit this with your cross-blade to bring down the pillar to create a ramp. Climb to the top and open the chest for the third piece of Abyssal Armour Set [3/10] .

If you missed it earlier, use the Cross-blade on the bomb to reach a piece of Abyssal Armour (left). Continue out of the area by destroying the red crystals (right).

Head in the general direction of the Vulgrim Location in this region and you will come across some red crystals blocking the way to the left. There is an inert bomb on the crystal so you will have to use the nearby flaming gas pipe to light it with your cross-blade. When the crystal is no more, head inside.

Follow the tunnel down and to the right until your exits are sealed and you need to fight and destroy all the enemies to proceed. Enter the room here and jump onto the stationary fan blade. Run over and jump to the fan blade to the left and enter the small room here. Kill the Demonic Soldiers guarding the area and then activate the switch to put the fan in motion.

You will need to ride the blade around and hop off when you can reach the doorway on the west side of the room. Once across, follow the pathway killing the demonic welcoming party and checking the small alcove on the left for a Blue Soul Chest . Exit into the Drowned Pass.

The Drowned Pass

After arriving at the Drowned Pass, dive into the water and check out the small tunnel behind the waterfall at the north side of the area for Artefact: Soldier . Swim through the underwater tunnel in the most north eastern tunnel on the map and dive under the water to reach another hidden area. Kill all the Demonic Soldiers and the Shadowcaster here. Open the chest for the fourth piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [4/10] . Look behind the rocks around the opposite side of the pool here for a Blue Soul Chest .

Look behind the waterfall for an Artefact (left). Explore the north-eastern underwater tunnel to find a piece of Abyssal Armour (right).

Looking at the map there are two buildings in the water, swim into the northernmost building and climb up the stairs to find another Artefact: Soldier , return to the surface of the water and you should find an entrance to the northernmost structure. Look inside here for a Blue Soul Chest .

Head to the south of the area and find the Gatekeeper hanging out here. Use the Earthcaller in front of it to bring it to life and have a quick chat. Like the previous gatekeeper he will send you into the shadow realm to complete another 4 shadow challenge arenas. As before the locations of the portals to take you to each of the challenges are indicated by vertical orange beams of light.

Head to each and complete the challenges.

Shadow Challenge Arena 5

Challenge: Defend the undead soldiers

Strategy: You will need to defend the undead soldiers for 5 minutes against increasingly difficult types of enemies. You will need to keep enemy demonic soldiers, fire golems and blue dragons away from your buddies. To ensure your success, do not leave the side of your allies. Cruising off to take down a few enemies solo only serves to isolate your allies, making them more likely to receive damage.

In Challenge 5 keep the soldiers alive by eliminating the enemies closest to them (left). Damage enemies before throwing environmental objects at them during Challenge 6 (right).

Shadow Challenge Arena 6

Challenge: Defeat 15 enemies with environmental objects

Strategy: You will face off against groups of Demonic Soldiers sprinkled with the occasional Poison Demon. We need to kill enemies using the cars in the arena. Try to hit enemies once or twice to soften them up a little before using the cars to inflict fatal damage on the enemies.

Shadow Challenge Arena 7

Challenge: Kill 30 enemies with Chaos Form

Strategy: Immediately use Chaos Form as you start the fight and kill as many enemies as possible. When you run out of time, eliminate enemies with finishers to help recharge your chaos meter. When full unleash it again. Continue until you have killed the required number.

Use finisher attacks to build Chaos quicker to trigger Chaos Form in Challenge 7 (left). Challenge 8 is all about practicing counter-attacks (right).

Shadow Challenge Arena 8

Challenge: Kill 5 enemies with counter attacks

Strategy: Hit an enemy until the action button appears above its head, then wait for the enemy to try and attack you. Hit the block button at the right time to counter attack and kill them.

The Drowned Pass

After completing the four challenges, return to the Gatekeeper and use the Earthcaller to wake it up again. Have a quick chat and it will award you with the fifth piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [5/10] . The Gatekeeper will then depart allowing you to enter the tunnel behind.

Head inside and jump into the water; follow the path killing any Demon Fish in your way. Surface at the other end, jump out and climb the demonic growth nearby. As you traverse the wall watch out for the exploding growths that appear (use the dash button to move away quickly). At the top jump to the rope and cross the chasm below.

Swim through the tunnel (left) and then use the demonic growth and the rope to cross the chasm (right).

Drop down when you reach the platform opposite and enter the tunnel on the left for a new Vulgrim Location and the right here to exit into Anvil’s Ford.


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