During the guide we will have collected the vast majority of the enhancements and collectibles in the game. There were however a few that did not quite fit into the walkthrough above, so I’ve put them here!

Collecting the remaining items will net you three achievements/trophies:

  • World Raider – unlocked for collecting all 27 Artefacts.
  • Full Power – Unlocked for maxing out War’s health by finding all Life Stone Shards.
  • Wrath of War – unlocked for maxing out War’s Wrath by finding and collecting all Wrath Shards/Cores.
    There is only a few left at this stage (as we did a good portion of the mop up whilst finding the Armageddon Blade Shards ), so it shouldn’t take you long.

Scalding Gallow

Enter the tunnel leading to the Ash Lands. In the room with the first chromosphere, use the Voidwalker on the portal pad and then activate the chromosphere. Use the switch to open the next door blocking the tunnel and run through.

Upon entering, turn around and you will see a second Voidwalker pad on the back of the gate. Shoot a second portal here. Open the gate again using the nearby switch and return to the chronosphere room. This time, open the gate, hit the chronosphere and run through the portal to find the chest containing the Legendary Enhancement – Death’s Blessing .

Use the portal pad in the room with the Chronosphere (left) and the other on the back of the door the switch opens (right). Raise the door and run through for the chest.

Return to the main Scalding Gallow area and then take the passage leading to the Drowned Pass. When you first enter, look to the left and fire off a portal at the portal pad on the roof. Continue through the passage and in the fan section, look at your map to see a small open section to the south east side of the area.

Jump on the fan, ride it around and then jump into the gap here. Use the grapple to pull yourself across, then use the nearby shadow flight geyser to reach the platform above. There is an Artefact: Champion here.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

World Raider

Collect all 27 Artifacts

Trophy icon

On the same platform, if you look at the roof there is a second portal pad. Activate this, then drop down and use the shadow flight geyser to fly up and through the portal. When you exit, pick up the nearby chest for a Wrath Shard .

Look for a portal pad on the roof (left). Use the fan to hop down and reach a grapple point (right). Keep moving to find an Artefact and a Wrath Shard through a second portal pad.

Return to the nearest Vulgrim Location .

Anvil’s Ford

Upon speaking with Vulgrim, opt to use a Serpent Hole to fast travel to Anvil’s Ford. About halfway through the fast-travel area, look to the left of the main path for a grapple point. Use the abyssal chain to cross the grapple points here to find a chest housing a Wrath Shard .

Keep moving through the Serpent Hole and exit into Anvil’s Ford proper.

Look for the grapple point halfaw through the serpent hole (left) and follow it to a Wrath Shard. In Anvils Ford find the grapple point to the floating island (right) where there is another Wrath Shard.

If you pull out your map. On the west side of the zone you will see a floating island that is not connected to the main area. Now that we have the Abyssal chain, you can use it on the grapple points here to cross the gap and claim the chest here which contains a Wrath Shard .

Head back to the nearest Vulgrim Location .

Twilight Cathedral

Speak with Vulgrim and use the Serpent Hole to fast travel to the Twilight Cathedral. Before exiting the portal at the end, have War put on the Mask of Shadows. From here you should be able to find an invisible shadow flight geyser nearby. Use this and follow the path until you reach a chest with a Life Stone Shard .

With the Mask of Shadows on look for the shadowflight geyser near the exit to the Serpent Hole (left). follow the path to a Life Stone Shard (right).

Return to Vulgrim and now, to complete our collections all we need to do is spend a few Blue Souls and hand in all of our collected Artefacts . We can do the following:

  • You can purchase a Wrath Core from Vulgrim for 10,000 Blue Souls .
  • Hand in the Artefact: Overlord collectible to Vulgrim for a complete Wrath Core .
  • Hand in all 20 Artefact: Soldier collectibles to Vulgrim for a Life Stone Shard .
  • Hand in all 6 Artefact: Champion collectibles to Vulgrim for a Life Stone Shard .
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Full Power

Collect the maximum amount of lifestones

Trophy icon
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Wrath of War

Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores

Trophy icon

When you have everything or you feel sufficiently ready, head back through a Serpent Hole to Anvil’s Ford and enter Ulthane’s Forge. Talk to him and after a short story scene you will be rewarded with the Armageddon Blade .


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