The Hollows

Head out the right hand door and into the courtyard for a brief boss encounter with the Griever.

The Griever will fire laser beams at War which you will need to dodge. When safe, pick up the Angelic Gun on the ground nearby and nail the boss in the face. When he fires the laser again, drop the gun and dodge, then pick up the gun and fire away once again. Repeat until the Griever hightails it out of there.

The boss will bail, knocking down the clock at the far end of the room. Check out the Blue Soul Chest behind the clock’s base at the back of the room. Go through the door on the left and up the stairs for another Blue Soul Chest . Head out the door here and onto the balcony to find yet another Blue Soul Chest at the far end.

Shoot the boss in the chest until it flees (left). Look behind the clock to find a Blue Soul Chest (right).

Drop down and enter the door on the other side of the room. Pick up the health from the Green Soul Chest if needed and continue along the hallway. Use the demon growth to navigate War across the pit and use the door to the left.

You will see a short scene as you enter and jump down to the flooded room below. Dispatch the green Duskwings. Pick up one of the inert bombs and toss it onto the red crystal on the balcony over to the left. Dive under water and check out the north western most tunnel to find demon growth leading up to a platform above.

At the top, use the action button on the generator here to light up the gas pipe in front of you. From here you should be able to see another gas pipe to the left, so using your cross-blade, target the flame first, then the next gas pipe – let it go to light them both up. Jump back down to the platform with the bomb plant and repeat the same task to light up the gas pipe next to the platform with the red crystal on it.

Climb back up the demon growth to the generator and use the rope nearby to cross to the other side of the room, use the next rope to slide down to the platform with the red crystal. Use the fire here to detonate the bomb using the cross-blade and enter the door behind.

Place a bomb on the red crystals (left). Climb up and light all of the gas pipes (right) so that you can detonate the bomb.

Head down the stairs and when you see the blue crystal in front of you drop down onto a ledge to the left – look here for another Blue Soul Chest . Drop down into the water below. Kill the Demon Fish here and dive down to find Artefact: Soldier . Resurface and use the black and yellow striped scaffolding to climb out.

Make your way through the door next to the blue crystal and enter a large fan area. Kill the three Spiny Minions here to unlock the door and continue to the next room.

As you enter turn right, a demon seal will pop up in the distance and three more of the Spiny Minion creatures will attack you. As they are defeated, several more will replace them from the various pipes around the room and after taking out 5-6 of them, a Blue Dragon will bust out of a wall to join the party. Behind the broken wall you will find a Green Soul Chest to replenish your health after or during combat.

Theres an Artefact at the bottom of the first pool of water (left). Clear the next tunnel, look in the alcove where the dragon came from for a piece of Abyssal Armour (right).

Once the room is clear of bad guys, the seal will vanish. Look on the opposite side of the room from the broken wall with the Green Soul Chest inside to see another broken wall to the right. Inside, open the chest for the sixth piece of the Abyssal Armour Set [6/10] .

Make your way to the end of the room and jump in the water.

Dive down, kill the Demon Fish and swim to the end of the tunnel. Surface here and jump out of the water to find a locked door and another pool of water nearby. We need a key for the door, and there is only one place to go!

Bellyflop into the second pool nearby, you will see a platform in front of you, ignore it for now and dive to the very bottom. Continue down the tunnel – take the first right and swim to the surface, jump out and open the chest for a new Enhancement – Reaper .

When in the water, take the lower path. At the fork (left), take the right for an Enhnacement and go straight for a switch and a Wrath Shard (right).

Jump back in the water and continue down the passage, take the second left and exit the pool into the room. Collect the chest to the right for a Wrath Shard and open the Blue Soul Chest before activating the nearby switch and motoring back to where we first entered the water.

Now we can access the upper area of the tunnels – Kill the Demon Fish and grab the treasure chest in the room at the end for the Beholder’s Key . Return to the locked door. Open it and mosey on through.

You will find yourself in a large circular room with a central area populated by blue crystals and another Demon Chest . There is also a Chest on the far side of the room from where you entered and another locked door on the right hand balcony. Cruise down the steps and destroy the lock on the demon statue to obtain the Tremor Gauntlet . Charging this item will allow you to break down those pesky blue crystals we have been seeing around the place. Good Stuff!

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Tremor Bringer

Collect the Tremor Gauntlet

Trophy icon

Not long after you pick up the Gauntlet a Greater Dragon will appear and attack you, and as you fight it, a large group of skeletal soldiers and spiny minions will appear and join the fray. Eliminate these and a small clip will play before a second almost identical battle will occur. If you haven’t used it yet and are in need of a health boost – open the Green Soul Chest at the back of the room.

After the second group has been dealt with, use your newly acquired Gauntlet power to destroy the blue crystals and climb up to the chest. Open it for the Beholder’s Key , then jump down, head across the room and use the demon growth to climb up and open the locked blue door.

Grab the Tremor Gauntlet from the chest (left). Once you have killed all the bad guys, destroy the blue crystals (right) and climb up for a Beholders Key.

After entering the new area, use your gauntlet on the crystals to the left and dive into the pool of water beyond. Follow the passage to the end and climb out into a large room. A quick scene will show you where to go. On the ground floor, there are two short tunnels containing a Green Soul Chest for health and a Yellow Soul Chest for wrath abilities if you need to replenish either.

When you are ready to go, set sail for the stairs in the south-western part of the room. Head up and following the tutorial, punch the object here down to the floor below. Push it onto the platform in front of you and use the lever nearby to raise the platform.

To the left are another two raised platforms. Move the object up and between the railings on the first platform and then grab and punch it across to the second. Again move the block into position that will not be blocked by railings. Jump on it then jump across the gap to the third platform, use the switch here to lower it. Jump back to the second platform and punch the block across to the third, jump back over to join it.

Punch the machinery between the raised platforms (left) until you reach the highest one. Here you can jump across to an Artefact (right).

Use the button to raise the lift again. To the south of the third lift you should see a small open room containing Artefact: Soldier . Jump over to grab it and then jump back. Push the block as far as possible to the north and use it to jump up to the platform above. Use the gauntlet on the blue crystals and enter the tunnel.

Follow the tunnel around, fighting off the little green locust demons as you go. Exit the tunnel and use the cross-blade to pick off the green Locust Demons on the platform in the distance. When they are dead, use the rope to traverse the gap and enter another tunnel on the opposite side.

As you work your way along here watch for debris falling from the ceiling – this is your cue to move quickly! As the Griever boss we encountered earlier will be dropping her big claws through the roof onto your unprotected head if you take too long. You will encounter some Spiny Minions which you can fight off as you make your way to the end.

Destroy the blue crystals (left), cross the gap via the rope (right) and enter the tunnel beyond to meet the Griever again.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, the Griever will rip the roof off and escape again, leaving you with a few more Spiny Minions and a couple of Fire Minions as well. Kill them and enter the tunnel to the left. You will be back near the start again!

Kill the Locust Demons and drop down to the ledge on your right. Destroy the blue crystal here to drain the water from the next room.

The water will have filled the big hole in the middle of the room you are currently in and with the raised water level; you should pick up the chest that was across the room which was previously out of reach for the Dungeon Map . Exit through the space the blue crystal was previously occupying.

After entering the large area which was until recently filled with water, you should head straight to the opposite side and destroy the blue crystal here. Climb either of the sets of stairs in the opening behind it and activate the generator. This will move a rail platform and the flatbed that was on it from the east side of the room to the west.

Destroy the blue crystals overlooking the pit (left). Swim across to the chest with the Dungeon Map (right)

Drop down and pull the flatbed off of the platform and into the vacant tunnel to the north. Next, grab the big train to the south and pull it onto the moveable platform. Now return and hit the switch again to move the train over to the east. Push it into the tunnel to the north and use it to reach the demon growth on the right hand wall. Climb up to the next area.

Destroy the blue crystal blocking the entrance, use the growth to climb back across the gap and exit through the door here back out into the first room you encountered the Griever.

Kill the Wraith here and as you do a second will appear flanked by some Demonic Soldiers. Finishing them off will cause yet another to appear along with three Demonic Soldiers and a Spiny Minion, once they are all dead head through the door on the east side of the room, cruise up the stairs to the balcony and destroy the blue crystal here.

Push the train (left) into the northern tunnel to access the demonic growth on the wall. Return to where you first met the Griever to fight some new enemies (right).

Head down the hallway and drop into the water. There are two platforms here that will rise when the crystal controlling them is struck with your sword. We want to get on the one at the far side of the room. To use it, line War up with it, swing the sword and then quickly double jump up to the platform to grab it before it ascends. Then as it rises jump and glide across the gap to the door.

The next room has a red crystal at the far end and a fired up gas pipe with two others in close proximity, light them all up using the cross-blade. Look behind the trains to the right of the red crystal for a Life Stone Shard .

Keep moving down the tunnel opposite, kill the goons that appear and look in the alcove to the left to find a locked door and an inert bomb plant. Grab a bomb and return to the previous area, stick the bomb to the red crystal and use the cross-blade in the flames to detonate it.

Use the cross-blade to light up the gas pipes (left) and look behind the traincars nearby for a Life Stone Shard (right).

Follow the unblocked passage up the stairs and exit through the door.

As you enter, look to the right for a Blue Soul Chest . Turn to the left and kill all the green Locust Demons flying around. This room has a small bridge across a pool of water in the middle of the room. Suspicious right? There is a pipe down here that contains an Artefact: Champion . But the water level is not high enough to reach it just yet - don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!

Vault up the wall at the back of the area, continue through the next room and exit out on to a balcony. On the opposite side of the room you will see a chest out of reach, jump down into the water and dive, swim through the tunnel to the left and surface at the end. Climb up the nearby wall and use the shadow flight ability on the blue geyser here. Climb to the top and exit into the next room.

Head up the platforms to the left and destroy the blue crystal here, continue along to the platform opposite the entrance to the room. Use the gauntlet to destroy the crystals here to uncover an inert bomb plant. Pick it up and toss it at the red crystal on the opposite side of the room. Open the Blue Soul Chest nearby. Still on the chest platform, move to the ledge closest to the entrance and look up to the left – you will see a flaming gas pipe. Use your cross-blade to target this and then look up to the right to see an unlit pipe. Light it up then swim back to the entrance.

We need to destroy the blue crystal on the left (left) and another on the right. The crystal on the right requires lighting pipes with the Cross-blade and detonating an inert bomb (right) to remove a red crystal.

Climb the platforms to the left and use the new flaming pipe to light the final one next to the entrance. Once lit, use it to destroy the bomb and use the wall ledges to jump up and over to the raised ledge to the right. Destroy the blue crystal here and return to the entrance.

Hit the switch, this will open a pair of doors, raising the water level in the previous room and allowing you to jump down into it. Swim across and grab the chest containing the Beholder’s key .

Backtrack to the room with the bridge over the small pool of water, now that the water level is higher Jump in the water, dive down and into the right hand pipe on the opposite wall from the entrance. When you reach the dead end, swim upwards to enter a small hidden room for Artefact: Champion .

Resurface, and backtrack further until you reach the locked blue door.

Return through the room that is now filled with water (left). Swim into the pipe below the surface to find an Artefact (right).

Entering this door you will see a quick scene showing the annihilation of a train car. To prevent this from happening to War, head down the tunnel to the left and get behind the train. Push it forward until it is grabbed. Wait for the tentacle of death to finish its work and then duck past it. In a small room on the left you will find a Green Soul Chest if you need a bit of health. When ready, head into the tunnel opposite.

As you enter the first big room here two Greater Blue Dragons will appear and will be backed up by a tonne of Demonic Soldiers and a good number of Spiny Minions. If you have chaos form, now would be a good time to use it!

Once the creatures are all dead, head into the right-hand tunnel and cruise along to the end – jump up to grab the chest containing Hoard Seeker – a trinket that shows you where all the chests are on the map. On the way back out to the main room, look to your left for a Blue Soul Chest . Throw a cross-blade at the Demonic Plant above it and grab the chest quickly before it recovers.

Return to the site of your previous conquest.

Enter the remaining tunnel and turn left. Kill the Wraith and the Demonic Soldiers here before picking up the green chest for the health should you need it. Move into the next room and activate the switch. Head back to the entrance and make your way to the right this time, jump into the water, swim to the end and exit the following tunnel into another open area.

As you enter you will receive a quick scene showing you where you need to go. Jump down into the room below, move forward, ignoring the alley on the left for now (we’ll be coming back shortly). Head into the pipe on the left. Destroying the blue crystal here will raise the water level in the room.

Swim back to the alley we ignored earlier and dive under it and then make your way to the surface inside. Jump out of the water onto the platform and exit through the hole in the wall. Jump across the gap and use the wall ledges climb up and to the right.

Destroy the blue crystal in the far tunnel (left) to release water. Before destroying the second blue crystal, jump across the gap for a Wrath Shard (right).

Before destroying the blue crystal on the ledge here, you should first jump across the gap to find chest containing a Wrath Shard . Pop back and destroy the crystal to raise the water level further.

With the water at its highest level make your way to the far side of the room, duck into the small room to the right for a Green Soul Chest , and destroy any green Duskwings in the vicinity. Climb up the nearby wall and follow the tunnel to the end.

Drop down into the boss chamber to fight the Griever.

Boss: The Griever

The Griever is for the most part a stationary boss who will stay in its location at the far end of the subway tunnel. It has a number of damaging moves that you should be aware of.

Attack/s Description
Laser Beams The laser beams tracking back and forward across the room trying to get you. This is easily avoided.
Summon After taking damage, the Griever will summon a swarm of Locust Demons to attack you. Stay back and kill them all before resuming your assault on the boss.
Cave-in After wounding her twice, the Griever will stand still and stomp its feet which will cause bits and pieces of rock to fall from the ceiling. Whilst it does this be sure to keep moving and using your fast dodge to avoid the falling debris.

Combat Strategy:

The boss will perform the same usual attack as before – the laser beams tracking back and forward across the room trying to get you. This is easily avoided. Whilst staying away from the beam, destroy all the blue crystals in the room. Note that if the boss’s laser attack hits a crystal, it will change color and be invulnerable to your gauntlet attack for a short time.

Once you have cleared out the crystals, retreat back into the starting tunnel and push the flatbed out into the boss area – this will protect you from the laser fire so don’t worry about taking damage. When close enough use the gauntlet to punch it. The flatbed will fly off and hit the boss wounding it.

The train car can be used to both protect you from the laser attack (left) as well as stun the boss. Destroy the crystal on the bosss chest (right) and then attack its weak spot.

Move to the right side of the room to avoid getting smacked by the flatbed when the boss kicks it away. Repeat this process several times until it drops to the floor. Quickly run in and use your gauntlet to destroy the blue crystal on its chest. This will make it angry and the boss will summon a swarm of the green Duskwings to attack you, return to the back of the train to clear them out.

During this stage, the boss will gain a new ability. It will stand still and stomp its feet which will cause bits and pieces of rock to fall from the ceiling. Whilst it does this be sure to keep moving and using your fast dodge to avoid the falling debris. Continue to use the train as a weapon to weaken the boss and when it falters use your best combos and weapons to damage the weak spot on its chest. When it’s had enough a scene will play to let you know you have won.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Rocked Your Face Off

Defeat The Griever

Trophy icon

You will be rewarded with a Life Stone and a Heart of the Chosen . Use the portal to exit and have a quick chat with Ulthane; he will give you Mercy – a pistol.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

An Old Friend

Collect Mercy

Trophy icon

Exit from Ulthane’s forge and follow the yellow beacon to the tunnel.

Enter the Vulgrim Location here – upgrade whatever you please then use the serpent hole to travel to the Scalding Gallows.


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