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Secret Mission 10

Jarrod Garripoli


Main Mission 14 will pit you against three bosses you fought earlier in the game and after defeating all three, you will exit via a door to get back to the real world. Follow the trail all the way to the end, where some roots will be blocking the exit. You will need to head to the end of the side path to destroy a blood clot to clear the roots, but the red glow for the Secret Mission will be behind that destroyed blood clot.

(1 of 2) Destroy the last blood clot in the level

Destroy the last blood clot in the level (left), then look behind it for the Secret Mission (right)


There are two methods to finish this Secret Mission, the first of which involves using Nightmare and the Promotion skill. The objective is to reach the Blue Orb Fragment without touching the ground and riding Nightmare will fulfill the challenge before you. Start off by jumping off the ledge and summoning Nightmare, but make sure you hitch a ride before you happen to hit the ground. Once you’re riding Nightmare, you simply need to move forward until you manage to get to the end. Note that you will need a good amount of Devil Trigger gauge to pull this off, so it depends on how many Purple Orbs/Fragments you have collected along the way.

The other method will take into account the slight movement you get while swinging your cane in the air. Jump (just a single one) off the ledge and immediately start swinging your cane with the Circle/B button. Keep doing this until you start losing height and it looks like you clear the ceiling ahead of you. Once you are clear of the ceiling, perform a Gambit (R1/RB + Circle/B) to teleport forward. After doing that, you can double jump and glide with Griffon to hopefully land right on the Blue Orb Fragment.


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Devil May Cry has finally returned! The over-the-top action series from Capcom comes back with a brand new entry, where you will be able to control one of three characters, one entirely new to the franchise, to slay demons and look stylish while doing it. The demonic invasion has returned to the world of Devil May Cry, with a demonic tree taking root in Red Grave City. Armed with a robotic arm, made by a self-professed weapons expert named Nico, Nero plans on ridding the city of this demon tree.

This guide is intended to bring you through all of the main missions in the game, offering tips on the enemies you fight, how to get S-Ranks on the tougher missions and strategies for the boss fights. It will also list all of the locations for the collectibles, as well as where to find every single Secret Mission, as well as how to complete those. In addition, you will find a full trophy/achievement guide, as well as details on all of the skills and mechanics for each of the three characters you can control in the game.

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