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Purple Orbs/Fragments

Jarrod Garripoli

Similar to the Blue Orbs and their fragments, you will also find Purple Orbs and fragments across the stages. These will increase your Devil Trigger gauge, using the same principles that four fragments will form into a Purple Orb. You will also be able to purchase full Purple Orbs from the shop, beginning with Mission 04, with each one increasing in price over the previous one. There are only eight fragments to find in missions and you won’t get any in Secret Missions either. Below are the prices for all of the shop’s Purple Orbs:

  • 3,500 Red Orbs
  • 6,000 Red Orbs
  • 9,000 Red Orbs
  • 18,000 Red Orbs
  • 40,000 Red Orbs

Purple Orb Fragment 1

The very first fragment you will come across will be in Mission 04. It will be inside of a small building, on the main path, and in plain sight, so it’s extremely hard to miss.

The first fragment you'll come across is in plain sight, on the main path, so it's extremely hard to miss

Purple Orb Fragment 2

In Mission 05, you will be introduced to a new enemy called the Empusa Queen; the fragment will be in the same area as the first one you fight. After defeating it, jump up on the pallets in front of you and turn around to spy the Purple Orb Fragment in a small alcove.

Purple Orb Fragment 3

This fragment will be found in the crypt area of Mission 09, after dropping through a huge hole in the floor. This will put you into a battle with some enemies, so clear them out and look for a large wooden door near the exit. Stand in front of it and summon Nightmare to have him bust through it. Head into this room and defeat all of the enemies that spawn to make the Purple Orb Fragment appear.

(1 of 2) Use Nightmare next to this door to have him break it open

Use Nightmare next to this door to have him break it open (left), The fragment will spawn after clearing out the enemies (right)

Purple Orb Fragment 4

After finding the Blue Orb Fragment from passing through the second spiked doorway in Mission 10, continue on the main path and stop when you come to a white orb crystal. There will be a slightly hidden opening nearby, which leads to a room that appears empty at first. Some Empusas will spawn at the beginning, then an Empusa Queen will be the final one. Defeat them all to make the Purple Orb Fragment appear.

Purple Orb Fragment 5

Near the end of Mission 11, you will enter a white, round arena, where you’ll have to fight a Proto Angelo and two Hellbats. Defeat all of them and the camera will pan to the fragment up some ledges. Jump up to the Purple Orb Fragment and grab it.

Purple Orb Fragment 6

The main area of Mission 12 has a large statue that requires you to fill up the little pools with blood. There are also two weakened roots here for Nidhogg Hatchlings. Destroy the top root, fight off some enemies, and the Purple Orb Fragment will on the main path, in plain sight.

Purple Orb Fragment 7

In Mission 14, you will have to refight some bosses in an alternate world. After beating all three, exit through the door and you’ll reach a fork in the road. Go down the right one and destroy the blood clot, then as you begin heading down the left path, there will be an opening on the right side that you can drop down, where you’ll find the Purple Orb Fragment.

(1 of 2) At the first split after the bosses, there is a hole on the right side you can drop down

At the first split after the bosses, there is a hole on the right side you can drop down (left), where the purple fragment is hidden (right)

Purple Orb Fragment 8

The final fragment will be located in Mission 16. At some point, you will find a split path, where you can either go straight ahead and to an opening on the opposite end, or down a giant hole. Head down the giant hole and at the bottom, you’ll have to fight two Chaos and a Fury. Approach the exit after this and drop down to the ledge. Continue dropping down to more ledges and you will eventually see the Purple Orb Fragment on a small one.


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