In addition to the more in depth side-quests that we have spoken about so far, there are a few generic, not so interesting side-quests that we also need to complete in order to earn our 100% synchronization.

The start point on your map is a black icon with a white crosshair. The targets are white with a black crosshair.

Assassination Contracts

To begin these missions, you will need to look for an icon on the map that looks like a set of crosshairs. Approach the men with these symbols above their heads and interact with them. Each contract giver will add four targets to your map that you will need to take down. These targets will be walking alone, by themselves and will put up little to no resistance to your hidden blade. Easy!

There’s no reward for killing your targets creatively, but that’s no reason to make it boring for yourself…

Here is where you will find the starting points for the assassination contract missions:

  • Frontier's Contracts - Fast travel to the harbormaster in Monmouth. See the building to the northeast on the shoreline? Look on the opposite side of this from the water to find the quest giver.
  • Boston’s Contracts - You’ll find the Assassination contract just to the south-west of the southernmost Harbourmaster in Boston’s North district.
  • New York's Contracts - You will find this guy near the lower harbormaster in South New York.

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