There are 50 feathers scattered around the Frontier and you will be able to find and pick them up following the events of Animus Sequence 4B – ‘Feathers and Trees’. Collecting all of the feathers will unlock the Kanien’keha:ka outfit and will also contribute towards 100% sync.

Note that these will appear on your map after using view points, if you come into close proximity to one or, perhaps the most efficient way – by purchasing a map with all their locations from one of the general stores.

Here are the general locations of each feather, based upon hunting regions:

Note that the Black Creek feathers and one feather from Great Piece Hills and Monmouth are missing due to an accidental data loss on my end, but will be put back in as soon as I play through again!

Black Creek (11 feathers)

$$$item 2069

$$$item 2070

$$$item 2071

$$$item 2072

$$$item 2073

$$$item 2074

$$$item 2075

$$$item 2076

$$$item 2077

$$$item 2078

$$$item 1866

Kanien:keh (3 feathers)

$$$item 1867

$$$item 1868

$$$item 1869

John's Town (2 feathers)

$$$item 1870

$$$item 1871

Valley Forge (2 feathers)

$$$item 1872

$$$item 1873

Diamond Basin (4 feathers)

$$$item 1874

$$$item 1875

$$$item 1876

$$$item 1877

Great Piece Hills (4 feathers)

$$$item 1878

$$$item 1879

$$$item 1880

$$$item 2079

Concord (2 feathers)

$$$item 1881

$$$item 1882

Lexington (5 feathers)

$$$item 1883

$$$item 1884

$$$item 1885

$$$item 1886

$$$item 1887

Packanack (5 feathers)

$$$item 1888

$$$item 1889

$$$item 1890

$$$item 1891

$$$item 1892

Troy's Wood (5 feathers)

$$$item 1893

$$$item 1894

$$$item 1895

$$$item 1896

$$$item 1897

Scotch Plains (3 feathers)

$$$item 1898

$$$item 1899

$$$item 1900

Monmouth (4 feathers)

$$$item 1901

$$$item 1902

$$$item 1903

$$$item 2080

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