Part 1: Something on the Side

After the short intro to the chapter, we are going to have to travel to New York. Head over to the frontier to find that it has now been added to the map. Cruise over to the exclamation mark (or fast travel if you prefer) and enter New York.

Part 1

As you enter, hop on the horse and walk over to the guy with the exclamation mark above his head nearby. Follow him into town until a cut-scene plays.

Upon completion of the scene, you will have to tail the counterfeiter. You can climb the stairs to this right and follow him from above thanks to plenty of platforms and other objects we can climb on. After he rounds the first corner he will stop. He will cross the main street, so drop down and follow him. Climb the stairs to his right again as he enters the next side-street. He will get into a brief scuffle and then return to the main street.

Drop back down and follow him into the next alley to the right. Walk through the grassy area and when he stops again, hide behind some cover to avoid detection. He’ll then enter a courtyard and meet with a couple of friends. You will need to eavesdrop on them.

Afterwards follow him again across the next street and he will stop take cover behind the wall of the building to the left. Follow him down the alley to the left and take cover behind the fence. When he pops out of the well continue to follow him until he meets another mate. Unfortunately you are going to have to eavesdrop on these guys too, but this time they will be moving.

Follow them and stay within range of their conversation. Use the people on street to blend in with and walls to take cover behind as you go. Make sure to equip coins as about halfway through street children will come up to you and unless you throw money on the ground, the noise they make will alert the guys you are tailing to your presence. When they stop, hide behind the wooden structure to the right. Follow them into the next alley for a scene.

Part 2

Afterwards you will have to chase Hickey down. The optional objective here is to not tackle or shove anybody in the process. This is difficult however as Hickey will drop coins frequently to attract crowds to block your path. To avoid them, try to run to either side of the group as you pass. Once you have tackled Hickey a scene will play to signify the end of the mission.

Part 2: Bridewell Prison

Part 1

Once you regain control of Connor, you’ll be in a prison cell. Stand up and take cover on the wall nearby to eavesdrop on the inhabitants of the adjacent cell. Afterwards interact with the bed.

After a short scene, follow the guard out of the cell and down to the lower level of the prison. Activate eagle vision and then head over and talk to Weems (he’s the one sitting in a chair at the table with the board game). Head over and talk with him. Play the game with him until the end of the conversation.

Find the prisoner with the golden objective marker above his head and pickpocket the key from him and then return to your cell.

When you are able, return down to the lower level prison and speak to Weems. Now you will have to pick a fight with the other prisoners to get thrown into solitary confinement. Once you have knocked out enough of the other prisoners, the guards will intervene and after a short cut-scene you’ll find yourself in your new cell.

Part 2

In this area the prison warden is wandering about. Wait for him to stand outside of your cell door and pick his pocket for the key. Connor will open the door.

As you exit the cell, the warden will be to your left. Follow him around the corner and when he turns to the right, climb up the stairs at the end of the passage. In the next room you will find Weems. Talk with him and he’ll allow you to access the VIP prisoners’ cells.

Part 3

We now have a new optional objective – reach Hickey in less than 2 minutes. It should be noted that being detected by guards in this section will result in desynchronisation and will force you back to the start of the area.

As you enter the main room, wait for the guard in front of you to climb the stairs. Enter the cell just to your right and hide in here so you can see the guard we just followed. Wait for him to walk over to the opposite side of the room. Step out of the cell and wait at the foot of the next set of stairs. Wait for the guard to move past the top of the stairs and stop just to the left. Climb the stairs and turn right, quickly run over and interact with the marked door before you are detected. Easy and you should have been able to do it well within the 2 minute time limit for the optional objective.

Part 3: Public Execution

As the level begins your hands will be bound. Simply walk through the crowd up to the platform with the nooses. A scene will play, when the button prompt comes onto the screen to signal the assassins hit the required button.

When you regain control, Hickey will start sprinting away from you towards the far end of the square. Run through the crowd, killing the two soldiers as you go and then focus on killing Hickey to be rewarded with a short assassination scene.

Afterwards, you will be back in Philadelphia again. Follow Achilles. Interact with the door to his right to end the mission and the sequence.

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Caged Wolf

Complete Sequence 8.

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