Part 1: Laid to Rest

After the cut-scene to introduce the chapter, we’ll be in New York.

Part 1

Follow the alleyway in front and exit into the graveyard in front of the church. Move towards your target and a scene will play. After the scene, hit the button prompt when it pops up on the screen to free yourself. Now you will have to kill all five of the mercenaries in the immediate area. Return around to the right of the building in front and kill the rest of the marked enemies here.

After another short conversation, make your way to the objective marker and when you reach the docks, hop into the water and swim out to the boat in the harbour.

Part 2

Note that one of the optional objectives is to kill less than 15 guards during the mission. After fighting off all the guards at the start of the mission you will have killed 13/15 already (although if you are able to perform a double kill on some of them, the number may be lower). That’s alright though as we’ll only be killing two on the ship.

At the southern end of the ship closest to shore, climb the rope here and climb up. Shimmy around the boat to the right and climb the poles to access a higher set of handholds, shimmy back to the left to the south of the boat.

Climb to the top deck here and wait for the guard to look away and then hop up over the railing and to the roof nearby. From here jump to the next roof to the right. Drop down over the side facing the water and shimmy to the window to eavesdrop on the conversation inside.

After the conversation, drop down to the series of wooden supports sticking out from the ship below. Hop along them to the right. When you go around the corner you will see a guard on a platform overlooking above.

Jump into the water below and swim to the right around the back side of the ship until you reach the opposite side. You will see a platform in the water here populated with three guards with stairs leading up to the ship behind it. Wait for the soldier on the stairs to start climbing up to the deck again. Hop out onto the barrels at the end of the floating platform behind the three guards and then jump over to the side of the ship. Quickly shimmy back to the left to the stern of the ship.

When you can go no further to the left, climb the side of the boat up as far as you can but don’t climb onto the deck just yet. Hang off the platform here and wait for the guards to patrol away before climbing up to the platform above. Climb up on top of the building in front and drop down the other side. Take cover behind the crates next to the window to eavesdrop on the next conversation.

Following the conversation, we’ll be able to jump off the boat to safety if you like, however if you do that you will miss the opportunity to try for our next optional objective. We need to kill the Captain. After the conversation, follow the guard walking in front of the cabin to the opposite side of the ship. Assassinate him. Return to the boxes we took cover in whilst eavesdropping the second time.

After a few moments the captain will return up to the deck. Wait for him to walk past and he will go and run over to investigate the dead body. Sneak up on him and assassinate him. Jump into the water to finish the mission.

Part 2: Chasing Lee

Part 1

After the previous mission, fast travel to the Frontier. From here fast travel to Boston and make your way to the door marked with the exclamation mark and enter it to start the mission.

You’ll find yourself outside. Make your way over to the objective marker at the harbour. Swim out to the green zone in the water. Climb up onto the platform in the middle of this area. Activate Eagle vision and walk around the area until you find the golden target – he should be on the dock in front of one of the ships in the southeast of the circular area. Approach him for a scene.

Part 2

Unfortunately you will now have to chase him. Just a word of warning - trying to complete this chase with all the optional objectives tagged onto it was definitely the most frustrating experience in the entire game (So try not to break a controller).

During the sequence, we will have to stay within 50 meters of the target at all times, additionally we cannot push or shove anyone or take any fire from damage during the sequence.

Here’s the run of things:

  1. There will be four groups of guards forming check points along the dock that the target will run through. You need to run around either side of them and hop over the objects to avoid the guards.

  2. At the third group, jump down to the platform down the stairs to the left.

  3. At the end of this area, hop to the boat and then across and up into the burning ship. Note if you haven’t touched anyone, you will earn that no push/shove objective at this point.

  4. Inside the ship, avoid the fire at all costs! Duck under the fallen wall in front and climb the wall to the right. Use the beam and the V-shaped support here to jump over to the far platform. Once the roof collapses, hop over the low wall and out the door.

  5. Go round the corner to the left and hold the free run button to quickly make your way through the obstacle course. Eventually you will end up on the top deck with your target. Approach him for a scene.

Part 3

After the scene, slowly make your way over to the harbourmaster. He’s marked with the objective marker. When you regain control of Connor, walk up to the door of the building in front of you and enter. During the scene, press the button when prompted to complete the mission, the sequence and the whole of Connor’s story!

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The Sum of Truth

Complete Sequence 12.

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You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan, becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields and crowded city streets, to the perilous wilderness and stormy seas. You will not only witness history… you will make it. Set against the backdrop of one of the bloodiest Revolutions in world history, prepare to be drawn back into the centuries old battle between the Assassin’s Order and their sworn enemy, the Templars. Unleash lethal new skills and experience a stunningly realistic world created by Anvil Next, a new engine that redefines gaming. Welcome to an entirely new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga.

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