Part 1: Missing Supplies

After the introduction, make your way over to the explanation mark. Talk to George Washington here to start the mission.

Part 1

Make your way over to the waypoint marker to find an abandoned church. Hop in one of the open windows for a short scene. After the scene, head out the door and examine the nearby clues. Note that there is a large group of redcoats that will patrol the road here and they will attack you on sight so avoid them if you want to save a little time.

As per usual, with each clue you find, the search zone will be decreased. Once you have found enough, you will locate the cart with a lone guy examining it. This is the driver.

Following the scene, the driver will run away. Note that you will complete an optional objective by tackling him within 30 seconds. Follow him and tackle him when you get the chance. Once you are able to move again, make your way over to the next objective marker.

Part 2

At this point, you will have to follow the cart. The easy way to do this is to hop into the back of the cart, however there is an optional objective to follow the cart without riding in it. To do this you want to drop down to ground level and head over to the rocks to the left of the cart. Once the cart starts, hop up on these and use the trees and rocks along the side of the road to follow the cart along the left hand side of the road until it stops.

Part 3

Once the cart stops, you will magically be inside the hay cart whether you rode it in or not. There is an optional objective in this next zone to kill three guards without being detected. Hang out in the hay for a second and wait for the guard to patrol past. Assassinate him from cover (optional objective 1/3). Hop out and follow the eavesdrop targets to the north, enter the bushes and stay in cover as you follow them.

When you reach the small building on the left, take cover behind the crate to the right of it. Take cover here until nobody is looking and look to the left, you will find another guard behind a crate here. Assassinate him (optional objective 2/3). Pop into the bushes nearby and wait for the eavesdrop targets to stop and move on. As they do, assassinate the guy leaning on the crate to your left (optional objective 3/3). Follow the conversation down by the water by hiding in the bushes. After a short scene, kill all the mercenaries in the area to complete the mission.

Part 2: Father and Son

Make your way to New York and track down the exclamation mark to start the mission. Follow your newfound ally up and across the rooves until there is a short cut-scene. Continue to follow him until you are back on the ground.

After another short scene, you will have to go and get a soldier’s uniform. Head over to the red objective marker. Wait for the guard to walk away from his friends and when he is isolated - or whistle to him from the nearby crates - and then kill him. Loot the body to don the uniform. Note that if you can kill him without being detected you will complete the optional objective for doing so. This will complete the mission.

Part 4: A Bitter End

After the previous mission has been completed, talk to your friend on the docks to start the mission.

Part 1

Pilot the ship through the passage until you reach an open area with a ship parked off to the right. Go and pilot the ship over to investigate.

Part 2

After a short moment, another ship will appear nearby, follow it. This is a chase sequence similar to some of those we’ve had on foot in some of the earlier missions, we need to track down and catch up to the enemy ship. Note that there is an optional objective to stay within 500 meters of the enemy schooner. So be sure to keep your speed up, but watch out for rogue waves and lower your sails only when necessary to steer more accurately.

Part 3

When you reach the open water, a group of ships will ambush you. Use your weapons to take down all four of the ships with red markers. The ship that has the golden objective marker needs to be taken down with the chain shot and then boarded. Don’t forget to look out for the red indicator in the water that will let you know fire is about to come in and take cover appropriately. Once the four ships have been eliminated focus on the target vessel. Once you have hit it with a few chain shots, it will stop moving. Crash your boat into it to board it.

Part 4

Note that whilst on board the enemy ship, you will have an optional objective to perform a kill streak of at least three, so keep that in mind as you engage the enemies. To start with, you need to kill all three officers on the deck. They have red objective markers to make things easier. Once all three are dead, you’ll be given access to the lower decks.

Work your way over to the door to the right and enter the door at the end and hit the attack button when prompted to complete the mission and sequence 9.

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Two if by Sea

Complete Sequence 9.

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