Part 1: Refresher Course

We’ll wake up in the animus in a training course of sorts. During this mission, we’ll be familiarising ourselves with the controls (which have changed since the last few Assassin’s Creed games). Continue through to learn the ins and outs of map indicators, free running, climbing and killing. When you reach enemies during the sequence, the game prompts you to perform an air assassination, use free aim to put your reticule onto the target and then use the attack button to do it. This will complete the optional task for the level.

Make your way through the rest of the course until you reach a doorway at the end to complete the training.

Air assassinations are flashy but always remember, they are loud! If you’re trying to remain hidden they are not the best course of action.

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Rude Awakening

Re-Enter the Animus.

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Part 2: Deadly Performance

Continue walking forward until you reach a door marked with an exclamation point. Enter this to begin the mission.

Climb the stairs in front and follow the set path until you reach your seat in the theatre. After the short story sequence, shimmy out of the rows of seating to the left and go to where the ladder shown in the scene was. Climb this and use the skirting at the top to shimmy around the corner to the right. Using the pillars, ledges and skirtings here, climb your way up to the highest level balcony overlooking the stage.

Pick the lock here. Once above the stage, use the various props and platforms here to work your way to the opposite side of the room from the entry. Climb up and approach the door for another story scene. Press the attack button when the on-screen prompt appears.

After the scene, an alarm will be sounded and things look a little more frantic in the theatre now! There’s no real trick to the next part, just follow the objective markers until you reach the exit. Head on through to finish the section of the memory.

Part 3: Journey to the New World

When you regain control, exit the cabin and work your way to the right and to the far side of the ship. Climb the stairs here to exit to the deck.

After a short scene, you’ll find yourself in a fist fight. The game will give you a couple of pointers about how to parry, attack, counter attack and disarm during a series of four one on one fights. Note that the optional objective – lose less than 10% of your health is also active at this point, so make sure to parry and counter as much as possible!

Once the fourth fight has concluded, a story scene will play. Afterwards walk with the captain until you reach his cabin. After you are finished talking with the captain return below deck and back to your cabin.

Following the next scene, exit the cabin, turn right and work your way over to the objective marker. Speak with the guy on the barrel. After the chat, turn right at the next door and speak to the chef in the far left corner of the room. The chef will tell you to go and speak with James, so follow your objective marker and talk with him. Follow him up to the deck for a conversation.

When James is done, walk over to the stern of the ship. After the cut-scene, return down the stairs to the lower deck and turn left, cruise forward here and when prompted enter eagle vision mode. Check out the clue here. Afterwards, return to your cabin.

When next we regain control, we will have picked up a sword and will have to fight off an assailant in one on one combat. Here the game will give you pointers on swordplay. Once you have killed him, another scene will play.

You’ll now be in the midst of a storm. Follow the captain’s instructions and secure the various bits of rigging marked with objective markers. Climb the mast and release the sail when instructed. This will initiate a short scene and activate a second optional objective – save James within 40 seconds. Free run up the mast in front and across the various platforms until you can jump over to grab him. A short story sequence will run.

We’re back in our cabin. Climb the stairs to the deck to talk to the Captain. Then as indicated by the objective marker, climb the mast for a scene to complete the first memory sequence.

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