Once you have reached the Davenport Homestead, make your way down to where the Aquila is docked. Sitting on a chair nearby is Pegleg , a guy with a red hat and a wooden leg. He’ll give you a quest to track down trinkets in exchange for letters which will ultimately reward us with a treasure at the end.

There are 24 trinkets scattered throughout Boston, the Homestead and the Frontier. To make them easier to find, you can purchase maps from one of the game’s general stores that will makr all of the locations on your map.

Here are the locations of all of his trinkets:

Davenport Homestead (4 Trinkets)

  1. Go to the most western part of the river. Here you will find a stone ledge above with the chest.

  2. On top of a cliff in the north west of the area.

  3. On a rock at the end of the peninsula directly to the south of the harbormaster’s location.

  4. On a rocky platform on the opposite side of the river form the above trinket’s location.

The Frontier (10 Trinkets)

Black Creek :

  1. In the southwest corner of the region in a guard camp. Kill the guards and loot the trinket !

  2. In a guard’s camp on a hill to the northeast of Fort Duquesne.


  1. To the west of the village you’ll find a tree with a fallen log leading to a raised rocky area above the river. Follow the path up here to the end and hop the stone obstacle. You’ll now be at the edge of a cliff. Look down to the left for a platform with the trinket .

  2. In a cave in the southeast corner of the region.

Valley Forge :

  1. Cross the bridge to the west of Concord and keep your eye out on the left side of the road. You’ll see a cabin up on a hill here, run over to this and look behind it for the trinket .

Diamond Basin :

  1. If you look just north of Concord on the map, you will see a broken path over a lake (it has been flooded over). Run over to this location and look just to to the north of it to see a mineshaft near some buildings. Follow the mineshaft to the end to find the trinket.

Troy’s Wood :

  1. If you look at the hunting map and look at the border between Troy’s Wood and Monmouth, you will see a small river just to the northeast of the buildings in Monmouth. Cruise up to here and look behind the waterfall at the end for a cave. Follow that all the way to the end for the trinket. Monmouth:

  2. At the top of the church directly north of Fort Monmouth.

Great Piece Hills :

  1. Go to the road leading out of Lexington to the north follow this out of town. Behind the last house on the left you will find a cave. You’ll find the trinket hidden in here.

  2. Follow the road out of Lexington to the north. When the road forks, follow it to the right. When you reach the house, look behind it for the trinket.

Boston (5 Trinkets)

North District :

  1. On a bench to the left of the main passage along the waterfront on the East side of the Boston Map. It is located around halfway between the two northern Harbourmasters.

  2. In the western part of the central south section of the area behind a wooden fence next to a cow pen.

Central District :

  1. In the south-western corner of the region in a market area close to the very lowest reach of the river in the region.

  2. At the end of the longest dock in Boston in the north-east of the central region.

South District :

  1. Inside the courtyard of a house with a large brick wall overlooking the water around 1/3 of the way down the west side of the map.

New York (5 trinkets)

North District :

  1. Behind a building to the Southwest of Dobby’s (your liberation contact)location.

  2. On a bench in an open market area just southwest of the fort in the north-east corner of the city.

East District :

  1. On a boat along the Eastern side of the district.

  2. On a cart behind a building two blocks southeast of the giant right angle triangle in the north-western corner of the region.

West District :

  1. On a table in the inoculation clinic on the western side of the region near our liberation contact.

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