Part 1: Hide and Seek

Part 1

Hey look we’re finally Connor! It’s about time. Once you gain control, exit your home and follow the other children out of the gate to the village and into the forest.

We’ll be treated to another cut-scene and when it is finished, we’ll have to find the other children. If you look at the map, you will see that there is a green circle indicating the area in which the others are hidden. Additionally on the ground scattered about the place you will find clues we can interact with to reduce the search area.

You will be able to complete the two optional objectives quite easily, just keep looking for clues and narrowing that search area until you find them! After you have found all four, it will be somebody else’s turn. Pick a hiding spot and after a short period of time, a story scene will occur.

The last child is in the olive coloured shrub. If you’re having trouble finding the children then look carefully at the ground, their footprints give them away.

Part 2

When you wake up again, Connor will be a little groggy. Stumble your way back to the village. Once you are inside, head into the farther of the two large central buildings and run through to the other side. Upon exiting, check out the door to the building on the left to find it is locked. Look to the right for a large rock, head around the back of this to get into the building from the other side. Button mash the requisite button when prompted for a scene to finish the chapter.

Part 2: Feathers and Trees

After talking with your buddy, the mission will begin. We are now learning how to climb trees. Run up the stump in front and into the tree. Climb up to the top, following the games instructions for a scene.

You will now have to escort your friend through the trees over to the objective marker. Continue straight ahead with the free run button on and you should have no real issues, just be sure not to get too far ahead or you will desynchronise and will have to re-start. Once you reach the log over the water, hold up for a second and help your mate when he falls in the water. Continue across and up into the trees again until you reach another scene.

Work your way up the trees to the cliff ahead and scale this to the top. Grab the feather here. At this point, explore the area for another three feathers (for the optional objective) - check your map for locations - before going over to talk with your buddy to finish the memory.

Part 3: Hunting Lessons

This mission acts kind of like a tutorial on how to hunt, catch, lure and skin animals. Once the mission begins, the map will have a green circle that indicates where to find what you need to complete the section.

Heres the rundown of what we need to do:

  • Find, shoot and skin a rabbit.
  • Investigate the clue and place a snare on the point of interest. Wait for your buddy to plant one as well.
  • Find a deer and use bushes to sneak up on it and take it down. Skin it.
  • Return to the snares and skin the rabbits you have caught.
  • You now have to hunt and kill 5 animals for their meat. At this point you are given free reign over what you want to do. Note that all three optional objectives are tied into this specific point in the sequence. So whilst you are killing stuff, kill more than one type of animal (there are 4-5 around), air assassinate two animals, (Climb trees and air assassinate in the usual manner) and combine bait with a snare to catch an animal. Once you have all 5 pieces of animal meat, track down your friend for a short scene.

    When you regain control, you will be up against a bear. Use the on screen button prompts when required to dodge and then sprint away. You will need to get out of the red circle on the map to lose the bear. Once you are in the clear, return to the village.

    Part 4: Something to Remember

    Speak to the Elder in the village to begin this memory. Once inside the building walk to the fire for another cut-scene. When the scene ends, you will have assumed the form of an eagle. Simply follow the flaming eagle in front of you and dodge all of the obstacles in the way. After a couple of minutes and a few scenery changes the chapter will be complete.

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    Heroes are Born

    Complete Sequence 4.

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