Part 1: Alternate Methods

After the introductory sequence, fast travel to the frontier and then to New York.Track down the exclamation mark and speak to your buddy from the previous sequence to start the mission.

Part 1

Continuing onwards from the scene, follow Haytham until you reach a vantage point overlooking the officer’s meeting. Once the cinematic is over, drop down to the area below and kill the enemies here. At this point, you can earn one of the optional objectives – use guards as human shields twice.

The officers will hang out at the far end of the room and shoot constantly, so when they are doing it, be sure to pop a guard in the way a couple of times. Once all of the soldiers have been defeated, continue over to the officers who will surrender for a scene.

Part 2

Follow the guard drown the street and into the first alley to the right. Follow him through the back yard and back to the main street. He’ll turn a corner and begin to slow down, continue after him as he ducks into a side street to the left. Climb the stairs on the left side of this street and from the top jump down onto the target to tackle him from above to complete the optional objective.

Following the scene, you’ll be at the fort. You will also have a pistol out. Push the guard through the fort as you follow Haytham until a scene plays to complete the mission.

Part 2: Broken Trust

Return to the frontier and make your way all the way over to Washington for a chat to start the mission.

Part 1

Ride your horse down the hill and across the river on your way to the objective marker. Follow the dirt path up the hill here and continue along it. You will need to kill all of the patriot messengers in your way. Killing all of them within 3 minutes will complete the optional objective that asks you to do just that. The objective to not touch the ground is also in force during this sequence.

Here is the order of riders we need to stop and hoiw to deal with them:

  • On the ground to the left of the road. Shoot him.
  • A group of three riders. You can shoot all three or stand in your saddle and jump over and assassinate the trailing rider and then shoot his two friends.
  • One more rider, you may have to shoot him twice to kill him.
  • Once the five messengers have been killed, ride towards the objective marker. Enter the village and speak with the Clan Mother.

    Part 2

    After the chat, exit the village and make your way to the objective marker. Our Native American friends are moving into attack the loyalist camp. We need to stop them before they reach the restricted area.

    To complete the final optional objective for the mission, make sure you are unarmed, sneak up on each of them without letting them detect you and take them down without killing them. Once all of them have been neutralised a scene will play, press the action button when prompted to end the mission.

    Part 3: Battle of Monmouth

    After finishing the previous mission, make your way over to the exclamation mark in the southern part of the frontier. Speak to Lafayette to begin the mission.

    Part 1

    Once gameplay resumes, you will be behind and in control of a cannon. From here you will be able to look down the road in front of you to see a large number of advancing redcoat troops. Our goal is to defend this area for three minutes. To do so, we need to fire the cannon at the approaching army. Note the circular marker on the ground in the distance. This is the location where our cannonball is going to land when we fire.

    The British forces will advance down the middle of the road as well as from areas to both the left and the right. There are a couple of optional objectives that can be achieved using the cannon and should come with little difficulty and natural progression.

    We need to take down a platoon of soldiers with one cannonball shot on eight different occasions and also to take down two platoons with a single shot. Simply have the cannon move left to right, taking out the groups as they move into your firing range. Continue pounding away until the timer runs out.

    Part 2

    Following the cannon sequence, we will retreat. We have three minutes to reach our allies. During this retreating sequence we will be able to complete the final optional objective – stop three patriot executions. Sprint down the hill towards the objective marker in the distance. Continue along the road, and after you pass the first house, you will see the first execution taking part just to the left of the road. Kill all the redcoats to save the patriot soldier (stop execution 1/3).

    Continue towards the next objective marker. After the second time it jumps forward, you’ll be able to see a second execution happening in front of a house to the left. Again kill the redcoats to break it up (stop execution 2/3). Head back to the road and keep onwards towards the objective markers. You will see the final execution taking place to the right of the road, so stop that from happening (stop execution 3/3) and then continue running towards the objective markers until a scene plays to complete the mission.

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    Grim Expectations

    Complete Sequence 10.

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