As with previous Assassin’s Creed games, you have the option of upgrading various infrastructure to help you earn a few perks and cash on the side. In Assassin’s Creed III, rather than restoring districts, we will be improving and expanding upon Davenport Homestead, transforming it from a lonely hermit’s hideout to a bustling little village.

To do this we need to undertake a series of quests to lure various characters throughout the gameworld to the Homestead and then assisting them to settle in the area. In total there are 36 side-quests to complete before the Homestead reaches its optimal level.

You will be able to undertake these missions once you have completed Sequence 5 D ’River Rescue and will be prompted to begin then and there. I have listed the quests below in the order that I completed them in. Note that at several points there are multiple quest options available at any one time, if you choose to do them in a different order, just jump ahead to the guide for the specific mission.

Let’s get started!

Mission 1: Godfrey and Terry - River Rescue

This mission will be completed as part of the main campaign’s storyline. For a walkthrough please check out the guide here: [ACT05D].

As a result, Godfrey, Terry and their wives will join the community.

Mission 2: Achilles - Training Begins

After rescuing Terry from the river during the River Rescue sequence, Achilles will call you into his office and show you the ledger . From here he will give you a brief tutorial on the economy.

Mission 3: Lance - Whittler's Weapons

Following on from the previous missions, look at your map to see a Homestead mission marker on the Southern end of the area. As you approach you will see a man hanging from a cliff with a bunch of guards above. Quickly run in and dispatch all the guards before pulling the man up from the cliff. After a short scene the mission will be completed.

As a result of this mission, Lance will join the community.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

House Party

Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on the Homestead.

Trophy icon

Mission 4: Myriam - Silent Hunter

This mission becomes available once you start sequence 9 . Whilst you are at the Homestead, you will notice a Homestead quest marker nearby. Head over here to find an injured woman . Pick her up and bring her to Achilles .

After a short scene, we’ll have to head out to an objective marker and kill the poachers. The game also hands you a few rope darts and gives you a brief tutorial on how to use them. Essentially you can shoot them with a rope dart and hold the ranged weapon button to choke them out or alternatively you can shoot them with a rope dart and then jump out of the tree to hang them. As such climb up into a tree branch overlooking the targets and use the rope darts on the first two guys before running over and finishing off the last guy.

This will cause another two poachers to appear, so finish them off however you like to complete the mission.

As a result, Myriam will join the community.

Mission 5: Godfrey and Terry - Burglar on the Homestead

Head over to the Homestead quest marker to begin the mission. After a short scene you will see a burglar running away. Chase after him and kill him to complete the mission.

Mission 6: Godfrey and Terry - The Fight

After the previous mission, a new Homestead mission marker will appear. Head over to this and undertake a mini-game to separate the two brawling friends. Once the fight is over, go and talk to both of them for a short scene each to complete this short side-mission.

Mission 7: Warren and Prudence - Abused

This is the first Homestead mission that will occur off the property of the Davenport Homestead. It is actually in the Monmouth hunting region in the frontier. As such, if you have unlocked the harbormaster fast-travel point in Monmouth, fast travel there, if not you’ve got a bit of a hike ahead of you!

Once you reach Monmouth, head over to the Homestead quest marker and kill the guards harrassing the farmer. Once they are dead, the quest will be complete. As a result of this mission, Warren and Prudence will join the community.

Mission 8: Warren and Prudence - Prudence's Primrose

After recruiting Warren and Prudence , return to the homestead and approach the objective marker to begin the next mission.

Once it begins, head for the green circle marking the search area. As with the missions we’ve had like this previously, we need to find clues and investigate them in order to narrow down our search area. Once we have found enough clues, we will find Prudence being attacked by a bear kill the bear using the on-screen button prompts to complete the mission.

Mission 9: Norris - The Brawler

This mission is similar to the ‘Abused’ mission above except this time, it is set in Boston, so fast travel there and make your way to the Homestead mission marker to find a man being attacked by guards. Kill them all to free him and after a short scene the mission will be complete. As a result of this mission, Norris will join the community.

Mission 10: Myriam - White Trophy

After recruiting Norris , you will be able to undertake this mission. Track down the marker and talk to Myriam who asks for your help to track down a cougar.

In the search area, examine the clues to narrow the search area and when you have found a enough a scene will play showing the big cat bolting away. Follow after, chasing it until a scene plays. Afterwards, approach the mine and perform a successful button prompt press to complete the mission.

Mission 11: Daily Life - Room at the Inn

Head over to the Homestead mission marker and talk to Corinne and Oliver to start the mission. This mission is super easy if you have money as all you need to do is pay them 1000 pounds to complete it!

If you don’t have the money on you, go and hunt down a couple of chests, send your assassins on another mission, or sell some of your hunted animal products in a general store. Once you have the money, hand it over to complete the mission.

Mission 12: Achilles - Manor Mysteries Part 1

Approach Achilles in the manor and he will ask you to retrieve the contents of a chest from a nearby cave. To do so, stop by to meet Norris and escort him to the point of interest.

Once the cave entrance has been unsealed, head inside and follow the objective marker all the way to the back of the cave. unlock the chest here to acquire the item. Unfortunately, unlocking the chest also causes the cave to begin collapsing. Jump up and shimmy across the room before backtracking through the cave avoiding the fallen rock and continuing until you escape.

Return to Achilles and give him the chest’s contents to complete the mission.

Mission 13: Norris - Norris Goes Courting

Make your way over to the Homestead mission marker and speak to Norris . Once he is finished, make your way over to the objective marker nearby and speak to Prudence .

Head on over to the green search area on the map and climb the cliffs here. Watch out though as there seems to be an abundance of wolves patrolling the area. Work your way up the cliffs and shimmy all the way around the top until you can pull yourself up onto a ledge. Here you will find the flowers we need to gather along with a Pegleg trinket so you may as well grab that whilst you are here! When you are ready to go, return to Norris with the flowers to complete the quest.

Mission 14: Godfrey and Terry - Bowls Beginner

Another easy mission! Simply head over to the objective marker, watch a brief tutorial and then play a game of bowls. win or lose the mission will be completed!

Mission 15: Warren and Prudence/ Lyle White - Happy Expectations

Make your way over to Prudence and warren and have a chat with them to start the mission. After the briefing, fast travel to Boston and make your way to the objective marker. Talk with the man here and after a short conversation, follow him for a brief period of time.

You will see that the Doctor we are wanting to speak with is in a spot of trouble so we need to defend him from the drunken citizens (be sure to use only unarmed combat!). Once they have all been dealt with Connor will chat with the doctor and the mission will have been successfully completed. As a result of this mission, Dr Lyle White will join the community.

Mission 16: Warren and Prudence - Pig Herder

Another short one! Following on from the previous mission, go back to speak with Prudence . She’ll ask for a little help with the pigs . So quickly herd the three escaped pigs back into the pen to the right of Prudence to complete the mission.

Mission 17: Norris - Norris tries Again

Return to Norris and have a chat with him to begin the next Homestead mission.

After the conversation, work your way to the northern part of the map where Myriam’s shack is located. You will notice that there is a green search area around it at the moment. You should also note Myriam wandering about the area.

We need to go and investigate a clue just outside of her front door, but if she spots us, the mission will desynchronise so be sure to stay out of sight or leave the area before the timer counts all the way down. Stay in the bushes until she has her back turned to you and when its safe to do so run over and inspect the clue. Return to Norris to complete the mission.

Mission 18: Norris - Raw Materials

Finally! A break from the Homestead! After chatting with Norris , he’ll ask you to meet him out on the Frontier so that he can gather a few materials.

Fast travel to the harbormaster at Monmouth and leg it north to meet Norris outside of a cave in the Packanack hunting region. After a short scene, he will head inside leaving a coloured block on the mini-map for you to defend.

He will head inside the cave 3 times to do a bit of blasting and each time he does, a patrol of redcoats will come to investigate and attack you on site. Make sure to defend Norris and once you have successfully repelled the third wave, a short conversation will play and the mission will be over.

Mission 19: Ellen - Cutting Ties

If you arrive back at the homestead, you’ll notice that there are no new Homestead missions available at the moment. That can mean only one thing - a road trip is in order.

Fast travel to New York and you will see that there is a Homestead mission marker here. Speak to the woman here and she will ask you for help. Follow her for a few moments and then beat up the man attacking the woman with your fists to scare him away. After a shot scene the mission is done. As a result of this mission, Ellen will join the community.

Mission 20: Daily Life - Finding His Flock

Go to the new Inn on the homestead and head inside, speak to the bar tender to begin this mission. This side-mission is essentially the same as the quest above ‘Room at the Inn’. Simply give Father Timothy 1000 pounds to complete the memory. As a result of this mission, Father Timothy will join the community.

Mission 21: Ellen - Silk Errand

Another quick and simple fetch task. This time, Ellen requests that you go back to her house in New York and recover some of her materials.

Fast travel to New York and work you way to the objective marker. As you arrive it will become a green search area. Find the clue in here and then grab the silk when you know where it is. Afterwards return to Ellen at the Homestead to complete the task.

Mission 22: Lance - Tools of the Trade

As with the previous mission, we’ll be heading outside of the homestead. This time however we’re going to escort Lance to his store in Boston.

When you arrive in Boston, follow lance through the street until he reaches his shop and a scene plays. Afterwards, walk a little down the street to the objective marker and talk to the indicated target.

Following the conversation, you will need to tail the target for a minute or two until you see where he stashes the tools. Be sure to stay well back though as Lance is along for the ride and is useless at the whole discretion thing thanks to his fondness for standing out in the open! Once you have found the stash and the target has left, move in and loot it to complete the mission.

Mission 23: Lyle White - Get Me a Doctor!

Back at the Homestead, head over and talk with Prudence to begin the next side-quest.

In this mission, you’ll be given a time limit of three minutes and will be riding a horse. We have to ride to the far end of the homestead to pick up the doctor and bring him back to Prudence. its not that easy though as the doctor insists that we veer off course to go and pick up Warren on the way back. Even so, the time limit is quite generous and you should be home and hosed with aroud 45 seconds left on the clock. A scene will play to complete the level.

Mission 24: Big Dave - The Deserter

As with the majority of the recruitment missions, this one involves traveling outside of the Homestead, beating up a bunch of guards that are picking on our character of interest and then watching a short scene in which he decides to join the community!

You will find Big Dave in the frontier in the John’s Town hunting region, just to the South of the entrance to Davenport Homestead. beat up the guards that are pestering him to have him join the community.

As a result of this mission, Big Dave will join the community.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Complete Set

See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.

Trophy icon

Mission 25: Big Dave - The Proper Tools

Another short fetch task! Big Dave wants you to go and pick up his tools from New York. Simply fast travel to New York, go to the nearest general store and choose the citizen tools option. Buy the tools there, afterwards return to Big Dave on the homestead to complete the task.

Mission 26: Myriam - Fool Me Once

Find the mission marker and speak with Norris . Escort him until you meet Myriam interact with her and a scene will play. Afterwards, you’ll need to do a bit of hunting. Work you way over to the wolves marked with the red objective markers, kill and skin them. Once you are out of trouble head over to the hunting blind and climb up to the platform. Here you’ll see a short scene. Afterwards, hop down and chase after the poacher , kill him to complete the mission.

Mission 27: Ellen - The Final Straw

Head over and talk to Norris and his posse to start this mission. We are going to have to defend Ellen’s house against a group of thugs.

This is actually quite easy. Allow the other villagers to engage the bad guys and then focus your attention solely on the enemies that appear with the red objective markers above their heads - these are the hostiles that will damage the house we are trying to defend.

Note that you should only use your bare hands during this fight as killing one of the thugs will result in desynchronization. Once you have defeated enough of the bad guys, the memory will be complete.

Mission 28: Daily Life - The Wedding

Talk with Norris again to start this mission. After the conversation, walk with Father Timothy until a scene plays.

When you regain control of Connor , go and chat with Norris again. Afterwards, return to the main building and head upstairs. Investigate the clues in the immediate area. Once your investigation is complete, head for the objective marker.

When you arrive at the destination, Myriam will run away, simply chase her until a scene plays to end the mission.

Mission 29: Achilles - Manor Mysteries Part 2

Chat with Achilles in the manor and he will ask you to retrieve a painting from New York. Fast travel to new York and follow the objective marker until you reach the destination. Interact with the wall here to pick up the painting. Return to Achilles at the Homestead to complete the task.

Mission 30: Lyle White - Slander

On the Homestead, go and have a chat with Lyle . He’ll tell you that he needs us to perform a task for him in Boston to clean up his image.

Fast travel to Boston and make your way to the objective marker, the area will transform into a green search area. What we need to do is walk around the area and find the kids standing on top of the crates selling newspapers. Once we have found them, we need to bribe them to shut up. To make things a little easier, you can activate eagle vision and the children will appear as golden targets.

Once you have bribed five children , we will recieve a new objective to kill or pickpocket an additional target, perform whichever you like. When you have completed that task, the mission will be done.

Mission 31: Big Dave - An Eye for Trouble

A short one again. Head over to have a chat with Big Dave in the Homestead to find him hanging out with a redcoat . During the scene another redcoat will appear. Chase him down and kill him and then return to Big Dave to complete the mission.

Mission 32: Big Dave - The Comeback

Following on from the previous quest, talk to Dave again to start this one. The whole town will be out in defense and you are going to have to defend the road against two patrols of redcoats whilst defending them.

There is an easy way to do it though. Grab some of those explosive barrels and plant them on the road in front of the defenders. When the patrol shows up shoot the barrel to take them all out at once! Repeat one more time and mop up any survivors to complete the side-quest.

Mission 33: Lance - Thousand-Pound Idea

Have a chat with Lance at the Homestead and he’ll send you over to New York to recover an important design.

When you arrive in New York, track down and chat with your contact to discover that we will need to obtain the plans from three different thugs. track them down, kill them and loot their bodies for the plans (alternatively picking their pockets seemed to work as well).

Once you have all three pieces of the plan, return them to Lance back at the Homestead to complete the mission.

Mission 34: Lyle White - Wait Times

This mission starts at the docks near the harbormaster in the Homestead by talking to Lyle who is treating injured sailors. He requests that you seek assistance for him.

Run over to the objective marker nearby and pick up Diana , return back to Lyle for a scene. Afterwards objective markers will appear on various sailors in the area. Your job is to run over and interact with each one of them before the timer runs out. Once you have treated enough sailors, a scene will play to signify your success in finishing the task.

Mission 35: Achilles - Legacy

Another short one! Enter the main manor and head in to find Achilles . After the scene, leg it down to Father timothy in the church for a chat. following another cut-scene, just mash the on-screen button prompt until a story scene plays to finish the mission.

Mission 36: Achilles - Achilles' Painting

A very simple one! Enter the homestead and interact with the painting in wrapping next to the fireplace to complete the mission.

Mission 37: Achilles - Encyclopedia of the Common Man

After completing the game, Achilles with give you the task of documenting daily life on the Homestead. It is best to leave completing this until after completing all of the other Homestead tasks as doing these will increase the activities available to the residents. To do this we need to go around and scan each of the inhabitants whilst they perform a number of different tasks.

Here are a list of characters on the homestead, their professions and the tasks that you can scan them performing: Blacksmith: Big Dave Sharpening tools Putting horseshoes on a horse Hammering on an anvil Doctor: Lyle White Reading Playing Bowls Gathering herbs Talking with patients Farmers: Warren and Prudence Keeping bees Plowing field Milking a cow Feeding animals Using outdoor oven to bake bread Hunter: Myriam Sharpening knife Skinning animals Setting traps Cooking over fire Innkeeper: Oliver and Corinne Barkeeping Carving up a dead pig Turning spit Stomping grapes Lumberjacks: Godfrey and Terry Chopping wood Loading/Unloading wood Sawing logs Miner: Norris Mining Sharpening tools Panning for gold in the river Standing in front of cabin Tailor: Ellen Sewing Washing clothes Trading pelts Measuring people Lance (woodwork) Working on a beam Testing a chair Checking out a fence Sawing

Trophy/Achievement Icon

An Extraordinary Man

Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

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