It’s time for the third and final Desmond mission. In this level we will be back in the Abstergo facility in Italy that the entirety of the first game was played out in. Upon entering, move forwards until you see a scene with the guards. Kill them when you are able to do so. Enter the elevator on the back wall of the area.

When you regain control, you’ll be in an elevator shaft, climb up to the open door above opposite the windows. Grab the guy looking into the shaft and drop him to his death before quickly jumping out and killing his two mates. Continue down the hallway to the left and enter the open door. Kill two more guards in this next room.

Continue along the catwalk in the next area and kill the group of three guards blocking your path. Turn to the right when you are able and kill the next set of three guards at the end of the walkway. As you engage them, another pair of baddies will jump out of the windows to the left. Kill all five of them and then climb in through the broken window.

If you turn on Eagle Vision you’ll see that Subject 16’s scrawls are still here, just as they were at the end of the first game. Abstergo should really think about giving this room a deep clean…

Enter the door to the left; hey it’s that room we spent the first game in! After a short story sequence involving Cross, he will run off so follow him back into the previous hallway and kill the two guards that are now here. At the end of the hallway turn right and follow him until another scene occurs.

Hop through the now broken window and jump down to ground level. Kill all the Abstergo security forces down here and then look out for Cross. He will be hopping around on the various platforms and climbable surfaces above the room. When you get the chance, tackle him to trigger a scene.

Following the scene you’ll be on a lift. Upon getting off the lift, kill the four guards who comprise the welcoming party. Continue forward and kill another pair of enemies who emerge from a door to the right. Afterwards continue to the left. Kill another 5-6 enemies in the next area and then a further two once the door at the fare end of the room opens. Once it is all clear, the woman huddling in the corner will open the door opposite the counter for you.

Walk through and into the next room for a scene; press the action button when prompted. Afterwards, simply walk towards the exit and use the apple to eliminate all the enemies in your way. Exit through the door to end the mission.

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The End is Nigh

Complete Present - Abstergo.

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When you return back to the underground cave, you will be given the option to insert the power source now, or to return to the animus. Let’s do the power source later (if you want to do it now, check out the walkthrough for the level Present - The End and see power source 3). Enter the animus when you are ready to continue Connor’s story.

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