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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Unique Power Struggles

Nathan Garvin

Confrontation: Maku Blood-Hunter

Confront Maku Blood-Hunter (left) and defeat him to earn the “Stinging Blade” Rune (right).

For this Power Struggle you’ll be charged with defeating Maku Blood-Hunter, an Uruk Hunter much tougher than than his Power Rating suggests. His traits make him do much more damage than normal, he’s immune to ranged attacks, and you cannot hide from him. The bonus objective in this fight is to kill all five members of his retinue, which is less of a bonus objective than a necessity, as you don’t need them pelting you with javelins during the fight. Shoot them to death, wait for him to climb up on the ledge the mission starts on, then hack him down with your sword, using Executions and Ground Executions as you can. Your reward for this unique Power Struggle, aside from Power, Mirian, and XP, is the very useful “Stinging Blade” Rune.

Reward Bonus Objective
400 XP 50 Mirian

Confrontation: Otha Flesh-Burner

Confront Otha Flesh-Burner (left) and slay him for his unique Rune (right).

Much like the Confrontation with Maku Blood-Hunter, this Archer Uruk has a retinue that, if killed, will satisfy a bonus objective. Otha Flesh-Burner is a nasty piece of work, having the Quick Shot, Deadly, Explosive Arrow, and Flaming Weapon Combat Abilities… which means if he hits you, you’ll regret it. Shoot down his followers, then try to engage Otha in melee. All in all, Otha isn’t too bad if you can kill all his follows with one Focus bar and get up to him in melee. Your reward, aside from Power, Mirian, and XP, is “The Black Arrow” Rune, which… eh, it’s alright.

Reward Bonus Objective
400 XP 50 Mirian
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