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Bow Missions (Udun)

Nathan Garvin

Killing Archers with Headshots is the objective in the mission "A Elbereth Githoniel" (left). Use a friendly boulder south of the tent you start out in to shield yourself from some of the archers (right).

A Elbereth Githoniel

Location: Udun, The Black Road

Reward: 400 XP, 200 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill all the Archers

Bonus Objecive: Kill 10 Uruks with Headshots

“He was singing the hymn when the ambush came. It was the last mistake his enemies ever made.”

Your goal for this mission is to kill all the archers that show up. They’ll appear on the high ground north of the tent this mission starts out in, and along the low ground to the south. The tent provide somes-but hardly adequate-cover against these foes. In the tent you have two quivers of Elf-Shot. You can really only fail this mission by dying. Start out by killing the two archers to the north, then kill the two to the south. Once done, grab some Elf-Shot and leave the tent, heading around a rock to the south. Now just sit here and pick off all the archers to the south as they arrive. They have to run a good distance to take shots at you, which gives you plenty of time to kill them. Of course, try for headshots, as this conserves Elf-Shot and fulfills the bonus objective of killing ten Uruks with headshots. Six archers will show up from both directions, eventually. After you’ve kill the six to the south (as well as the two we killed to the north at the beginning) turn around and use the rock as cover to pick off the four archers who have gathered to the north. Easy-peasy.

Shadow Under Siege

Shoot explosive Grog Barrels to set nearby Uruks on fire (left) which satisfies this mission's bonus objective. Once done, secure the requisite number of kill the old fashioned way (right).

Location: Udun, Durthang Outskirts

Reward: 400 XP, 200 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 10 Uruk Guards without entering Durthang

Bonus Objecive: Set 5 Uruks on Fire

“He waited beyond the iron walls, using anyone foolish enough to peer over the ramparts as target practice.”

You’re stuck with a small area of operations along the eastern edge of Durthang Fortress. Your objective is to stand in your limited space and snipe Uruk within Durthang. Keep an eye out for explosive barrels to shoot to score the bonus objective, and after that, just be patient and shoot any Uruks you see… well, not ANY Uruks. Only the ones with objective markers on their heads count.

Swift Mercy

Location: Udun, Barrows of Udun

Reward: 400 XP, 250 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 15 Uruks with Quick Shots in 30 Seconds

Bonus Objecive: Kill 4 Uruks without leaving Focus Mode

“Having cursed his enemies, his arrows offered a swift end to their suffereing.”

A horde of moribund Uruks will spawn below you, and you’re tasked with putting them out of their misery. The Uruks won’t attack until you do, nor will the timer start. The goal this time is just to shoot as many of them as fast as possible, drawing your bow for extra power is wasted effort. As for the bonus objective… just kill four of them without exiting Ranged Mode before you run out of Focus, which is easy to do, since hitting them with anything will kill them. When you run out of Elf-Shot, there’s plenty more nearby. It’s hard to imagine how bad you’d have to be at aiming to fail this mission.

The Eye of Vengeance

Location: Udun, Southern Udun Pass

Reward: 400 XP, 200 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with arrows at close range

Bonus Objecive: Complete within one minute

“The flame of his eyes was the last thing the servants of the shadow would see before his arrows flew.”

This mission is stupidly easy, just run up to five Uruks and shoot them in the face. The very nature of the challenge promotes speed, so it seems very difficult to fail. Elf-Shot is plentiful, and Focus upgrades will help, but are by no means necessary.

The Storm of War

Dominate the Caragor provided for you (left) then ride your mount to find the various Uruk patrols, and shoot them down (right).

Location: Udun, Southern Black Road

Reward: 400 XP, 150 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Locate the Uruk Scout Patrol, Kill 10 Uruk Scouts while mounted

Bonus Objecive: Complete within 5 minutes

“The Dark Lord’s servants were scattered throughout Udun. Mounted on his beast, he moved swiftly among them and struck like lightning.”

Your goal in this mission is, simply put, to ride up to Uruks on your Caragor (which the game generously provides for you) and shoot them in the face. You’ll have to head north a great distance to find the first group of Uruk Scouts. In fact, a good bit of time will be spent riding from one group to the next. There are three groups of four Uruk Scouts, of which you need to kill ten with arrows. Don’t get too close with your Caragor to help keep it safe-keeping it alive isn’t difficult, but it’s one of the few things that can go wrong in this mission. Make use of your Focus and shoot Uruks down. If you run low on Elf-Shot, Drain your Caragor to replenish your stock.


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