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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Bow Missions (Nurn)

Nathan Garvin

Jaws of Steel

Location: Nurn, Nurnen Peninsula

Reward: 400 XP, 500 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 10 Uruk Guards without entering the Stronghold

Bonus Objecive: Use Caragors to kill 5 Uruks

“A single arrow, rightly placed, can turn the tide of war. He unleashed death in the enemy camp without ever setting foot inside.”

There are 10 Uruks you need to kill (marked with quest markers, and they glow yellow in Wraith Vision) that you must kill without leaving the confines of the mission area… which limits you to bows. The bonus objective is using Caragors to kill Uruks, which can be achieved by shooting hanging flanks of meat to lure Caragors to the area. The Uruks the Caragors kill can be any Uruks, not just the marked ten. There are three flanks of meat clearly visible, so just shoot them and let the Caragors play… perhaps assisting them by shooting the odd Defender that might cause the Caragors some trouble. Once you’ve got your five Caragor kills, just shoot down the rest of the Uruk Defenders. Easy-peasy.

Shadow and Flame

You’ll need to dodge constantly to avoid the arrows of the archers that surround you (left), stopping only when a number of them have gathered around explosive barrels (right).

Location: Nurn, Fern Outskirts

Reward: 400 XP, 550 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 30 Uruks with Barrel Explosions

Bonus Objecive: Don’t get hit

“He led his attackers into an explosive trap. The destruction could be seen from the slopes of Orodruin.”

This mission can be tricky, and like all the Bow Missions in Nurn, it’ll be easier if you’ve got a lot of Focus. You’ll be confined to a small bit of high-ground and tasked with killing 30 Uruks with Barrel Explosions. The Uruks in question are archers, they’ll automatically detect you, and would love filling you with arrows. Sadly, the bonus objective is to avoid taking any damage. You don’t have much room to move, and you’ll need to wait for the archers to group around barrels (as much as possible) then stop and take a quick shot. You can avoid getting hit by dodging when you’re not shooting, but you don’t have much ground on which to do so, so watch where you’re rolling-you don’t want to get hung up on scenery.

There Is No Escape

Location: Nurn, Fern Outskirts

Reward: 400 XP, 500 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Let no Uruk Cowards reach Fort Morn

Bonus Objecive: Pin in Place 3 Uruks

“He watched as the creature chased down his enemies. He ensured they never reached the safety of their Stronghold.”

A number of “Uruk Cowards” are fleeing to Fort Morn in the south, being chased by a Graug. Your goal is to prevent any of them from reach their destination, with the bonus objective being to Pin in Place three Uruks, which can be done by shooting an Uruk in the leg. This quest will be easier if you have plenty of Elf-Shot and Focus, just shoot three Uruks in the leg to satisfy the bonus objective, then kill the rest with a combination of headshots, and letting the Graug do what Graugs do best.

The Secret Flame

Wait for Ghuls to gather around explosive barrels (left) then blow them up! (right)

Location: Nurn, Thang Talath

Reward: 400 XP, 450 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 50 Ghuls with Explosions

Bonus Objecive: Only Detonate 5 Barrels

“The hidden outpost, stocked with the enemy’s incendiary weapons, also teemed with other dangerous creatures. He knew he could remove both threats by using one against the other.”

Enter the cave to the south to get the real mission objective: Lure the Ghuls into the Barrows. Simply run past the Ghuls, drawing them to the quest marker. Once you reach a man-made (or humanoid-made, as the case may be) chamber, the real, REAL mission objectives will pop up: Kill 50 Ghuls with explosions, the bonus objective being to only detonate five barrels. This is easily done, just wait for a good number of Ghuls to surround you (dodge around to mitigate damage taken while you wait), then lure them near a barrel and blow it up. Repeat until victorious. If you’re patient, you can probably kill 50 Ghuls in three barrels, so five is pretty generous.

The Spirit of Fire

Location: Nurn, Cab-Gwanath Bluff

Reward: 400 XP, 450 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 5 Uruks with Fire Arrows

Bonus Objecive: Ignite 3 barrel stacks with Fire Arrows

“It was not enough to simply kill the servants of the Dark Lord. He engulfed them in cleansing flames.”

A simple enough mission, you have to kill five Uruks with Fire Arrows, which can be done by charging your Hit Streak, then going into Ranged Mode (L2) and shooting an Uruk with a Fire Arrow (R1). Bonus Mirian can be earned by blowing up three explosive barrel stacks with Fire Arrows, but kills made this way don’t count towards the main objective, making it little more than busy work. A host of Uruks will rush your position, making Hit Streaks not much of a problem. Ironically, however, you’ll probably end up charging your Hit Streak using your sword, not your bow… but, whatever. They must have been running out of ideas. This misison is made easier with Abilities like “Double Charge” to get two Fire Arrows per Hit Streak, “Blade Master” to lower the Hit Streak charge threshold from 8 hits to 5, and of course, “Combat Drain” in case you run out of arrows. None of these are necessary, however, as Elf-Shot can be found lying around. If the archers are being a bother, just move somewhere out of sight-the operational area of this mission is rather generous.

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