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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Slaver

Nathan Garvin

The Slaver

Sneak around and kill archers to complete a bonus objective (left) then jump down and confront Gimub (right).

“An Uruk Slaver holds a Captive with information on The Black Captains. Hunt down the Slaver, rescue the Captive and find out what he knows.”

Head to the northern part of The Black Gate to find the starting point for this mission. When it begins, you’ll see some Uruks manhandle a slave. Talion complains, and the wraith is pragmatic. Once you’re in control you’ll be prompted to use your Wraith Vision to spot out your target-Gimub the Slaver. Do so by hitting (L1), then find the red-colored silhouette and press (R3) to see the Uruk’s details when he’s in your sight. This is something you should be somewhat practiced in, after scouring Udun. Once Gimub is marked you’ll be tasked with the bonus objective of killing four archers before confronting Gimub. Killing them will make the fight with Gimub even easier, as you won’t have to worry about Uruks shooting at you.

Head south and climb onto a wooden platform to find your first archer. Eliminate him, then cross some ropes to reach another platform to the south-west, where another archer awaits. After this one is dead cross some more ropes to reach a more substantial structure to the north-west. Dispatch several Uruk warriors and your third archer before crossing yet another bundle of ropes to reach the fourth and final archer to the north-west. There’s plenty of Elf-Shot around if you want to use your bow, but stealth-killing them with your dagger works just as well. Once they’re all dead jump down and confront Gimub.

Defeat Gimub (left) then claim the “Fell Voices” Rune he drops (right).

After completing this mission you’ll occassionally find a white fist icon on the map, which marks an Outcast that needs to be rescued. Simply find the Outcast, kill their attendant Uruks, and they’ll be liberated. The emancipated Outcast will then reveal a Slave Rescue side mission. Like the Legendary Weapon side missions, they’re covered separately from the main walkthrough, so you can pursue them at your leisure. Unlike the Legendary Weapon missions, however, these are less scripted and incorporate more of the random elements of the game world in them… meaning captains may show up to complicate things, Stronghold alarms might be raised… in general, it’s harder to predict exactly how each of these missions will go down. When you complete one, you’ll earn the Trophy/Achievement “The Free Folk”. More of these will unlock as you complete story missions.

You’ll find enslaved Outcasts around Udun. Kill their Uruk overseers (left) and they’ll give you optional Outcast missions you can complete for Mirian and XP (right).

Starting off the fight by scoring a sneak attack on him (easily done if you have “Strike From Above”) is a good idea, but Gimub isn’t too challenging of a foe. He doesn’t have any weaknesses you can exploit, but he’s not immune to anything, either. Just perform normal combos on him, using Combat Finishers on him when he’s vulnerable. Hitting him repeatedly will stun him, allowing you to perform a Ground Execution, and if you have the “Execution” Ability, a Hit Streak of eight will allow you to perform an Execution, both of which will shave off a fair amount of Health. This is usually enough to defeat any Uruk, and certainly enough for Gimub. When he’s dead, pick up the “Fell Voices” Rune he’ll generously drop for you, and you’ll be presented with a Rune-equpping tutorial… which probably isn’t necessary, but… whatever. The takeaways? Captains drop Runes when they’re defeated. You can equip up to five Runes per weapon. The Power Rating of the Captain determines the level of the Rune, and if the Captain has a vulnerability, and you take advantage of it, they’ll drop a Rune corresponding to the manner in which they met their demise.

After that’s done with, Talion will meet Hirgon, a fellow Ranger who deserted The Black Gate in order to help the Outcasts. He claims to have fought-or rather, fled from-The Black Hand. Talion, naturally, wants to know more about his foes, but he obtains only an invitation, instead. A curious critter spies on Talion, who assumes it’s only an Orc, but the Wraith knows better…

Reward Bonus Objective
600 XP 50 Mirian
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Free Folk

Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission.

Trophy icon
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Life can be dangerous in Middle-Earth, but for none moreso than the Rangers of The Black Gate, who guard the very border of Mordor. After tragedy strikes, Talion, Captain of The Black Gate rises as the Gravewalker, bound to a mysterious Elven Wraith. Talion will have to fight his way through an army of Uruks to reach the Black Captains as he seeks to find answers, vengeance, and a respite from his cursed afterlife.

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