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The Rescue

Nathan Garvin

The Rescue

“In her desperation to help her mother, Lithariel has been infiltrating the Uruk strongholds. She has not returned since leaving on her last mission.”

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Lithariel. Knowing her, she got in a bit over her head looking into that Uruk intel she found in Fort Morn. This info concerned a “fishing village to the north”, so head to the northern part of the Cape of Nurn to find the start to this mission. When you start the mission you’ll find out that, sure enough, Lithariel got into trouble. She’s been captured by none other than The Tower of Sauron, one of the Black Captains. Since she can’t provide any information about the Gravewalker, her corpse is to be used to taunt us, instead.

When we’re back in control of Talion, we’ll be tasked with Branding six Uruks without raising the alarm-and we have eight minutes in which to do this, presumably before bad things happen to Lithariel. Using Stealth Brand will easily accomplish this, but if you get into a fight, Combat Brand works just as well, just don’t let any Uruks raise the Alarm. Avoid the front gate, which is crawling with Uruks, and go through a hole in a wooden wall to the east. This should allow you to get around the stronghold easily, picking off isolated Uruks as the opportunity presents itself. If there are two or fewer Uruks in a given area, just run up to one and Stealth Brand them, then Brand the other the old fashioned way. Be quick, however, as the timer doesn’t reset when this objective is met.

When you have six loyal Uruks under your command, it’s time to find Lithariel, with whatever time you have left on the clock. She can be found along the northern end of the Nurnen Peninsula, and when you approach you’ll see that she’s facing imminent torture. Once back in control of Talion you’ll be prompted to kill or Brand Lithariels tormentors, or a combination of both. When they’re neutralized, go near Lithariel and press (R1) to help her up. That’s right, you’re going to have to carry her out of here.

Head south a bit and some Uruks will muster to block your path. When you see them, drop Lithariel to keep her out of harm’s way and engage the Uruks-with any luck you’ll be joined by some of the Uruks you branded earlier. Attempt to Brand more, as the more Uruks you have under your control between hostile Uruks and Lithariel, the safer she’ll be. When they’ll all dead or Branded, give her a hand again and carry her south until another host of Uruks interrupts you. Repeat the killing/Branding process, then pick Lithariel up a third time and head towards the front gate. Near the gate another group of Uruks will attack, from both in front of you, and behind. Defend Lithariel one last time and help her escape the Nurnen Peninsula stronghold.

After escaping, Lithariel will ask Talion to champion her people, an offer he has to refuse. Despite ignoring the Wraith’s advice at every turn, he was right-we are not of this world, and cannot continue to concern ourselves with its affairs.

600 XP
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Beyond Hope

Save Lithariel's life.

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If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to Brand all five Warchiefs. Our next mission, “Lord of Mordor” cannot begin until we’ve sufficient forces to challenge the Black Hand. This is also a good time to complete all the remaining side missions, collect Trophies/Achievements, claim Runes, and level up. Basically, if there’s anything left to do, consider doing it now. You’ll be able to come back later, but there’s no reason why you can’t complete everything now. When all five Warchiefs have been Branded you’ll get the Trophy/Achievement “Lord and Master”.

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Lord and Master

Brand all 5 Warchiefs.

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Life can be dangerous in Middle-Earth, but for none moreso than the Rangers of The Black Gate, who guard the very border of Mordor. After tragedy strikes, Talion, Captain of The Black Gate rises as the Gravewalker, bound to a mysterious Elven Wraith. Talion will have to fight his way through an army of Uruks to reach the Black Captains as he seeks to find answers, vengeance, and a respite from his cursed afterlife.

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