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Southern Udun Pass Forge Tower

Nathan Garvin

Southern Udun Pass

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Blue Milk Ranger’s Reading Primer i’Warth, dangarnen
Pipeweed Ranger’s Cloak Clasp

Grab the Ranger's Reading Primer Artifact (left) as you make your way to the Forge Tower, then start "The Eye of Vengeance" Bow Mission, which charges you with shooting Uruks at close range (right).

You know the drill by now-set your waypoint on the map to the Forge Tower in the eastern side of Udun Pass and make your way through the Uruk Proving Grounds to the south to reach it. There are two, large, unscalable rock formations that lie along the northern boundary of this area-one to the east (around which we’ll probably pass to get to this area from the Uruk Proving Grounds) and a large one to the west. Search along the eastern edge of the eastern rocks as you head towards the Forge Tower to find the Ranger’s Reading Primer Artifact. When you reach the Forge Tower, reforge it to reveal the area.

The sword legend “Arise” lies in some caves to the south-east, but without the “Combat Drain” Ability we can’t access it. A more accessible Bow Mission “The Eye of Vengeance” can be found to the west, which is just easy Mirian. Speaking of easy Mirian, south-west of this last bow mission you’ll find an Ithildin “i’Warth, dangarnen” merrily glowing away near the top of a partially collapsed square tower. Further west, near the western edge of the ruins, you can find the Ranger’s Cloak Clasp Artifact in some ruins. The Artifact is on the second floor of a ruined stone structure, near a doorway that leads to a Morgai Fly nest

By now you’ve certainly accumulated enough Mirian that you could have purchased two upgrades for all your Attributes and Rune slots. You’ve also likely acquired enough Runes to fill all of these Rune slots… whether you’ve found any particuarly useful Runes is another matter.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Cold Light

Unlock 3 Sword Rune slots.

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East Garrison

Herbs Artifacts
Lothrond Excavator Cog
Blue Milk

In the East Garrison you can find the Excavator Cog Artifact (left), and test your Attract/Ledge Kill skills in the "Deathly Whisper" Dagger Mission (right).

To the south of the Southern Udun Pass lies the East Garrison, another stronghold. Along the northen edge of this area, on some rocky heights, you’ll find the Excavator Cog Artifact. Atop a tower a short ways to the south lies the only other point of interest currently in this area-the Dagger Mission “Deathly Whisper” , which will test your mastery of stealth, particularly of using the Attract ability to lure foes to their demise. There’s also an abundance of meat hanging around here-if you shoot one of these flanks of meat, nearby Caragors might come to investigate. Do this five times and you’ll get the Trophy/Achievement “Jaws of Death”. Just another thing to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for ways to harass Uruks.

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Jaws of Death

Attract Caragors with bait 5 times.

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Life can be dangerous in Middle-Earth, but for none moreso than the Rangers of The Black Gate, who guard the very border of Mordor. After tragedy strikes, Talion, Captain of The Black Gate rises as the Gravewalker, bound to a mysterious Elven Wraith. Talion will have to fight his way through an army of Uruks to reach the Black Captains as he seeks to find answers, vengeance, and a respite from his cursed afterlife.

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