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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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The Spirit of Mordor

Nathan Garvin

The Spirit of Mordor

Rescue the captive Ratbag, who is more than willing to betray his Uruk kin if it benefits him (left). Follow him as he schemes: he's got big plans that he's eager for you to bring to fruition (right).

“Sauron’s Uruks relentlessly abuse lesser Orcs in their violent struggles for power. Investigate how the power of the Wraith can exploit these struggles; piercing weak minds to bring down the enemy forces from within. One Orc mind in particular shiens as a blazing beacon of weakness…”

While we wait for the creature to come around, however, we might as well work against Sauron’s Uruks a bit. The next mission objective is in Durthang West, an area thick with Uruks. If you’ve done the exploring the guide suggested thus far, you should be familiar with this area, and combat, in general. The mission begins in front of some tied-up Uruks, one of whom is rather talkative. Start the mission to meet Ratbag, who promises information in exchange for freedom. Cue the tutorial on Strengths and Weaknesses, using an Uruk named Goroth as an example. He’s immune to ranged attacks, but vulnerable to mounted beasts, and afraid of Caragors, specifically.

Uruk Defenders make their debut here. Protect Ratbag from them and the other Uruks to satisfy a bonus objective (left). Sneak around the Durthang ruins to find out that Ratbag's information is bogus (right).

Apparently whatever the Outcasts are scheming is doomed to failure-the Orc army is too mighty, thanks to the leadership of their Warchiefs. Cut off the head of the snake, and the body withers, so to speak, but we’ll first have to lure them out, something Ratbag claims he can help us accomplish… after we first help him get some revenge on another Uruk. Fortunately, Ratbag isn’t so simple-minded, he wishes to take the place of the hate Goroth, who is a Captain, and from there make his way to the coveted rank of Warchief. Having a highly-placed mole in Sauron’s army can’t hurt, so follow Ratbag and listen to his scheming. Near a ruined building you’ll be attacked, and charged with keeping Ratbag alive. They new foes include Uruk Defenders, shield-bearing Uruks who are invulnerable to attacks from the front. Vault over them (X) to get behind them (having the “Vault Stun” ability makes this even more useful)… or just shoot them in the face with an arrow, which will make it easier eliminate a few Uruks faster, and hence, to keep Ratbag’s Health above 50%, and hence, complete the bonus objective for this mission. Expect to encounter Uruk Defenders faily often from now on.

Once the Uruks are dead, continue following Ratbag while listening to him babble. Ratbag’s big plan? Unleash Goroth’s own Caragors on him. First you have to find Goroth, however. Leave Ratbag behind (an idea he approves of) and head into Durthang Outskirts in search of Goroth. Head to an opening in the wall located on the eastern end of the southern building to overhear some Uruks talking. Apparently, despite Ratbag’s claims, Goroth is over at the hunting camp.

Release a caged Caragor to take advantage of Goroth's fear of them (left), after which he should be easy to dispatch (right).

Continue east to find the hunting camp where Goroth resides, which is just north of the Udun Crossing Forge Tower. Use Wraith Vision to spot Goroth, identify him by pressing (R3), and your objective will update. Just shoot one of the nearby Caragor cage doors to unleash such a beast, which will terrify Goroth. Once he’s terrified, chase him down and kill him however you must-he shouldn’t be immune to ranged attacks anymore, so that’s an option. When he’s dead you’ll get a “Battle Report” tutorial, which shows the results of various Uruk activities. Ratbag will capitalize on your success, and promise to visit some decapitation on an “old friend” of his.

Completing this mission will unlock a variety of random Power Struggles on the map, which appear as red quest markers. These Power Struggles include some of the Captains currently in Sauron’s Army, and it allows you to either eliminate one Captain in a somewhat more interesting way, or support an Uruk and cause them to gain strength… perhaps at the expense of another. You can find out more information about these in the Power Struggles section of the guide.

Reward Bonus Objective
700 XP 50 Mirian


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Life can be dangerous in Middle-Earth, but for none moreso than the Rangers of The Black Gate, who guard the very border of Mordor. After tragedy strikes, Talion, Captain of The Black Gate rises as the Gravewalker, bound to a mysterious Elven Wraith. Talion will have to fight his way through an army of Uruks to reach the Black Captains as he seeks to find answers, vengeance, and a respite from his cursed afterlife.

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