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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Nathan Garvin


Resources are split into three categories: Focus, which determines how long the “slow-down” time distortion effect lasts while aiming your bow, Elf-Shot, which is your ranged ammunition, consumed when you fire arrows and perform Shadow Strike attacks, and Health, which determines how much damage you can sustain before dying.


The three weapon types are the bow, sword, and dagger. Improving one of these “Attributes” allows Talion to equip another Rune in that weapon. Each weapon can have up to five Runes. Each weapon tree also has a special ability that gives Talion the benefit of unlimited Executions (Storm of Urfael-Swords), unlimited Focus, Elf-Shot, and Fire Arrows (Flame of Azkar-Bow), or the ability to perform unlimited Stealth Kills (Shadow of Acharn-Dagger). You do not need to purchase all the Rune upgrades before purchasing one of these abilities, you merely need enough Mirian. These three skills are essentially “I win” skills, useful for tougher battles.


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    25 March 2015
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Life can be dangerous in Middle-Earth, but for none moreso than the Rangers of The Black Gate, who guard the very border of Mordor. After tragedy strikes, Talion, Captain of The Black Gate rises as the Gravewalker, bound to a mysterious Elven Wraith. Talion will have to fight his way through an army of Uruks to reach the Black Captains as he seeks to find answers, vengeance, and a respite from his cursed afterlife.

The guide offers the following:

  • A walkthrough for all the main story missions.
  • Walkthroughs for every side mission, including Outcast Rescue missions, Legendary Weapon missions etc.
  • Integrated information detailing how to complete all the Hunting and Survival Challenges.
  • A full trophy/achievement guide.
  • Descriptions of the Nemesis System, including Strengths, Weaknesses, the different types of Uruks etc.
  • Information on all the Abilities and Attributes in the game.

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