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Dagger Missions (Udun)

Nathan Garvin

Clear the Skies

Location: Udun, Durthang West

Reward: 400 XP, 150 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Stealth Kill 10 Archers without setting off the Alarm

Bonus Objecive: Ledge Kill 5 Uruks

“His enemies’ arrows darkened the sky. He moved to eliminate the archers and clear the path for his forces.”

Ledge killing archers is usually the easiest way to dispose of them, and you can be detected, you just can’t let Uruks set off the alarm, which is much easier. Just climb around Durthang and Ledge Kill archers and you’ll be gold. The fact that archers respawn when you get far enough away from their start position makes this even easier. Be sure to Attact archers to you when necessary.

Deathly Whisper

Use the "Attract" ability to lure Uruks to you (left) then perform a Ledge Kill (right).

Location: Udun, East Garrison

Reward: 400 XP, 150 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 5 Uruks while they investigate your Attract position

Bonus Objecive: Avoid detection

“Any servant of the Dark Lord who heard his call that night would never see the dawn.”

Essentially a lucrative tutorial in Attracting Uruks (R2 + Triangle), then killing them. When you Attract an enemy, they’ll come investigate the location you were at when you used Attract. A ghostly image of Talion will mark the location the Uruks are coming to investigate, and hence, where you do not want to remain. The easiest way to complete this mission is to use heights. Lure enemy below you into range (or if they’re already in range, Attract them for the sake of making their death count towards the objective) and perform a “Strike From Above”, or find an enemy on a platform, climb on the ledge, and while hanging Attract them to you, and perform a Ledge Kill when they come into range. Lone Uruks are preferable to groups, but using Attract to perform Ledge Kills works fine on even a number of Uruks… unless they’re looking right at you when you kill another Uruk, of course. Patience is the key.

Display of Power

Location: Udun, Internment Camp

Reward: 400 XP, 200 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Brutalize the Guard without setting off the Alarm

Bonus Objecive: Stealth Kill 5 Uruks

“As his reputation grew, the Dark Lord held rallies to discredit him. He turned these into opportunities to reinforce his claim to power.”

Pretty simple mission, Brutalize works like a normal Stealth Kill, except you hit (Triangle) instead of (Square). Also, we don’t have to avoid detection, we just can’t let any Uruks raise the alarm. So large-scale, direct confontations should be avoided, but there’s some room for sloppiness. Just Stealth Kill five Ururks along the way for even more juicy Mirian. All of this is even easier if you’ve got the good sense to stick to the rooftops and prey upon archers.

The Mithril Blade

Killing Uruks quickly while remaining undetected is the goal here-normal Stealth Kills work just fine (left), but performing the odd Ledge Kill will make this task even easier (right).

Location: Udun, The Black Gate

Reward: 400 XP, 150 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Kill 10 Slavers in 3:00

Bonus Objecive: Remain Undetected

“A flash of silver lightning, carving his way through the Dark Lord’s ranks. Each foe had his life stolen away before he knew it.”

Your goal in this mission is to stealth kill 10 Slaver Uruks in three minutes along an area encompassing the western area of The Black Gate. You’ll gain bonus Mirian if you’re not detected. This is an incredibly easy side mission-head up the narrow pass to the north-west and kill an Uruk near some bushes. Head to a structure to the north where you’ll find sevearl more Uruks. Just stay hidden, use ledges to your advange, be mindful of the marked Slavers on your map, and keep moving. An unleveled Talion is easily capable of completing this mission, but “Strike From Above” might come in handy.

The Wraith

Stalk your prey carefully, using heights to your advantage (left) and when they are alone and below you, perform a Strike From Above (right).

Location: Udun, West Garrison

Reward: 400 XP, 250 Mirian (+50 Mirian)

Objective: Stealth kill 5 Uruks without being detected

Bonus Objecive: Kill 3 Uruks with Strike From Above

“He hid amongst the Dark Lord’s soldiers, silently killing them one by one. He would not rest until they fled the camp in terror.”

Another easy mission. Stealth kills without being detected aren’t difficult-now it’s just a main requirement, instead of a bonus objective. One of the best ways to kill Uruks stealthily is from above, so the bonus objective shouldn’t be too hard, either. Just be sure to target lone Uruks with Strike From Above, as you’ll be easily detected by nearby Uruks while doing it.


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