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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Night 2

Jarrod Garripoli
Enemy Name Weak Resist Null
Battle Wheel Ice, Dark Bash --
Beastly Gigas Wind Cut, Stab --
Fierce Cyclops Light, Dark -- --
Happy Gene Dark -- Light
Iron Dice Elec, Light Cut, Stab, Fire, Wind Dark
Rain Leg Musha Ice -- --
Shallow Okina Elec Fire, Ice --

After a brief introduction to the second floor of the labyrinth, ignore the shortcuts (they both open from the other side) and follow the only path you can take. When you go through the door, you’ll encounter a new type of FOE, the Fast Guy . These guys will chase after you if you get in their line of sight and move two spaces every time you move one. So, take your Navigators’ advice and head straight through the door to the north. Once you’re through the door, go west and you’ll find an event, where the characters are talking about it being too hot. You’ll have four different choices here, which will have different outcomes. They are as follows:

  • Swimming at the beach: Restores some HP, but lose some SP
  • An air-conditioned room: Restores some HP
  • Where Rise and Fuuka are: Restores some HP, but lose some SP
  • Not Junpei’s jokes: Restores some HP and SP
    Go east through the door and there’ll be a bonfire right in front of you, which is not lit, but you will need to light it because of a sealed door on the east side of the room. For now, though, go south through the door (another bonfire here) and east through another. Keep going this way until you come to some stairs that will go back to the first floor (open the nearby shortcut before using them). In this little area, take the shortcut just south of the unlit bonfire and light your torch on the one to the south. Bring the flame back to the unlit one, light it and go back down to the second floor. Now you can light the bonfire in this area and start bringing it around to the others that you’ve encountered.

However, once you light the bonfire in the next room, a Fast Guy FOE will appear and begin chasing after you. Escape through the west door, somehow, which is due to carrying the Holy Flame. While they will still chase after you, the Fast Guy FOEs will keep one tile away from you if you’re carrying the flame, unless you happen to corner them. Light the bonfire to the west, then go north into the next area and light the one there, as well. You can now open the sealed door to the east, but there’s another FOE in the way. In order to get past it, you’ll need to lure it so it’s on your left side, then relight your torch and head straight to the sealed door.

The Fast Guy FOE (left) will chase after you if it sees you. All of the choices (right) will restore some HP, but only one of them will restore some SP, too.

Once through the door, ignore the bonfire here and continue into the next room, where there’s another bonfire, as well as a Power Spot. Continue south, opening the shortcut you find along the way and enter a long corridor with two Fast Guys on the southern end. You should be able to see a door slightly to the southwest, so maneuver carefully to get to it. Once through it, go north to the dead end to get a Twisted Bandana item, then go west until you find a shortcut leading back to the initial set of stairs you climbed to this floor (ignore the two doors leading south for now; there’s also the 100% map chest along the way, which contains the Superficial Statue key item ).

Remember those three bonfires you passed after entering the first sealed door on the floor? It’s time to go light them, as they will be needed on the third floor. Start with the bonfire that you lit and had a FOE appear just south of you. Once you light your torch from the bonfire, so to the southeast corner and through the shortcut, then north to light the bonfire. From here, it should be easy enough to light the other two without any sorts of problems. Head back to the 100% map chest area to continue.

You should be right by those first set of stairs, so head through the shortcut to the east and light your torch from the bonfire there. Go back through the shortcuts and instead of heading through the sealed door, go east and south down the first path to find another bonfire. From here, you should be able to get to the bonfire east of you in the same room and light it, then you can bring the flame to the big room with the two Fast Guy FOEs and light the bonfire there. Once you do that, get the attention of both FOEs and head straight south, with the goal being to get to the southwest corner, where you’ll find a shortcut that leads to a small area with another bonfire and a dead end to the north, which will get you the Share the Fun of a Festival request .

It’s time to grab one more treasure before continuing with the story, so head back to the initial set of stairs leading to this floor. Take the southern shortcut and go to the first door leading south you find, which has a bonfire you lit before. Light your torch and go through the door, then head east and south. Follow this small path until it goes north, which has a shortcut here that leads to the northern section of the room, then take the one-way shortcut to the previous room. Straight north of you is another bonfire you should’ve lit before, so light your torch from that and take the southern door nearby to go back into the same room.

Instead of going west, go east and through the shortcut you just opened, then you can head south and around to find a chest with a Sizzlin Happi in it. You can leave the room via the same one-way shortcut as before. From where you begin on this floor, go east through the shortcut and light your torch, and go back and south to the sealed door. Keep going south and in the next room will be the introduction of a new kind of FOE, the Festival Dudes . These are four FOEs that act as one and will move one step for every two you take. Fortunately, they only move straight up and down in this room, so you can cut straight down the middle.

As with the previous FOEs in this dungeon, the Fast Guy also acts different when holding the Holy Flame (left). The Festival Dudes FOE is four FOEs acting as one unit (right).

Be careful at the bottom of the room, moving up and down to make sure the FOE is heading north again before going for the door. Here, you have two paths to go to, one to the west and another to the east. For now, go east and then straight north to the next door to avoid the FOEs coming after you. Move in this small area until the FOEs reset to their initial positions, then light your torch and re-enter the room. Go south two spots, then north two more and east two. From there, go south one, east two and north to find a one-way shortcut that leads to the room with a chest, which contains a Jusen.

With that out of the way, you’ll have to exit this area via the big room with two Fast Guys, similar to when you went through it to get the request before. Return to that one area with two doors and take the western one this time. There will be a Power Spot right in front of you, as well as another bonfire further west. Right next to that bonfire is a shortcut that leads to a small room with another shortcut, but it opens from the northern side, so head back and through the door. Here, you’ll encounter two more Fast Guys, but the bonfire in the previous room has no others within range to light it.

As soon as you step into the room, the eastern of the two will come after you, so you’ll want to move two steps west and then head back to the last room. Head back in and move west three steps, then once again return to the last room. Now, you can go back in and head straight for the door, as the two FOEs will be blocking each other. In the next room, there’s another unlit bonfire, as well as a dead end just north of it. You’ll find a drum and will be asked what to do, so hit it once to get a San-zun Tama item (doing it three times will get you into a fight with some Shadows).

Once you’re done with that, head south and around to find another door, leading to a bonfire that’s already lit. There’s nothing you can do with it, so continue east (Power Spot in the next room) and north until you come to another sealed door. Go east and south to open the shortcut, then north all the way to find another shortcut that leads to near the beginning of the floor. Head to the room just east of the beginning, light the torch and bring it back to the unlit bonfire that’s just west of the beginning stairs. From there, you can light the one a little to the south, which can be used to reach the sealed door.

You will get a warning, but the Festival Dudes FOE moves faster when you’re carrying the Holy Flame, meaning instead of moving a step for your every two, it will become a one-to-one ratio. So, maneuver past the FOE in the area after going through the sealed door and north into the room after that. There’s a Fast Guy here that will come after you as soon as you step into the room and you’ll want to go north for now, but you won’t outrun it. So, lure the FOE over towards the door you just used to enter this room, then go back through it to make the FOE start retreating. With this done, you can go back through once more and head north without having to worry about the FOE chasing you.

In the small room up here, there’s a Power Spot and two chests. One of the chests contains an item ( Stealth Shirt ), while the other will get you the Box Full of Shadows request . Go back to the previous room and open the shortcut to the northeast, then head south and get the FOE’s attention once more, going back into the room with the Festival Dudes. Now you can make your way past the Fast Guy FOE to the south, where you’ll come to a room with another Festival Dudes FOE. In the southeast corner should be a bonfire you already lit, so light your torch and carefully make your way to the northeast corner, where there’s another bonfire and a sealed door.

Light the bonfire and go through the sealed door, then light the bonfire just west of your position. Taking notice of the Fast Guy FOE you saw at the beginning of the floor, head north and use the stairs (the shortcut north of that is one-way) to get to the third floor.

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