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Requests (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

Defeat the Angel of Love

  • Available: Defeat the boss in Group Date Cafe
  • Rewards: Pink Choker (Accessory), 2400 EXP
    Elizabeth wants you to defeat an Angel of Love F.O.E. in Group Date Cafe and bring back an item ( White Flower Pin ) it will drop only when you have this request. You can find the Angel of Love on Stops 2 or 4 of the labyrinth and they will shoot you with an arrow if you get within their line of sight. If this happens, every step you take will have you going right towards the F.O.E. As far as battling them goes, while they have a good amount of HP, the only moves you should need to watch out for are Tentarafoo (medium chance to Panic entire party) and Mow Down (physical attack that hits an entire row). Poisoning the enemy is a valid strategy, or you could keep attacking it, avoiding fire and ice skills due to it resisting them. Bring the item back after you bring it down to finish the request.

Solve the Music Room Mystery

  • Available: Investigate the locked door at grid D5 in Evil Spirit Club 1st Story
  • Rewards: Twin Sheets, 8200 EXP
    There will be a music room that you can’t get into via the front door on the first floor of Evil Spirit Club, but there’s a side door allowing access. While Elizabeth explains it to you, Yukiko comes in to request the same thing, so you’ll have to bring her along with you. When you get to the music room, check the door and Yukiko mentions something about using oil. Check the northwest corner of the room to find a janitor’s closet, which will out you into a fight with three Phantom Mages (you’ve fought these before; weak to fire). After the fight, go back to the door and it will open. Although it looks like another fight be incoming, you’re safe for now, so return to the Nurse’s Office to finish the request.

Obtain a Hellish Pacifier

  • Available: Investigate the dead end at grid D2 in Evil Spirit Club 2nd Story
  • Rewards: Heat Wave Skill Card, 7700 EXP
    Elizabeth wants you to get an item called the Hellish Pacifier from the music room on the second floor of the Evil Spirit Club. If you don’t remember where this is located, it’s the 3x3 room in the bottom left corner of the floor. Go inside and check out the middle part of the wall on the north end of the room, although it seems the item you’re looking for isn’t there. Instead, go to the hallway to the west of there and lure the first FOE to the doorway on the west side of the music room to put it to sleep. As you escape by normal means, though, you will step on a creaky floorboard and wake it up, which you want to do as you can now lure it to the southern doorway to make it sleep there.

Back at the narrow hallway, you will encounter another FOE at the north end, which will you want to lure back to the western door without stepping on a creaky floorboard. Once both are sleeping and although you will wake them, you can now make a dash to the end of the previous hallway, where you’ll find a door. Go through it to get rid of the FOEs and then go to the southeast corner of that room to find the Hellish Pacifier. Bring it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Which Mascot Reigns Supreme?!

  • Available: Investigate the dead end at grid E5 in Evil Spirit Club 2nd Story
  • Rewards: Scapegoat Key Item, 2500 EXP
    Teddie has challenged Koromaru to see who the best mascot is, with the goal being to find something that Aigis has buried within the second floor of Evil Spirit Club. Your goal is to go to the very large room on the western side of the floor, which is around C2-3 on the grid. When you enter the room, Teddie will turn on some lights and one of the baby FOEs will appear. Your goal is to find the item that is hidden within this room, although it doesn’t matter if you have to fight the FOE or not. If you go under one of the lights, you’ll notice that you can search, which if on the bottom or upper row (without the FOE in the way) will result in Koromaru running around and not finding the item. In fact, to truly find the item, make sure you can get to the eastern part of the room and search the middle part of the wall to find the item. Once you’ve found it, return to the Nurse’s Office to finish the request.

Investigate the Group Date Cafe

  • Available: When you first access 3rd Story of Evil Spirit Club
  • Rewards: Authority Badge (Accessory), 2600 EXP
    As before, Elizabeth has detected another spatial void on the bottom floor of Group Date Cafe and there’s also an unknown Shadow there. To prepare, you might want to make sure you try to cover any elemental weaknesses of your party by equipping the accessories that reduce that elemental damage. It takes normal damage to every element and physical type, but is also weak to wind. It is able to be poisoned, so that’s definitely something you want to do to whittle down its HP.

The Engage King is an optional boss fight, but as with most encounters in this game, knowing which ailments to inflict will make the fight much easier.

For attacks, the Engage King has access to the all-party mid-tier elemental skills (ex. Maragion, Magarula, etc) and will usually precede this by using Mind Charge on the turn before. That means you should probably defend on the turn following Mind Charge to minimize the damage of its spells. Once its HP reaches below 50%, it will start getting two actions per turn and will also start using Silent Song, Muscledown and Spiderweb. They hit your entire party and can inflict Magic Bind, Strength Bind and Agility Bind, respectively.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, go to the spatial void behind it and you’ll get the Pink Orb. Bring that back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Obtain an Evil Eye

  • Available: Investigate the dead end at the long hallway at grid B6 on 3rd Story of Evil Spirit Club
  • Rewards: Goho-M More, 2800 EXP
    Elizabeth wants to make an Evil Eye, but requires a material ( Monitor Eye ) from a Shadow first. Go to Theo after and he’ll tell you the Fate Seeker in Evil Spirit Club will drop it, but you’ll have to defeat it while it is cursed. Killing it while it being cursed isn’t the problem, as finding the Fate Seeker itself is the problem. You can run into one as a random encounter on the fourth floor of Evil Spirit Club, but you can also find one by being ambushed at the Power Spots on floors 3 and 4 of the labyrinth.

As for the fight, there’s many ways to inflict Curse on enemies, some of which include Zen’s one physical attack (probably Hex Slice by the time you do this request), Evil Touch and Evil Smile. The Fate Seeker is weak to ice and can resist both light and dark (it’s not immune to them), but make sure it has Curse on it before it’s defeated to get the Monitor Eye. Bring it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Pharmacy Collection

  • Available: Investigate the bottom left corner of the 3x3 portion of the room in grid B2
  • Rewards: St-En Reverse (Accessory), 8500 EXP
    Elizabeth has found a muscle relaxer in the Nurse’s Office and wants you to find the “other half,” the laxative, which she points out is in the latter half of Evil Spirit Club (particularly, the third floor). This will make a new Stroll available, so choose that and Akihiko will point out that there was a room labeled Medication Storage on the third floor of the labyrinth. Of course, he also wants you to take him along for the ride. The storage is in the same room where you got the request, but you’ll have to turn the lights on first. With them on, search the same exact spot where you got the request to get the Laxative, then return to Elizabeth to finish the request.

SOS: Save Our Stomachs

  • Available: Investgate the dead end in the upper right corner of the map in Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story

  • Rewards: Growth 2 (Accessory), 7500 EXP

  • Bonus: Diarama Skill Card, Soma Tear
    It seems the girls are intent on cooking something for Yosuke, so he wants you to keep an eye on their cooking. This will make a new Stroll available, called Stop Those Crazy Girls . After a little bit of conversation, you decide to go find Shinjiro to learn some tips about hot pots. He says that there isn’t one right way to make them, but he usually tries to keep it down to three ingredients (main ingredient, vegetable and then a side). You can then ask him a few questions regarding specific things, like what vegetable goes good with meat and more. Once you’re done, you return to the girls and you’ll have to construct the hot pot. Using the tips Shinjiro taught you, choose a main dish and then an appropriate vegetable and side dish. Some examples of what you can make are below:

  • Scallop - Mushrooms - Deep-fried tofu

  • Cod - Mustard greens - Vermicelli noodles

  • Chicken meatballs - Mushrooms - Tofu

  • Pork belly - Chinese cabbage - Deep-fried tofu
    If you use one of the above combinations, Yosuke will be ecstatic and give you the bonus items when you report back to Elizabeth.

Time to Test Your Skills

  • Available: As soon as you access Evil Spirit Club 4th Story
  • Rewards: Rock Dragon Wing (Key Item), 2700 EXP
    Yep, it’s time for your second bout with Elizabeth and it will take place in the 3x3 room in the lower left corner of Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story. She will start off the battle with Poison Breath, which can be troublesome if it manages to hit everyone. This will be followed up by Guillotine, but if no one is poisoned, then it will be a regular attack, with Agilao being used on her next turn. When she reaches 75% HP, she will add Matarunda into the mix, which will follow Agilao and once she reaches 50%, this will be followed by Maragion. For her last trick, which happens at 25%, there will be two instances of Stona, once before Maragion and once more after it.

Your success in the battle will depend on a little bit of luck and how you deal with Poison Breath, as it’s probably the most dangerous move she has in her repertoire, which can be dangerous when she gets to phase and starts using Maragion. Make sure you have someone who can use Me Patra, as it will definitely help in removing poison (Zen/Rei is also good here with Rei’s Refresh skill). Also, it’s not wise to bring a party member that is weak to fire into the battle, as they will become a hindrance due to Elizabeth only using fire spells.

You'll have to turn on the lights before you can find the medicine needed for Pharmacy Collection. You can find it in the spot located on the map on the right.

Convey a Secret Message

  • Available: After passing through the locked door that leads to stairs going down on Evil Spirit Club 4th Story; Answer Aigis with “A secret message.”
  • Rewards: Snowy Wing, 2800 EXP
    Elizabeth has something to say to you, but cannot convey it to you directly, so she decided to send it to you in code. There is an area of the Evi Spirit Club where five small rooms sit next to one another (it’s the quadrant puzzle on 4th Story) and she has prepared a code for you to decipher (it reads 3 3 2 4 2 X). This code is based on the number of doors in the room and you start in the northeastern room (the one south of the one with the Power Spot). From there, you go south, west, north, east and north again to the room with the Power Spot. In the southwest corner of that room will be a shortcut that opens up if you walked the correct path above. Once inside this room, check the northern tile for the secret message, then return to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Please Escort Us

  • Available: Defeat the boss at the end of Evil Spirit Club
  • Rewards: Pathos Recorder, 9900 EXP
  • Bonus: Power Charge Skill Card, Aeon Rain Skill Card
    Elizabeth says that her and her sister, Margaret, have been working so hard that they need some time off to fully enjoy the Culture Festival, so she wants you to act as their guide. Go to the selection menu and to Strolls, where you’ll see a new one called Elevator Escort . Throughout the long scene, you’ll have to make various choices, which will differ based on which protagonist you’re using. To get both bonus items, use the answers below.
Persona 3 Protagonist Persona 4 Protagonist
So what is ‘THAT’, already? You toss them at the poles.
I can’t bring myself to hate her. That’s what I like about her.
I agree. ……
…… I have a handkerchief.
Those sound delicious. I think it’s a draw
I think it’s a draw. Elizabeth
Elizabeth --

Defeat the Old Doll

  • Available: Defeat the boss at the end of Evil Spirit Club
  • Rewards: Red Hairpin, 3200 EXP
    The Old Doll is the FOE that chases you throughout the beginning sections of Evil Spirit Club 4th Story. First and foremost, the FOE has a lot of HP, almost double the other ones in the same labyrinth, but it also has three weaknesses (Cut, Stab and Elec). However, don’t let that fool you, as it will be a tough fight due to a few factors, such as the Old Doll having a high dodge rate and also its use of Mamudoon, which can quickly cut your party down quickly, especially if you’re using the Persona 3 Protagonist (weakness to Dark). There’s a plus side, though, as the Old Doll doesn’t completely null Light (it only Resists it), so if one of your characters have Hamaon/Mahamaon with Impure Reach, it can make the battle very short.

If you decide to battle it out with the Old Doll, then you might want to have the Persona 4 Protagonist in your party, who nulls Dark, as well as Koromaru (also nulls it). Naoto is the only other character in the game with an innate resistance to Dark, but she can still be killed by it should you have bad luck. Every other character, other than Zen/Rei, should have a Sub-Persona with Resist Dark on it (Mokoi is a low level one that learns it) or have the Dark Pin accessory. The Homunculus item can save you, but you can’t buy them yet, unless you wait until a little later in the game to fight the FOE.

As for its other skills, it has Evil Smile (medium chance to Curse and hits party), Mabufudyne, Blade of Fury (Cut attack against a row), Deathbound (Cut attack against party) and Diarahan, which is probably the one move you want to prevent at all costs. You can do this in a few ways, with status ailments and binds, which the Old Doll having resists against all of them. Of course, with Impure Reach, which is much more accessible due to Incubus learning it at level 14 (Skill Card extraction) and other Sub-Personas also learning/having it (Succubus and Lilith are two more). This passive doesn’t improve binds sticking, as that is done with Binding Hands (Samael learns it at level 40), but it doesn’t hurt to try Magic Bind (Makajam, Salome’s Kiss, Silence Circle and Skull Cracker).

The Old Doll can be a tough fight, but you can cheat a little bit and use a light-elemental skill to instantly kill it.


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