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Requests (3)

Jarrod Garripoli

Find Out What Zen Wants!

  • Available: Inspect dead end right past first sealed door on Night 1 of Inaba Pride Exhibit; Fight the Shadows, then tell Rei to give Zen a present

  • Rewards: St-Ma Reverse (Accessory), 9600 EXP

  • Bonus: Soma Jelly
    Rei wants to give Zen a present, but she has no idea what to give him, so she asks that you find out. Elizabeth will give you some pointers on being sly about your questioning, so keep them in mind when you go on the new Stroll available, Operation Present. Simply respond with the following questions, which will get you a bonus item at the end:

  • What do you think about fall?

  • Is attack or defense more important?

  • ……

Walking Time

  • Available: Inspect east dead end at grid D3 of Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1
  • Rewards: Willow Wing (Accessory), 3500 EXP
  • Bonus: Bead Chain
    It appears that Fuuka wants you to take Koromaru for a walk, with the emphasis being the first floor of Inaba Pride Exhibit, so make sure you put him into your party before heading there. There are three spots on the first floor where you can bring Koromaru, with one fulfilling the request. However, if you bring him to all three spots, then you will get a bonus item. The first spot is where you first got the request, which will make Koromaru find a Snuff Soul. The second spot is in the upper left corner of the map, where you’ll have to fight two Opulent Hands. The third spot is located at the dead end at grid B6, where you’ll find 2929 yen. Once you’re finished, report it at the Nurse’s Office to make this as complete.

Share the Fun of a Festival

  • Available: Check the dead end at grid D6 on Night 2 of Inaba Pride Exhibit (accessible from long vertical room with two Fast Guy FOEs)
  • Rewards: Growth 3 (Accessory), 10600 EXP
    Elizabeth wants you to find a happi, which she says is required in order to attend the festival. This will make a new Stroll available, called Finding a Happi. Kanji remembers seeing a happi on the second floor of Inaba Pride Exhibit, so put both Kanji and Junpei in your party and head back to the spot where you got the request. After a little scene, bring it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Box Full of Shadows

  • Available: Check the locked treasure chest in the northwest corner of Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 2

  • Rewards: Repulse Bell, 3800 EXP
    Elizabeth wants you to open the locked treasure chest, which is full of Shadows, and defeat all of them. There will be a series of five battles, listed below in the order you fight them, all of which function like random encounters. That means the Sub-Persona extra HP/SP will refill after every fight and there’s nothing that you haven’t fought before, so it should be fairly standard. Return to Elizabeth after fighting all five rounds to finish the request.

  • 3 Battle Wheels

  • 3 Iron Dice

  • Rain Leg Musha and 2 Happy Genes

  • 3 Battle Wheels, Inviting Nyogo and Shallow Okina

  • 3 Iron Dice, Inviting Nyogo and Shallow Okina

Let’s Make Zen a Collar!

  • Available: Complete Find Out What Zen Wants and reach Night 3 of Inaba Pride Exhibit
  • Rewards: Handmade Collar, 11000 EXP
    Rei has tried to make a collar for Zen, but it didn’t come out right, so she asks you to go to Theo and question how to make one. Theo says that you can find material for the spikes by defeating a Fierce Cyclops with Magic Bind on it. That enemy can be found on floors 2 and 3 of Inaba Pride Exhibit, so keep going until you manage to run into one. Once you have gotten the Hanged Thorn item, go back to the school and select the Please Accept My Feelings stroll that becomes available. Return to the Nurse’s Office to get your reward.

Investigate the Evil Spirit Club

  • Available: Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 the first time
  • Rewards: All-Around Badge (Accessory), 4300 EXP
    Elizabeth has detected another spatial void, which is on the final floor of Evil Spirit Club. First of all, the Soul Seeker is weak to ice attacks and has resistances to all of the ailments and Magic Bind. Despite that, you will still want to make Magic Bind stick, since all of its attacks are of the magical nature. In fact, if you can keep Magic Bind on the optional boss the entire fight, then you should have no trouble defeating it at all, since its physical attack is very weak.

The happi for the Share the Fun of a Festival request can be found in the same spot where you picked up the request, similar to a good portion of them in this game.

As far as attacks go, the Soul Seeker has a few nasty ones, like Evil Smile and both Mudoon/Mamudoon, although it won’t use the latter until later on in the fight (under 25% HP). It also uses fire attacks, particularly Maragion in the beginning stages, then Agidyne and lastly, Maragidyne in the last stages, so don’t bring anyone who is weak to fire to the fight. In the middle portion of the fight, it also has access to Stone Mist, which can petrify your whole party on an unlucky day, so either have access to Me Patra or buy some Patra Gems.

Naturally, its most dangerous attacks are Mudoon, Mamudoon and Stone Mist, so you’re going to want to boost your own evasion (Masukunda) and/or decrease the boss’ accuracy (Sukunda). Also, you want party members who are resistant to Dark, so the Persona 4 Protagonist is great for this (especially if you finished The Power of the Wild Card as his Persona will null Dark), as is Koromaru. The Persona 3 Protagonist might be a hindrance, but if you’re playing the P3 side, then you’re stuck with him, so wear the Dark Pin or get Resist Dark on his Sub-Persona. Of course, if you can get Magic Bind to stick on the boss, then you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Obtain a Fluffy Tail

  • Available: Inspect dead end past the first sealed door that requires shrine gates in Night 3 of Inaba Pride Exhibit
  • Rewards: Member Certificate (Key Item), 4400 EXP
    Elizabeth wants to run her fingers through some soft fur and requests that you get her a fluffy tail, with a Wheel Tail matching the description. Talk to Theo, who tells you this item is dropped by the Mach Wheel, which can be found on floors 3 and 4 of Inaba Pride Exhibit. In order to get it, though, you need to defeat the Shadow with a wind attack, which it is resistant to, so you’ll need to whittle down its HP with other attacks before unleashing wind attacks at it. Once you’ve acquired the item, bring it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Treasure Hunters Wanted

  • Available: Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4 for the first time

  • Rewards: St-Lu Reverse (Accessory), 15000 EXP

  • Bonus: Megidola Skill Card
    Elizabeth has hid twelve lottery tickets underneath statues in Inaba Night 3, but only one of them is the winning ticket. She’ll give you three clues to help you find it, which are as follows:

  • “Statue allows passage of the Holy Flame”

  • “There will be a slight breeze near it”

  • “Statue will be wearing the starless loincloth”
    To find the winning ticket, go to grid D4 of Inaba Night 3 and you should see two statues there, which were used in the second door puzzle of that floor. These are the first two statues you pass under for that puzzle and the statue with the ticket underneath it is the first statue for the second puzzle. This statue will be in the upper left corner of grid D4, so flip it over and head back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Study Hall is in Session

  • Available: Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4 for the first time (you’ll see a cutscene as soon as you enter and will confirm the request becomes available)
  • Rewards: Mediarahan Skill Card
  • Bonus: Soma
    A new Stroll will become available, which is called Urgent Study Hall, so pick that to get the request rolling. As with some requests, the answers you are presented with will differ depending on whether you are playing the Persona 3 side or Persona 4 side.
Persona 3 Answers Persona 4 Answers
Drinking 100 liters of water Beans
To thank the harvest Respond to stimuli
There are no invalid reasons Soccer

Time for a Trial

  • Available: Enter Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 4 for the first time.
  • Rewards: Amenotamu-zake (Key Item), 4800 EXP
    It’s time for another Persona check with Elizabeth, which means another bout with her that takes place in the upper left corner of Inaba Night 3. As with all of the fights against Elizabeth so far, she will continue adding and changing her attacks as she reaches certain HP thresholds. Her first pattern includes a normal attack, then Gigantic Fist and lastly Silent Song. Once she reaches 75% HP, she’ll add another attack after Silent Song, which is Mabufudyne. When she reaches 50% HP, she will replace her normal attack with Power Charge, as well as Gigantic Fist with Blade of Fury. Her last threshold, at 25% HP, has her adding a Bufudyne after Mabufudyne.

With her moves planned out already, you should be able to adapt to them and use your own moves around them. If you happen to have both protagonists at level 55 and have finished The Power of the Wild Card request, then their upgraded Personas’ skills will make the battle a lot easier, especially Persona 3 MC’s Debilitate. Also, debuffs to her strength will help a lot, considering her two biggest attacks will be physical-based. The best course of action, though, if you happen to have Binding Hands and Impure Reach, is to get Panic and Magic/Strength Bind on her.

The Mach Wheel enemy needs to be defeated with a wind-elemental attack in order for you to get the fluffy tail item.

Lost: Prototype Arrow

  • Available: Inspect dead end at grid F2 in Night 4 of Inaba Pride Exhibit
  • Rewards: Theodore #66 (Weapon for Zen/Rei), 4400 EXP
    Theo was testing out his arrows and due to the FOEs ganging up on him, three are still stuck in the walls. They are invisible unless direct sunlight is shone on them, with Theo helping out by lighting all of the torches in the area. The room in question is the large room by where you first got the request, which will be guarded by a Festival Dudes FOE. With the Holy Flame, this FOE will move one step along its path for every step you take.

From where you enter the room, go south two tiles and west one to find an arrow. The other two are on the walls on the south end, straight from the entrance, and the right wall, one tile up from the bottom right corner of the room. Once you find #66, return to Elizabeth to finish the request.


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