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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Requests (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

Fuse Xiezhai

  • Available: Immediately
  • Reward: 7,800 Yen, 500 EXP
    Xiezhai is a level 12 Persona of the Temperance Arcana, and actually the second one for that Arcana (Asparas is level 3). There’s a few ways to go about getting one, with fusion being the first and obvious option. To do that, you will need to be level 12 with your protagonist, which is possible in the early parts of the second labyrinth or if you grinded enough in the first. You can easily do a Normal Fusion with a Persona you can get after battles in You in Wonderland ( Empusa ) with one of the starting Personas you got ( Sandman ). Alternatively, it’s possible to get one after a battle in Group Date Cafe, but it’s probably easiest to do the fusion above.

Help with the Trading Showdown

  • Available: Immediately (Timed)
  • Rewards: Growth 1 (accessory), 2500 EXP
  • Bonus: Makajam Skill Card, Soma Droplet
    It seems that Teddie is trying to get Rei’s affection and it has come down to a trading showdown with Zen, with you offering to help Zen. This request has a bonus if you trade in the right order, but know that it is impossible to fail this quest. Once you’ve accepted the request, go to the Stroll option and pick “A Trading Contest!” Rei will mention that she wants something to eat, and it better be super-sized, with your starting item being a pair of chopsticks. You can only trade with up to three people, after which, the trading will end.

Choose to go to the food court and you will go through a bunch of people, seeing what they want and have to trade. To get the best result and the bonus items, trade with Junpei first , Ken second and then Yosuke/Kanji last .

Defeat the Card Soldier

  • Available: Go into Group Date Cafe for first time
  • Rewards: Medical Kit, 1000 EXP
    The Card Soldier is a FOE that can be found on the first two floors of You in Wonderland , with two on the first floor and three on the second. While it isn’t a particularly tough fight, especially considering you should be around level 10-12, it will still take a while, since it has 2700 HP and no weaknesses at all. Its skills are Mow Down, which hits a row of your party for decent damage, and Binding Cry, which has a medium chance of inflicting Paralysis on your entire party. If you don’t have Fuuka set as your navigator for battle, you should do that before fighting one, as her healing capability is better than any abilities that you might have for Rise.

Legendary Medicine

  • Available: In grid E3 of Group Date Cafe Stop 1, Aigis will mention about Yosuke not feeling well. Respond with the option to take him to the Nurse’s Office to get this request
  • Rewards: Promotion Ticket, 1300 EXP
    You will need to get a Snake Skin drop from the Lustful Snake enemy in Group Date Cafe. The only problem is that you have to defeat the enemy while it is agility bound, which means you’ll need to find a skill that does just that. There are two skills that do just that, which are Scarecrow and Lethargy Circle . Scarecrow can be learned by Orobas at level 11 and Ukobach at level 5 , with Lethargy Circle being learned by Yatagarasu at level 13 (these are the closest to your level). If you don’t have any of these, then your best bet is to get Ukobach and level it to 5, which is only one level (it starts out at level 4).

Procuring Arrow Materials

  • Available: In grid D4 of Group Date Cafe Stop 1, you will get this request
  • Rewards: Theodore #3 (weapon for Zen/Rei), 3500 EXP
    Theo wants you to find a way to get a sample of one of the arrows from the FOEs on Stop 1 of Group Date Cafe. Luckily, despite the nature of the request, you will not need to fight one of them, as you will find an arrow on a wall. You will want to head to the room with the two Messengers of Love and take the north exit, which has the SP-draining tiles, so you might want to use a Winged Sandal item to avoid that. On the middle portion of the wall on the north end will be the arrow, so bring it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Xiezhai (left) is the only Persona you will need to fuse for a request. The Card Soldier (right) is the first FOE you will need to fight for a request.

Arrest the Food Bandit!

  • Available: Investigate dead end at grid C5 in Group Date Cafe Stop 2

  • Rewards: Ag-Lu Reverse (accessory), 2500 EXP

  • Bonus: Antibiotic Gel (guessing the culprit on the first try)
    You will get this request from the southeast corner of the room with the highest amount of moving tiles in Stop 2 of Group Date Cafe (not the one through the door that leads to a dead end). It seems that Chie placed some snacks near the beginning of the floor and someone has stolen them, with Naoto leading the investigation. As soon as you exit the Nurse’s Office. According to her clues, there’s only four people who could have committed the crime, which are Theo, Margaret, Marie and Elizabeth, as everyone else was inside of the labyrinth. As Naoto points out before conducting the interviews, the culprit will be lying in their testimony, so the big tip to do is flip them around as if they were lying, finding any contradictions. There’s three important things to note:

  • The culprit is acting alone.

  • The culprit will lie.

  • Everyone else will tell the truth.
    Visit each facility to hear testimony from each of the culprits. Theo says he’s not the culprit and that Elizabeth is the one behind it, while Elizabeth says that the thief is a member of her family. Marie says she’s not the thief and she’d lie about it if she were, while Margaret says Marie does not appear to be lying and that she is not the culprit. Basically, if you flip all of their statements, Marie and Margaret would be contradicting one another, while Elizabeth’s would pin it on Marie, which can’t be true. That leaves only one other person, Theo, who’s the thief, so visit the Workshop to bring an end to this request. You’ll get a bonus item if you get the culprit without accusing any innocent people.

Investigate a Rumor

  • Available: Check the dead end at grid D2 in Stop 2 of Group Date Cafe
  • Rewards: Assault Shot (Skill Card), 2800 EXP
    There’s a spot somewhere in the second labyrinth that has a differently colored heart, which Elizabeth wanted investigated. She suggests that there’s someone in your group that knows where it is. When you exit the Nurse’s Office, you’ll notice a new Stroll available. Choose that and you’ll see Yukari and Naoto talking about the area you need to investigate, with Yukari mentioning it’s on the second floor of Group Date Cafe, near one of the rooms where you were asked a question. Note that you will have to bring Yukari with you when you go into the dungeon, with the spot being the exact place where you received the request.

Investigate You in Wonderland

  • Available: As soon as you reach Stop 3 of Group Date Cafe
  • Rewards: Merit Badge (accessory), 1500 EXP
    Elizabeth wants you to investigate an anomaly in You in Wonderland, with said disturbance being on the last floor where you fought the Queen of Hearts. You can go straight to the bottom floor, where you’ll see a big Shadow blocking the door to the room where you fought the boss. This is the Golden Beetle and you’ll have to fight it before you can go inside. The boss is fairly standard, as it has three moves, Assault Shot (hits one person in the front row, then pierces and hits one more in the back), Mighty Swing (splashes to characters alongside the one it hits) and Poison Breath (medium chance to poison entire party; probably most dangerous move).

This is likely going to be a long battle, as the Golden Beetle has 2500 HP and decent defenses, although it is weak to electricity. That means depending on your party, it is possible to get multiple characters in a Boost state and get extra damage from an All-Out Attack. The easiest way to defeat the boss is via using Incubus, who learns Impure Reach at level 14. Combine this with something like Toxic Slice (which that Persona already has from the start) and you’ll get poison to stick onto the boss, taking a good chunk of HP every turn. As long as you keep your party’s health high and cure poison if it lands on you, this battle shouldn’t take too long. Once the boss is finished, go into the room and get the Yellow Orb from the void, bringing it back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

Request from Mr. X

  • Available: Check dead end at grid C3 in Stop 3 of Group Date Cafe

  • Rewards: En-Lu Reverse (accessory), 2900 EXP

  • Bonus: Media Skill Card, Snuff Soul
    A “Mr. X” would like to invite girls to a tea party, with Elizabeth giving you some tips on how to pick up girls. Accepting this request will make a new Stroll appear, titled Picking Up Girls. Now, the request is slightly different depending on which protagonist you have, with you trying to get the girls from the other side. Also, there’s a bonus for getting all four girls to come to the tea party. As you go walking around the school, you will meet with the various girls and be asked a question, with your answer determining whether they come or not. As Elizabeth hints, make sure you pay attention to the conversation, as the answer you need to give usually lays within it. The answers you need to give are below.

  • Chie: A kung fu buff

  • Yukiko: He’s like a comedian.

  • Rise: A master of love.

  • Naoto: You’ll find out in the Food Court.

  • Fuuka: Master chef.

  • Yukari: Fortune teller in training

  • Aigis: He’s not a person to begin with.

  • Mitsuru: Ted—I mean.
    Once you talk to the four girls, watch the rest of the cutscene and then report back to Elizabeth to finish the request.

To get a girl interested in Mr. X, you will need to answer with the correct response.

Obtain a Love Potion

  • Available: Investigate the dead end in grid E5 of Stop 3 of Group Date Cafe
  • Rewards: Attract Pipe (item), 3500 EXP
    Elizabeth needs to do more research on this thing called “love” and wants you to get a love potion. Teddie overhears this and wants to accompany you on your search, so make sure he’s in your party. This should be pretty easy, as the love potion can be found in the same exact spot where you got the request, so return to the Nurse’s Office to hand it in once you’ve acquired it.

Time for a Warm-up

  • Available: Enter Group Date Cafe Stop 4
  • Rewards: Scarlet Brace (Key Item), 1700 EXP
    As soon as you step foot into Stop 4 of Group Date Cafe, return to the Nurse’s Office to receive this request, where you’ll have to fight against Elizabeth. The fight takes place in the 3x3 empty room near the stairs going up to Stop 2. Depending on your team and your level, the fight shouldn’t be too bad, but Elizabeth certainly isn’t going to make it easy. She doesn’t have any weaknesses, plus she has stronger than normal resistances for status ailments and binds, as well as nulling light/darkness. However, she can still be poisoned, which is going to be helpful in bringing her 4,000 HP down. That makes using Incubus with Impure Reach a viable strategy still

For attacks, Elizabeth doesn’t have too many that will put you in serious danger right away, as all her damaging attacks are physical. In fact, she operates under stages in the battle, with her saying something and then putting more skills into her repertoire. She’ll start out with Tempest Slash, which will hit a single character three times for light Cut damage, then later moves include Mighty Swing and Assault Shot. Other skills include Tarukaja, which raises her attack power for three turns, and can be very dangerous so you will either want to counter with Dekaja or Tarunda.

The most annoying moves she has are Binding Cry, which has a medium chance to paralyze your party, so either have some Patra Gems ready or have Me Patra/Null Paralysis on your Sub-Personas. The other move is Hamaon, which doesn’t really seem to appear until late in the battle and it only hits one character at a time, so you don’t have to worry about having your entire party wiped out. Thus, it’s important to have someone with Recarm or have some Revival Beads in your inventory (which you should always have anyways).

As already mentioned, she doesn’t have any resistances or weaknesses to elements or physical attacks, so feel free to let loose with anything. It might be wiser to use physical attacks, as you have a chance to get criticals, which will give you the Boosted state. Also, Incubus is one of the stronger Sub-Personas to have at this point in the game, due to the overpowered nature of Impure Reach making it so status ailments will almost always stick on the enemy. Combine this with Toxic Slice, which has a chance to poison enemies, and you will undoubtedly make it land more than once in the battle, helping to wittle down her HP.

I Want To Play, Too!

  • Available: Defeat the boss in Group Date Cafe

  • Rewards: Body-Soul Reverse (Accessory), 6000 EXP

  • Bonus: Chewing Soul
    Theo wants a tour of the Cultural Festival, now that he has some free time. This will make a new Stroll available, titled “Theo Gets Cultured.” Eventually, you’ll go to the food court, where you’ll meet up with some of your friends, with Theo suggesting that you get some snacks for them. You will have to remember what they order, which will be listed below.

  • Kanji & Junpei: French fries with mayo as sauce

  • Rise: Cinnamon apple tea

  • Aigis: Iced Uji maccha latte

  • Marie: Wants ice cream in a certain order (this is random), from top to bottom (example being chocolate mint on top, cheesecake in middle, mango sorbet on bottom)
    Note that they will repeatedly change the orders, so make sure you pay close attention, especially to Marie’s, as the others are always set in stone. Return to the Nurse’s Office after finishing up, where you’ll get your reward and a bonus for getting everyone’s orders right.

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