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Jarrod Garripoli
Enemy Name Weak Resist Null
Autonomic Basalt Elec, Light -- --
Elegant Mother Light, Dark -- --
Lustful Snake Fire, Light Elec, Wind --
Possessive Cupid Wind, Dark -- --
Soul Dancer Ice, Dark -- --
Spurious Book Ice, Dark -- --
Tranquil Idol Ice, Light Fire, Elec, Wind --
Wondrous Magus Elec, Dark Fire, Ice, Wind --

Right away, the locked door on this floor is to your west, which the game will point out for you, so ignore it for now and continue south until you encounter what looks like a conveyor belt. As it says in the game, these are moving walkways and will make you go in the direction they’re moving when you stand on them. Choose to step on it and it will bring you to a small area with more moving walkways. For now, all of them will just place you right back in this area, so just go through the southern door to continue. Find the moving walkways that go south and step on them, then use the ones directly next to them to go north and step through the door there.

From here, you can step on the moving walkway just north of you and grab the chest at the dead end, which contains an Amenity Suit. Head back to the small area past the south-bound moving walkways and check the southeast corner to get the Arrest the Food Bandit! request in the Nurse’s Office. The door nearby just leads to a dead end and there will be two sets of moving walkways to the west of that door. The north set will lead you back to an area you’ve been to before, while the south set lets you go further into the dungeon.

After you stop, take the south-bound moving walkway and go to the dead end to find a shortcut that will bring you to a chest that has an Onusa Sword in it. Head back to the area before taking the last set of moving walkways and go through the door (make sure to open the shortcut north of those walkways). There will be a Power Spot here and the next door leads to Destined Partner Question #3 . After answering it, go through the next door and you’ll find the 100% map chest in this area (contains Frozen Stone accessory). Through the next door, you’ll be in an area with a few ways to go; the way to continue is in the southwest, but there’s other things here to get if you want.

There are two paths that lead east here, one blocked by a door and the other not blocked. Take the non-blocked path to come to a dead end with two two-way shortcuts, one leading to a small room with a Power Spot and the other leading back to a previously visited area. The other eastern path with the door goes to a dead end that has a chest, which contains the Mobile Ankh accessory. Continue via the southwest door for a short scene, then enter the next room to encounter a new type of FOE, the Angel of Love . This one behaves similar to the Messenger of Love from the previous floor, except if you get shot by one of its arrow. Should that happen, for the next three steps, you will move straight towards the FOE, which could possibly mean you might get into a battle with it.

The Angel of Love is similar to the Messenger of Love, except that getting hit by its arrows will make you move towards the FOE.

If you go to the dead end path that leads to the southwest corner, you’ll find a Power Spot and the door to the next area is in the northwest corner. There’s nothing in this new area, except for an event that is really nothing but a dead end. In the next room, there will be another Angel of Love, as well as more moving walkways north of it, which will be guarding a treasure chest ( Charming Getup ). In order to get to it, time your steps so you step on one of the east moving walkways as the FOE is facing north, as it will then turn east. From that, you can go north and then east to the chest.

There’s a path off to the east of the FOE that will let you continue through the labyrinth, but before doing that, head through the door and open the shortcut at the dead end. Go back through the same door and enter the southern door until you eventually run into another door leading north and a dead end to the south. Inspect the dead end to get the Investigate a Rumor request to appear at the Nurse’s Office, then head through the door to encounter Destined Partner Question #4 . After passing through the next door, the locked door from the beginning of the floor will now unlock.

Return to the locked door via the shortcut just north of you (there’s a Power Spot right next to it) and get ready for another Shadow battle, this time against the Gorgeous King. This enemy is slightly annoying, in that, it will use Evil Smile to try and curse your entire party, which means that half of whatever damage you do to the enemy will be reflected back to you. The problem with this is that the Gorgeous King has low defense (its only weakness is fire), so you’re bound to do high damage against it. After defeating it, go through the door, open the nearby shortcut, and use the stairs to go to the third floor.


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With the eerie tolling of the Yasogami High School bells, 18 Persona-users find themselves trapped inside the labyrinth of a strange other-world. There, they meet Zen and Rei, an odd duo who have lost their memories. As the parties come together to seek an escape, a mysterious shadow creeps ever nearer. Persona Q combines the story and characters of Persona with the gameplay of Atlus’ dungeon-crawling role-playing series, Etrian Odyssey.

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