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Destined Partner Questions

Jarrod Garripoli

This section will contain all of the outcomes for the Destined Partner questions you will encounter throughout the Group Date Cafe. There’s a total of 23 possible outcomes and it’s possible to choose who you exactly want to be paired up with in the end. The pairings are divided into groups of four and the first two questions determine which group you’re placed into.

1) Does a difference in age or sex not matter as long as there is love?

  • Their sex matters (go to Question 2A)

  • It doesn’t matter at all! (go to Question 2B)
    2A) What’s your idea of a good time together …?

  • Definitely outdoors! (Group A)

  • Positively indoors! (Group B)
    2B) How do you want the person you like to act towards you?

  • Make a bold move on me (Group C)

  • Make a modest move on me (Group D)

Group A

Question Answer Partner
Which would you choose!? A titanium-bodied beauty Aigis
You’re feeling a bit hungry… What do you reach for? Meat gum Chie
What makes her charming? The way she runs up an escalator Elizabeth
Someone you like gave you a compliment. What did they say? C’est magnifique! Mitsuru
If you were going to master something, it’d definitely be this! Archery Yukari
What do you like to do to liven things up? Play King’s Game at a club Rise

Tiebreaker Questions

Question Answer Partner
What you look for in a woman is… Brains and beauty Mitsuru
-- An invincible idol smile Rise
-- Polite and proper behavior Elizabeth
What kind of girl makes your heart skip a beat? Sharp-tongued, yet lonely Yukari
-- An energetic crybaby Chie
-- Abs of literal steel Aigis

Group B

Question Answer Partner
What do you live on? Donuts Rei
What surprised you about the one you fell in love with? They’re a girl, not a prince Naoto
Where would you go to soothe your weary soul? A hot springs inn Yukiko
What kind of older lady do you like? One talented at lame jokes Margaret
What kind of club would you be interested in joining? The Technology Club Fuuka
That girl you’re curious about dropped something. What was it? Some handwritten poetry Marie

Tiebreaker Questions

Question Answer Partner
What you look for in a woman is… A keen-eyed, shy Japanese girl Yukiko
-- A sensitive, literary sort Marie
-- Someone mysterious in a sleek car Margaret
What kind of girl makes your heart skip a beat? Someone reserved and considerate Fuuka
-- Overwhelming intellect Naoto
-- A healthy appetite Rei

You can go through Group Date Cafe after finishing it to do all of the Destinated Partner Questions again.

Group C

Question Answer Partner
What’s in your refrigerator? Some kind of grass P4MC
What’s the most important accompaniment for food? A tall glass of milk Ken
What do you most seek comfort in? Squishy dog pads Koromaru
All together now: Even the ace detective gives up! Junpei
What is the primary characteristic of a cute girl? Makes bear puns Teddie
What’s the number one topping for beef bowls? Protein Akihiko

Tiebreaker Questions

Question Answer Partner
What you look for in a man is… A great sense of humor Junpei
-- Well-honed muscles Akihiko
-- Rock-solid reliability P4MC
What kind of girl makes your heart skip a beat? Youth that tries to act mature Ken
-- A pure heart Teddie
-- Overwhelming adorableness Koromaru

Group D

Question Answer Partner
If you could be reborn into another family, what would your role be? Younger brother of sisters Theodore
What is the best place for some alone time? Hands-on at a bath house Kanji
What movies make you cry? Incredible Pet Stories Shinjiro
How would you express your feelings to the one you like? Slug it out at a riverbed Yosuke
Are you starting to get tired of these questions? I don’t care P3MC
Oh no! Your beloved is in danger! Level your bowgun Zen

Tiebreaker Questions

Question Answer Partner
What you look for in a man is… A motherly, caring side Shinjiro
-- A cool, but wild side P3MC
-- Skilled hands Kanji
What kind of girl makes your heart skip a beat? Somewhat disappointing good looks Yosuke
-- A knight who protects the weak Zen
-- A gentle youngest of siblings Theodore


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