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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Creating Maps

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest aspects of Persona Q, which it inherited from the Etrian Odyseey series, is the ability to make your own map of every dungeon in the game and done on the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS. Every floor of a dungeon will start out as a blank slate and it will start to get filled in as you explore. However, this only pertains to the tiles and not to anything else that can be placed on the map, including icons, walls and any notes.

Floors are automatically filled in as you explore, but everything else like walls and icons need to be added by you.

Luckily, there is an option in the game, called Auto-Map, which will automatically draw in the walls for the map, making it so you only need to manually place icons on your map. You will find these icons on the bottom right of the bottom 3DS screen, and you can make the map as detailed as possible if you want. The little red thing allows you to make notes, and you can only have a maximum of 32 of these on your map at once.

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With the eerie tolling of the Yasogami High School bells, 18 Persona-users find themselves trapped inside the labyrinth of a strange other-world. There, they meet Zen and Rei, an odd duo who have lost their memories. As the parties come together to seek an escape, a mysterious shadow creeps ever nearer. Persona Q combines the story and characters of Persona with the gameplay of Atlus’ dungeon-crawling role-playing series, Etrian Odyssey.

You will find a plethora of information in this guide, including:

  • A complete walkthrough of the game’s story.
  • Detailed maps for every single floor of every dungeon in the game.
  • How to complete all of Elizabeth’s Requests.
  • Lists for every item in the game.
  • Some tips on how to use the characters in your party.
  • The basics to understanding the complex Fusion system.

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