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Jarrod Garripoli

This section will contain a list of every single Shadow that can be encountered in the game, including their weaknesses and strengths, as well as what they drop. They will be divided up according to which labyrinth they’re in, with the regular enemies listed first, then the rare Shadow (bold and italics), and lastly the FOEs (bold and underlined). The Rare Shadows can be found on any floor inside of the labyrinth.

You in Wonderland Shadows

Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Agitating Hablerie 326 Wind, Light Fire, Ice, Elec -- Clapper Piece, Clapper Skin
Burning Beetle 420 Ice Light, Dark -- Bug Piece, Bug Horn, Bug Shell
Calm Pesce 188 Elec, Dark -- -- Fish Piece, Fish Filet, Fish Eye
Cowardly Maya 84 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Dark -- -- Adhesive Piece, Adhesive Hand
Enslaved Beast 374 Fire, Light, Dark -- -- Lion Piece, Lion Iron Ball
Heat Balance 284 Elec, Wind, Light, Dark Fire, Ice -- Scale Piece, Scale Dish
Jupiter Eagle 142 Wind, Light -- -- Eagle Piece, Eagle Wings
Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Justice Sword 162 Ice, Dark -- -- Sword Piece, Sword Hilt
Laughing Table 124 Stab, Fire, Light, Dark -- -- Desk Piece, Desk Leg
Lying Hablerie 144 Bash, Fire, Elec, Light -- -- Tongue Piece, Tongue Skin
Sleeping Table 243 Ice, Light, Dark -- -- Table Piece, Table Leg, Table Silverware
*Wealth Hand* 5 -- Everything -- Wealth Piece
Card Soldier 2700 -- -- Light, Dark Ripped Card
Painting Soldier 3500 -- -- Light, Dark Painted Card

Group Date Cafe Shadows

Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Amorous Snake 384 Fire, Dark Ice, Wind -- Serpent Piece, Serpent Ring, Serpent Scale
Autonomic Basalt 294 Elec, Light -- -- Rock Piece, Rock Hand, Rock Lump
Blind Cupid 211 Wind, Dark Fire -- Eros Piece, Eros Arrow, Eros Wings (defeat while poisoned)
Elegant Mother 189 Light, Dark -- -- Madam Piece, Madam Hat
Gorgeous King 2400 Fire Light, Dark -- Royal Piece, Royal Stache, Royal Crown
Idle Basalt 394 Elec, Light Cut, Stab -- Boulder Piece, Boulder Hand
Lustful Snake 264 Fire, Light Elec, Wind -- Snake Piece, Snake Ring, Snake Skin (defeat while Agility Bound)
Natural Dancer 424 Ice, Light -- -- Hoofer Piece, Hoofer Shoes
Possessive Cupid 186 Wind, Dark -- -- Angel Piece, Angel Arrow
Soul Dancer 342 Ice, Dark -- -- Dancer Piece, Dancer Shoes
Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Spurious Book 184 Ice, Dark -- -- Scripture Piece, Scripture Latch
Tranquil Idol 283 Ice, Light Fire, Elec, Wind -- Idol Piece, Idol Veil
Vehement Idol 480 Ice, Dark -- -- Madonna Piece, Madonna Veil, Madonna Stool
Whimsical Papillon 324 Wind, Light -- -- Butterfly Piece, Butterfly Wing
Wondrous Magus 280 Elec, Dark Fire, Ice, Wind -- Shaman Piece, Shaman Robe, Shaman Ring
***Treasure Hand*** 5 -- Everything -- Treasure Piece
**Messenger of Love** 3180 Fire, Ice Elec, Wind Light, Dark Passion Shard
**Angel of Love** 3180 -- Fire, Ice Light, Dark Love Shard
**Beast of Lust** 3680 -- Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark Lust Shard
**God of Romance** 2800 Ice Fire Light, Dark Romance Shard

Evil Spirit Club Shadows

Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Amenti Raven 693 Wind Cut, Fire -- Raven Piece, Raven Feather, Raven Beak
Black Raven 364 Elec Cut, Wind -- Crow Piece, Crow Feather
Bribed Fuzz 450 Wind Stab -- Cop Piece, Cop Badge
Change Relic 456 Ice Cut, Stab, Fire, Wind -- Statue Piece, Statue Hinges, Statue Blade
Desirous Maya 369 Ice, Light Bash, Fire -- Sticky Piece, Sticky Hand, Sticky Jelly
Devious Maya 336 Light Bash Dark Mushy Piece, Mushy Hand
Earnest Calocy 528 -- -- -- Calocy Piece, Calocy Glasses
Fate Seeker 1800 Ice Light, Dark -- Monitor Piece, Monitor Brow, Monitor Eye (defeat while cursed)
Phantom Mage 424 Fire Wind, Dark -- Ghost Piece, Ghost Lamp
Phantom Master 635 Fire Wind, Dark -- Phantom Piece, Phantom Lamp
Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Protective Lexy 398 Dark Stab Light Lexy Piece, Lexy Ribbon, Lexy Cotton (defeat with darkness)
Rainy Brother 1 588 Elec, Light, Dark -- -- Elder Piece, Elder Mist, Elder Core (defeat with elec)
Rainy Brother 2 533 Elec, Light, Dark -- -- Rainy Piece, Rainy Breath, Rainy Core
Rainy Pot 441 Fire Wind -- Urn Piece, Urn Hair
Trance Twins 429 Wind -- -- Twins Piece, Twins Handcuffs
***Supreme Hand*** 5 -- Everything -- Supreme Piece
**Cute Baby** 3800 Elec Cut, Wind, Light Dark Old Pacifier
**Lovely Doll** 4900 Elec Bash, Fire Light, Dark Red Clothes
**Old Doll** 9800 Cut, Stab, Elec Bash, Fire, Ice, Wind, Light Dark Blue Clothes

Inaba Pride Exhibit Shadows

Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Apostate Tower 555 Light, Dark Bash -- Tower Piece, Tower Crown, Tower Eye
Battle Wheel 383 Ice, Dark Bash -- Tire Piece, Tire Axle, Tire Mane
Beastly Gigas 876 Wind Cut, Stab -- Biceps Piece, Biceps Mask
Fierce Cyclops 525 Light, Dark -- -- Hanged Piece, Hanged Cuffs, Hanged Thorn (defeat while Magic Bound)
Happy Gene 383 Dark -- Light Spiral Piece, Spiral Spring
Immortal Gigas 885 Wind Cut, Stab, Ice -- Triceps Piece, Triceps Mask
Indignant Machine 2000 Elec Light, Dark -- Machine Piece, Machine Mallet
Inviting Nyogo 363 Fire Elec, Wind -- Nyogo Piece, Nyogo Kimono
Iron Dice 428 Elec, Light Cut, Stab, Fire, Wind Dark Dice Piece, Dice Pip
Mach Wheel 640 Ice, Dark Bash, Wind -- Wheel Piece, Wheel Axle, Wheel Tail (defeat with wind)
Platinum Dice 582 Dark, Ice Cut, Bash, Fire, Wind Light Craps Piece, Craps Lump, Craps Eye
Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Rain Leg Musha 946 Ice Cut, Wind -- Musha Piece, Musha Helm
Reckless Okina 569 Fire Elec, Wind Dark Sage Piece, Sage Coat
Shallow Okina 388 Elec Fire, Ice -- Okina Piece, Okina Coat, Okina Staff
Valuing Nyogo 549 Elec Fire, Ice Light Leaf Piece, Leaf Kimono
***Opulent Hand*** 5 -- Everything -- Opulent Piece
**Kowakashu** 6450 Fire Stab Light, Dark Kanroshu
**Kumiashira** 6600 -- Stab, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark Daiginjo
**Fast Guy** 4550 Fire Cut, Bash, Stab Light, Dark Speed Mask
**Sweaty Guy** 8000 Wind Bash, Stab, Fire, Elec Light, Dark Dripping Sweat
**Festival Dudes** 9800 Ice, Wind Bash, Fire Light, Dark Hyottoko Mask

Clock Tower Shadows

Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Arcane Turret 862 Fire Cut, Stab, Ice, Wind -- Turret Piece, Turret Cannon, Turret Belt (defeat with dark)
Curse Dice 975 Light Cut, Bash, Stab, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Dark Red Ring Piece, Red Ring Lump
Intrepid Knight 1228 Wind, Light Cut, Bash Dark Knight Piece, Knight Reins, Knight Lance
Jotun of Grief 972 Elec Bash, Stab, Ice -- W Horse Piece, W Horse Cuffs
Jotun of Power 919 Ice Bash, Stab, Elec -- B Horse Piece, B Horse Cuffs, B Horse Chain
King Castle 977 Elec, Dark Cut, Stab Light Castle Piece, Castle Rubble, Castle Cannon
Mind Dice 762 Dark Cut, Stab, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light Ring Piece, Ring Lump, Fire Ring Lump (defeat with fire)
Minotaur I 1488 Fire Bash, Stab -- Bull Piece, Bull Chain, Bull Horn (defeat with ice)
Order Giant 2800 Ice Cut, Bash, Stab, Light, Dark -- Giant Piece, Giant Hilt, Giant Sword (defeat with stab)
Enemy Name HP Weak Resist Null Drops
Purple Sigil 1158 Fire Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark -- Talisman Piece, Talisman Cape, Talisman Staff
Rampage Drive 877 Wind Cut, Bash, Ice -- H Drive Piece, H Drive Wheel, H Drive Gear (defeat with light)
Scarlet Turret 922 Ice Cut, Stab, Fire, Wind -- R Turret Piece, R Cannon
Slaughter Drive 975 Ice Cut, Bash, Wind -- Drive Piece, Drive Wheel, Drive Sword
***Luxury Hand*** 5 -- Everything -- Luxury Piece
**The Watcher** 9150 Elec Cut, Stab, Wind Light, Dark Compound Eye
**The Capturer** 11050 Elec Cut, Stab, Wind Light, Dark Tangled Thread
**The Reaper** 13666 -- -- Light, Dark Death’s Order


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