Items Checklist
Life Bottle x3
Heat Ray Cannon B
Skits Checklist
A Show of Gratitude

Head down the steps and enter the first door to power up the ruins, similarly to the one in Fendel. Continue south down the stairs to the save point to watch the A Show of Gratitude skit and then head through the door to the north for Life Bottle x3 and the That Old Familiar Feeling skit. You can now return to the previous room and exit through the east door.

Turn on the power and enter the lower room for a skit at the powers core.

The puzzle here requires you to light both doors, but there are bonus items for lighting the floor tires. Shift the power to the two eastern-most pointers and then instead of pointing them to the doors, point them north / south to get the Crystal Seashell and Eleth Bottle EX item. You can now move the pointers to the doors and take either to the next room.

Direct the power south and enter a complex room with two things you can move, the pointers and the connection devices on the floor.

Start with the eastern path and move the pointers to power the orange square directly south of the door for 900 Unit(s) of Eleth and then continue it to the southern door. Return to the entrance and head to the northwest corner and move the connection so that it points east and south before powering it to gain Grape Gel x3 . You can now direct the power south to unlock the door and continue.

Head east on the upper level to grab the chest with 6900 Gald before continuing down the steps and through a door to another puzzle room.

There are two exits in this area, with each leading to another puzzle room. Start with the northern path to direct the power westward and when you reach the last pointer, just before the four floor device, make it head south to power the orange square for a Clear Core . You can now use the four connection devices to power the northern door.

Return to the start and direct the power to the orange square to the southwest of the entrance for an All-Divide and then continue to the west until you reach the last pointer, using the three connection devices to power the orange square for an Elixir . You can now light up the southern door to exit south.

The southern path leads to a large room with multiple color streams, points, and floor devices that split your color streams. The object is to send the matching color stream through each of the colored floor tiles and then power the doors at the east end.

In order to complete this on your own you will need to understand primary colors and what outcome occurs when blending two primary colors. For example: red and blue together creates a purple stream. On the flip side, sending a purple stream through a splitter will result in a red and blue stream exiting.

Please use the following image to complete the puzzle:

Boss: Gravereaper

The Gravereaper is just like the Polycarpus, with two types of attacks depending on the placement of his back. Focus on guarding the Gravereaper’s melee attacks and then side-step around it’s beam ranged attacks.

You can now grab the two treasures containing a Mastery Tonic EX and Hero Staff before you make your way back to the large room and take the northern exit this time.

Defeat the Gravereaper to open both chests, one containing the valuable Hero Staff.

The northern path leads to a small room with a Hourglass and the Cool Composure skit at the save point and then send the red and blue stream together to send the purple one to the door.

You can now continue to the next room and use the following image to gather 1 Gald , a Book of Solitude , and exit to the next room:

This leads you to the Heat Ray Cannon B discovery and Patching the Cracks skit that you can grab before warping out.


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