Items Checklist
Grape Gel x2
Rainbow Ice Pillar
Skits Checklist
Running Out of Time

There are no chests outside, so follow the path for a scene and then grab the Grape Gel x2 on a small ledge. Push the ice block over the hump to continue and grab the Syrup Bottle x2 to the south near a large icicle.

Head back to the ice block from earlier, grab it and push it to the slope leading down to the previous chest, and let it go at the slant to break the nearby icicle. Grab the Magic for Men from the newly accessible island and then use the ice block again to do the same thing on the west side of the area to continue.

Ice block can knock over icicles to access new areas and items, like Maliks Magic for Men.

Follow the path to another room with an ice block and use it to break the two large icicles, one to the west and one to the south. Grab the Strong Bone from the west ledge and then check the glowing icicle in the center of the area for the Rainbow Ice Pillar discovery, an Icicle , and Running Out of Time skit.

Use the ice block to break all the icicles and then check the Rainbow Ice Pillar discovery.

You can now climb up the two overturned icicles to another ice block, which can be used to break the icicle to the south for an Elemental Ribbon . Now use the same ice block to the southeast to knock the icicle down to move on, but make sure to grab the Whirling Seashell before moving on.

Take the west path in the next cavern for the Book of Valor and then continue along the path to a save point for the No Lack of Resolve skit. In the next chamber you’ll want to start by pushing the western ice block down the western cliff to make a path to the Panacea Bottle x3 .

Watch the skit at the save and then head in and break the icicle for some Panacea Bottles.

Grab the block and move it into the gap to the east, allowing you to reach a new ice block, and move it down to the previous gap before you release it. The failure to break the huge icicle allows you to view the Allow Me to Demonstrate skit and then you can pull the ice block all the way back to break it on the second try.

Ignore the path that you just created and grab an ice block and drag it all the way southeast to another icicle, which leads to a Mastery Tonic C . You can now continue on the main path, grabbing the 585 Unit(s) of Eleth , and then save for the upcoming battle.

Dont forget the dual icicles in the southeast that lead to a Master Tonic C (left). You can then head toward the exit and get the chest with some Eleth (right).

Boss: ???

This boss fights similar to Hubert and Malik, in the sense that he uses quick ranged and close quarter attacks that can deal an immense amount of damage. Since the boss’ attacks primarily are horizontal swipes, you’ll want to get in close to focus on combo attacks while guarding or avoiding his attacks by back-stepping.

Start by taking out the minions, since they have the ability to heal the boss, and then focus on Kurt. You’ll want to use Impact attacks to exploit the boss’ weakness and make sure to be aggressive in your combos and the guard his attacks, while you recover your CC.

Defeating this boss in 60 seconds will net you a trophy.

Focus on the Dragoons before switching to Kurt (left). Its important to guard or backstep from Kurts devastating combos (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Kurt in 60 Seconds

Ended your fateful battle with Kurt in a minute or less.

Trophy icon

After the scene, check Kurt to gain his Platinum Bladerang and then talk to everyone in the area for another scene, gaining the Archive of Wisdom Key . Check the valkines for the Forbrannir discovery and Just Ask Gramps skit and then take the one-way warp outside and head to Zavhert.


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