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The Transplanted Land
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Pascal: Puzzle Cracker

Head to the center of town and then head west all the way to the save point for the The Transplanted Land skit. The nearby fountain can be examined to get the Chocolate Fountain discovery, gain Chocolate x3 , and watch the Fountains of the World, Part II skit.

View the skit at the save point and then check out the cool Chocolate Fountain.

Nearby you should see Joe and gang, who rewards you with the Mandarin Scarf , and you can then go back east to talk to the smiley-faced person to play Shot Cube.

Shot Cube

Stages 1-3 are practice and reward you with a Rune Shotstaff .

  • Stage 1 and 2 are pretty straight forward.
  • Stage 3: Start from the top of the screen and move around counter-clockwise, pushing the corner blocks toward the side blocks and then pushing them into the center.

Stage 3: Make sure to push the blocks down/up before you push them in.

Stages 4-6 are pretty easy and reward you with a Battle Shotstaff .

  • Stage 4: Push in the group of two blocks on the left side and then push in the blocks on the top and bottom.
  • Stage 5: Push the top left block right and then push the top blocks in, push in the block on the left side, and then push the two bottom corners in toward the bottom block and then in.
  • Stage 6: Push in the top block and then you can push in the two blocks on the top left and top right, push the other left block off to the right side, push in the bottom block, and then push in the group of two blocks.

Stages 7-9 are more difficult and reward you with a Platinum Shotstaff .

  • Stage 7: Push the top right block down, push the left block across to the right, push the top blocks in, and then push in the rest of the blocks.
  • Stage 8: Push the bottom left block in, push the top middle block on the right side in, push the top right block down and then in, push the bottom block in, and then push in the rest of the blocks.
  • Stage 9: Push the bottom right block left, push the top left block right and in, push the top block down to the bottom blocks, push the right block in, push the bottom left block up and then in, and then push in the rest of the blocks.

Stage 9: Create stoppers for the other blocks to eventually stop on before pushing them in.

If you complete all 3 stages you get Pascal’s Puzzle Cracker title.

To the north is the Equipment and Item shops, which have stocked some cool new items, but there is nothing else here of note.

Back at the entrance, head east and then north to enter the Fourier’s house near the two women talking. Open the locked chest (password: gauss) for a Book of Acquisition and then check the drawer at the back of the room to gain a Drill .

Head back outside to feed the cat and then enter the opposite door to enter Pascal’s house. After the scene, check the room for the Magic Carta No. 38 , Milk x3 in the drawer, and the Robo-Pet discovery for the Anything You Like! skit.

After the scene at Pascals place, check the little robot dog discovery for a skit.

To reach the Overseer’s Chamber you’ll need to head back to the main part of town and then head north down the steps.

After the scene with Poisson, check behind the pillars on the right for the Jack-in-the-Pulpit Seeds and then head back to town. Head for the town exit to talk to the smiley-faced man for a scene and thn return to Pascals’ House to find the Research Sample and get Cheria’s Only Child title.

You can now turn the Research Sample in at the Inn and then stop at the save for the Whence and Whither skit.


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