Items Checklist
1500 Gald
Glintsoul Colony
Skits Checklist
Everything is Intact

Open the chests nearby with 1500 Gald and Apple Gel x3 and then continue for the Everything is Intact skit. There’s nowhere else to go except to jump in the water, so head on in for a scene and then watch the Diving In skit on the other side.

Head into the cavern and watch the skits on both sides of the water.

Hang a left to a cavern area with an Eleth Bottle C and Syrup Bottle x2 and then head back to the water area. Hug the right wall until you can jump in the water again, which leads to a Steel Scabbard , and then return the way you came and head north. As you head around the outer area, check behind the pillars to get Life Bottle x3 about half way and then continue to the end and dive in.

Follow the path, grabbing the chest with 1125 Gald , and then jump into the water again. Hang a left and hop in the water to reach a new area with Dark Bottle x2 and 210 Unit(s) of Eleth in the chests, the Glintsoul Colony discovery, and the Remembering the Past skit.

At the split above, turn left and hop into the water to find the Glintsoul Colony discovery.

Head back to the split and head north at the split for Holy Bottle x2 , just before the water. Continue to jump into the water between these two area to get the Enough With the Water skit and then continue onward.

Check the large open area to find a Mastery Tonic C in the water, the Deathglow Algae (Discovery) , gain Deathglow Algae x3 , and view the Just a Bite skit and then make sure to save before jumping in the water.

Boss: Queen Slime

Hopefully, you have Poison Charms or Poison-Paralysis Charms equipped on your character (if not equip them in battle).

This boss can be difficult, mostly because slime enemies (including the Queen) like to divide to increase their numbers. You’ll want to focus your attacks on the Queen and let Sophie and Cheria handle the babies, you can set their strategy to target whatever you are not targeting. Using Shockwave Slash is handy, since it has a wide range and can deal a large amount of the babies as they spawn around the Queen, and you’ll want to focus on combo chains with Asbel’s B-Artes, all of which exploit the queen’s Slash weakness.

As for the Queen’s attacks, the majority are short range, so running in for a combo and then backing up is advised. When the Queen reaches low health there is a chance the Queen will split and ruin your chance at the trophy, so make sure you go all out to stun her and take her out before the split.

Defeating Queen Slime in 60 seconds will net you a trophy.

Focus on the Queen Slime, avoiding her attacks, and make sure she doesnt split.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Queen Slime in 60 Seconds

Defeated the ruler of all oozes in a minute or less.

Trophy icon

When you have control again, walk toward the exit to get The Only One skit.


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