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Slums Part 2 Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The second act of the Slums chapter in Stray sets its focus on getting prepared to venture and find the rest of the Outsiders. Once you have returned to Momo’s apartment, you find out he is in the pub, which kick starts the Slums part 2 chapter. Once inside, you relaize there’s a lot going on with the character Seamus and how that helps you find Doc. This then leads to several puzzles you need to solve, such as Doc’s Secret Lab and getting Elliot to help. Here is our Slums part 2 walkthrough for Stray.

Head to the pub, and you can kick off the main mission in Stray’s Slums Chapter 2 level.

How to open the Doc’s Secret Lab in Stray

The Doc Lab puzzle requires you to speak to Momo in the pub. You then need to continue the conversation and get Seamus to help. However, he reluctantly storms off, so you will need to follow Momo to Seamus’ house.Momo will move a metal sheet in front of the broken vent allowing you entry into Seamus’ house.

Once you’re inside, speak to Seamus, and he will start walking around the house trying to figure it out. However, he will not figure it out, leaving it up to you. You want to jump on the bookshelf and translate a message on the wall. It will reveal itself to be “Time Will Tell”. You then want to move to a large picture of a robot on the left of the kitchen cabinet. It will reveal a terminal with a keypad on it.

The code for the keypad is printed on the four clocks.

The code of the keypad is the numbers the four clocks point to. If you’re like a robot and can’t read analogue, the code is 2511.

Doc’s Secret Lab puzzle

Now you’re in the Doc’s Secret Lab, you need to work out what’s inside to help you on your quest to reach the Outriders. To solve the mystery of Doc’s Secret Lab, you need to look for the whiteboard above a desk with a Zurk in a glass container. To the right of the desk is another shelf that you can climb by leaping from a stool near the table in the middle of the lab.

The tracker falls out of the box on the shelf.

Now you’re perched at the top of the shelf, you can knock the box off the shelf as an evil cat would do. The box will tumble to the ground, and the box lid will fly open. Inside is a device that you need to pick up called the Tracker. Talk to Seamus, and he reveals it’s a Tracker that you need to repair.

How to repair the Tracker in Stray

The repair the Trackr, you need to visit Elliot’s Computing. However, Elliot will not help you as he is one cold tin can. To get them to help, he needs to get warm. The solution to this is Grandma’s knitting, who will knot you a scarf. However, she needs Electric cables, which is an item you can get from the marketplace in the Slums village center.

You need to gather some Super Spirit Detergent to get the Electric Cables. The Super Spirit Detergent is an item inside the washing machine and dry cleaner store. However, the door is shut. The only way to get into the establishment is via climbing to the roof and straddling the robots chucking paint buckets from the food of the cleaners to a building near Momo’s. Climb the roof and then park near the robot that throws buckets of pain.

You can then enter an interaction, requiring you to meow while the robot is about to throw the paint. Time it right, and our cat will startle the robot, causing the paint to tumble to the ground and anger the owner of the washing machine store. The door to the store remains open while the root starts cleaning the paint from in front of the store. It allows you to enter the store and steal the Super Spirit Detergent.

Get the robot on the roof to drop the white paint bucket, which will make the owner of the store come out, opening the door for you to steal the detergent on the table.

Now you have the Super Spirit Detergent, move towards the marketplace and trade the detergent for the electric cables. Now you need to head to Grandma’s store and trade the cables for an item of clothing. Now head to Elliot’s Computing, scratch the metal door and climb upstairs to see Elliot. Give Elliot the clothing, and now Elliot will be able to help you. You can then speak to Elliot again and hand over the Broken Tracker, which he will fix.

Once the Tracker is fixed, return to Seamus, and he will use the Tracker. The Tracker will then lead to a closed door and bring you to the next mission, the Dead End, which will lead you to Doc, all because you solved Doc’s Secret Lab puzzle. This concludesa the walkthrough to teh ASLums second chapter in Stray, as you are now loading into a new level.

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