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Stray: Sentinels Tips and Tricks

Craig Robinson

The second major enemy in the Stray is the Sentinels. The Sentinels are the enemy you’ll encounter post the Sewers level, with them appearing in the Midtown and the Jail chapters. These are much more efficient at handling any paw-related problems. With that said, here are a few tips and tricks for dealing with Stray’s Sentinel enemies.

The Sentinels are the second major enemy in Stray.

Stray: Sentinels tips and tricks

The Sentinel enemies are a type of flying robot which are used largely for security reasons. They tend to stick around any important areas, such as Midtown checkpoints, in the Neco Factory and the Jail itself. They are not as menacing as the Zurks, but they can be more deadly if mishandled.

These tips will come in handy if you want the Sneakitty trophy. It requires you not to get detected once during the Midtown chapter by any Sentinels. These are apparent during the Neco Factory and the final act of the Clementine apartment block.

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Complete Midtown without getting detected by a single Sentinel robot

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The light

The light the Sentinels have is the primary way these Sentinels have of detecting your presence. If you stand in the light, then the Sentinels will detect you and begin to change your behaviour. There are three colours to watch for. Blue means the Sentinel is behaving as normal, yellow is the Sentinel is aware of something up, and red means it is chasing you and will fire at you.

If the sentinel is in yellow, that means it is aware that you are there and will head towards where it saw you go. It will try to follow your trail, so try to hide the best you can. They seem to have a range of how far they can travel, so if you outrun it and hide it correctly, it will return to its default position. However, if it is red, you must hide it as best as possible until it resets or runs further away.

Also, the light has some leniency to it. It appears that if the big ginge itself gets caught at the very edges of the blue light, then it won’t detect. Keep that in mind if you do think you’re about to get caught the slightest bit.

Look for patterns

Watch for patterns and slip by Sentinels.

The Sentinels are not spotlight searching helicopters, rather, each one has specific patterns on how they behave. This is key to avoiding the Sentinel’s detection light. The best Stray tip for the Sentinels is to chill for a moment and watch how each one moves. That way, you can work out its blind spots, how its moves, and how often and quickly it rotates its vision.

Once you have analyzed every single one, you may safely get past them. This is especially needed in the Midtown Clemetime apartment segment as there are a lot of robots and paths are blocked. You will need patience if you want to safely get through the dense amount of sentinels and restricted pathways in that segment.

Swerve their rounds

Like the Zurks, the Sentinels will require some swerving to stay alive when they are onto you. However, the Sentinels are more brutal than the Zurks. The Sentinels will fire a burst of electric rounds rather than slowly eat you alive. Getting hit with the electric rounds will take you out in a single go, so avoiding them is key.

Try your best to swerve out of the light as fast as possible while the drones are on you; otherwise, it’s toast. Also, try to get out of the line of sight of these drones and hide the best you can to reset them. If there are any cardboard boxes around the area, then these are great hiding spots from the Sentinels.

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