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Antvillage Flower Locations

Craig Robinson

Antvillage is the second main story hub you will visit as part of your quest to find the Outsiders. While it serves a purpose for the main story and progression, you can do side activities, such as finding more memories and flowers. The flowers are a level-specific collectable, which you will want to do if you plan on grabbing Stray’s platinum trophy. Here is how to find all the flower locations on Stray’s Antvillage level.

Speak to Malo about the flower quest.

Antvillage flower locations

The Antvillage flowers are part of a side challenge for an NPC named Malo, found above Zbaltazar. When you speak to the robot, it will ask you to find three flowers, one red, one yellow and one purple. The flowers are scattered throughout the level. Once you find all three, Malo will award the gardening badge, one of six badges you can get as part of the ‘Badges’ trophy. You must find all three of these plants to earn the badge.

If you’re on the level or returning to this chapter, you must see Zbaltazar in his meditation spot before heading out to find the flowers. B-12 doesn’t feel like talking when you first make it to the level, so it will not pick up items until after you visit Zbaltazar. Do that first, and then follow our guide to the flower locations.

Where To Find The Yellow Flower in Antvillage

Follow the pipe to the yellow flower location

Once you have spoken to Zbaltazar, you can now proceed to find the flowers. The first one you want to find is the yellow flower on the same level as Zbaltazar. Head around the level you are on by jumping the gap between Zbaltazar’s meditation platform and the one behind the pipe. Walk along that platform, and you will find two robots to the left alongside a rusty pipe at the platform’s furthest away edge. Walk to the edge of the platform and jump on the pipe. You can follow the pipe along to the flowers where the yellow plants grow. Pick up one of the yellow flowers from this location and then move on to the purple flowers.

Where To Find The Purple Flower in Antivillage

Climb the tree for the purple flower location.

The purple flower location on Stray’s Antvillage level is on a tree that grows out from the village. You will need to head back to the ladder and the air vents you climbed up to get to Zbaltazar. Once you descend down the ladder, you will find a tree growing out of the platform. Jump onto that tree and continue to walk across it. Eventually, you will come to a dead end of the tree and be able to pick one of the purple flowers from it. Now that you have the purple flower, you need to turn around and return to the village’s platform you just jumped off.

Where To Find The Red Flower in Antvillage

The red flower tree is by the sewage water.

The red flowers are on the ground floor at the bottom of the village. Two robots are attending a tree by a little trash island surrounded by sewage water. To get down there, you will need to move along the main platform the tree is growing out of and look for two robots playing Mahjong on a table. You will need to jump onto that table and the bucket to get down to the soil level. In the process, you will upset the players and get a trophy in the process called ‘cat-a-strophe’.

Once you’re down to the soil level, you can head across the barrels in the water. It should lead to you to the island with the tree on it. On the islands is a sturdy crate to jump on right below the tree branches. Jump on the crate, and pick a red flower from the tree.

The gardening badge

Now that you visited all three flower locations of Antvillage, you need to find Malo. You can find Malo on the floor above Zbaltazar. Climb back up the village and head back to Zbaltazar. A wooden box stack surrounds a pipe you can jump on, followed by climbing the pipe, onto the plank and then on the new platform. You can now climb a ladder and some more pipes before you get to the floor.

Now that you are on the floor, Malo should be watering some plants by the ladder. If not, she will be somewhere on that platform. Once you find Malo, hand over the flowers, and receive your new gardening badge for your cat jersey. It is one of the six badges in Stray, which you need as part of the Badges trophy.

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