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Where To Get Super Spirit Detergent

Shane Williams

The Slums is one of the game’s first main mission hubs, setting the pace for the main story. One of the first things you’ll have to do is find a Super Spirit Detergent which is needed to progress the story. Below we’ll take you through the necessary steps to find it!

The Super Spirit Detergent can be found inside the Laundromat.

What is the Super Spirit Detergent Used For?

The Super Spirit Detergent is an item needed to purchase an Electrical Cable from Azooz the Merchant who can be found sitting to the right of the Guardian. You’ll need to give the Electrical Cable to the Grandma in order for her to make you a Poncho.

Where To Find The Super Spirit Laundromat

Once you’ve progressed through the story and finished speaking with the Guardian, head back the way you came and take a right when you reach the bottom of the stairs. Here you’ll see the entrance to the Laundromat but the door will be locked so you’ll need to find another way of entering.

How To Get Inside The Super Spirit Laundromat in Stray

In order to unlock the Laundromat door you’ll need to make your way up to the rooftop which can be done going back towards the stairs near the Guardian and jumping up onto the vending machine. From here, use the platforms and fans to hop up onto the roof. Once on top, leap across to the building on the opposite side, then look down to the right and use the pipe to get across to the otherside.

(1 of 2) The Super Spirit Detergent can be found sitting by the window in the laundromat

The Super Spirit Detergent can be found sitting by the window in the laundromat (left), and is needed to purchase an Electrical Cable. (right)

Climb to the rooftop again and you’ll see two robots throwing cans of paint to each other. Approach the nearest to you (Vapora) and press Circle DualSense-ButtonCircle to meow when it picks up the can. This will cause Vapora to drop cans of paint and Kosma will exit the Laundromat. Drop down and enter the Laundromat and you’ll find the Super Spirit Laundromat sitting up on the table next to the entrance.

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