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Stray: Rooftops Memory Locations

Craig Robinson

Rooftops is the next big chapter once you finish the Slums part 1. You are on a quest to find a way to make a communication device work to contact other Outsiders. But, while you’re on the mission, there are three memories you can get, which will count toward the ‘I Remember’ trophy. If you’re for collecting that trophy, then here is how to find all the of Stray’s Rooftops memory locations.

Stray’s Rooftops memory locations

Throughout the level, you will come across three memories to collect. One of them is the main story memory, which you will naturally get when you complete the mission objective. As for the other two, they are found on the level. Below you’ll find all the Rooftop memory locations in order.

The first Rooftop memory location

You can find the neon sign very close to the start of the Rooftops mission.

The first memory of Rooftops is the neon sign. Head into the level, jump across the first building and avoid the first set of Zurks. You can climb up the building, jump on a stone low wall, and cross a metal girder to avoid the next set of Zurks. You can then climb up the air conditioner next to the ladder, followed by the pie, another AC and then on a rooftop.

Once you’re on the roof, you can see the neon sign sitting on top of a junk pile. Interact with the sign, and you will get some lore about the game’s energy crisis before the society collapsed and the humans disappeared.

The second rooftops memory location

The second Rooftops memory location is easily missable if you progress through the mission as normal.

The second Rooftops memory location is closer to the end of the mission, following the natural route, dealing with Zurks, and climbing up the crane. You will then enter the under-construction skyscraper.

Once you start climbing up the skyscraper floors, you will come across a floor with some Zurks trapped in a metal fenced-off area. The fenced area is a computer terminal which B-12 can interact with. Run past that, towards where the construction lights are turned on, up to the point where you can see the half wall beyond it. You can then jump on the half wall, find the Neco Corporation sign, and walk up to it. You can then redeem the memory and get a prompt about companies before the fall of the city.

The third Rooftops memory

Stray’s final Rooftops memory is awarded for completing the mission.

The third and final memory of Stray’s Rooftops memories is at the end of the level. Continue to ascend the skyscraper and reach the top of the skyscraper. You will need to wait for the elevator to come down, avoiding all the Zurks that charge you until it’s safe to jump into the fenced-off elevator.

Once you’re in the elevator, you can then reach the top and insert the Transceiver item into the control panel. Once inside, you can then make your way to the bucket at the end of the tower and complete the mission. Once you complete the mission, you get a cutscene with B-12 revealing another key memory of the city’s past. The cutscene grants you the second main story memory and the final memory of Rooftops. You will now have earned all of Stray’s rooftops memories; congratulations!

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