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Stray: Slums Memory Locations

Craig Robinson

If there is one consistent thing with Stray, it is that memories play an important role in the storytelling of the game, while acting as a collectable. One of the densest places in the game for memories is the Slums level, containing seven unique memories for you to discover. If you want to get them all, here are all of the slums memory locations in Stray.

You can rest easy knowing where all of B-12's memories are.

Slums’ memory locations in Stray

Seven memories are scattered around the various buildings, rooftops and features of the Slums level. You will need to find every single one of them if you plan on getting yourself the ‘I Remember’ achievement for collecting all the memories on a campaign save.

We recommend returning to this level when you get the Slums chapter 2. You can load up a completed save and open the level up. This is the shortest part of the slums level and has everything accessible from the start.

Slums memory #1

The location of the slums' first memory is behind the beer bottle sign.

The first memory is on a building’s roof at the very corner of town. You will need to climb up the buildings near the centre of the slum village and get to the roofs. The best place to be is to climb to the roof of Elliot’s Computers, as that roof is closest to the memory.

We recommend going to Elliot’s Computing by walking through the front door, climbing the stairs and then jumping on the window. You will then get a camera angle change, allowing you to start climbing the outside and then to the roof. Get back on the roof of Elliots’, then look for the beer sign on the roof of the bar. The beer bottle should be within a circle. Get to that roof, and then you can find a dead robot with some suitcases behind it with the memory.

Slums memory #2

You need to buy the second memory from the trader in exchange for three energy drinks.

The second memory in the slums is a little tricky to get, as you need to buy it in the marketplace. However, the memory costs three cans of soda, which you get from three different vending machines. These vending machines are located throughout the village To summarize the vending machines quickly, they are found.

  1. Opposite the musician near the sewers.
  2. On the rooftops near the television and the sofa rooftop
  3. Near the backend of the alleyways, near to where Seamus lives.
  4. On a balcony above the alleyway near Grandma.

See our Vending Machine Locations page for more in-depth information if you need any further assistance.

Slums memory #3

RAM soup sounds lovely, don't you think?

The third memory in the slums is found in the bar. Head inside the bar and climb the stairs to the bar’s lounge area. As you get up the stairs, you will find a bowl of RAM soup (yeah, you read that right). Interact with it, and you will discover a memory of how robots tried to replicate humans with incredibly impractical ideas.

Slums memory #4

It is like a teenager's room.

Momo’s house is the host of the fourth memory, which you can stumble upon by climbing the apartment blocks with the red lights at the top. Once inside, you can find a poster of a human-like figure standing in the walled city, which looks similar to how the city is now in his bedroom. There are also pictures of cows and another outsider iconography on his wall too!

Slums memory #5

F to pay respects.

The fifth memory location in Stray’s Slums level is found deep in the alleyways. Keep walking down the steps directly opposite the Guardian’s main base and turn right towards the cleaners Follow the pathways down, and you should eventually come across a mural of humans painted by robots on a wall opposite up some stone steps. It is quite close to Seamus’s house if you happen to know where that is. If you need any further guidance, you can follow the robot with the cloth wrappings around its head and chest. That robot tends to patrol the alleyways, looking for junk in bins and trash piles, eventually leading you to the memory if all else fails.

Slums memory #6

You have to climb up some buildings to get to this Banksy artwork.

The sixth memory location in the slums requires you to climb to a unique spot. Head over to Morusque, the musician found to the right of the Guardian’s main base. When looking directly at Morusque, you will find a large opening to his left. You can begin climbing up that space, which leads to a small flat area with a large wall with a robot painting on it. The robot painting is the location of the sixth memory. In the Slums.

Slums memory #7

This plant learned from Peace Lillies about needing little light to live.

The final memory location in the slums is found inside Elliot’s Computing. Head inside the building by scratching on the door, and Nestor should open it for you. Head inside the building and head upstairs. As you get to the next floor above, a plant should be on the immediate left of the stairs, which is the final memory of the list. Congratulations, you now have all seven memories in Stray’s Slums level!

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