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Energy Drink and Vending Machine Locations

Craig Robinson

Stray has quite a few collectables in the game that help towards the main story, or trophies if you are a platinum player. One of the features you’ll need to deal with is the vending machines. The vending machines in Stray are a party of the completionist parts of the slum level, granting both memories and music sheets. Here is where you can find all of Stray’s vending machine locations in the slums.

Stray’s Energy Drink and Vending Machine locations

There are four vending machines in the slum levels that are filled with energy drinks. You need to interact with all four if you plan on finding all of the collectables for the slums level. Note there are plenty of empty vending machines, which are the ones you do not need to find. You are specifically looking for the stocked vending machines.

When you find a vending machine location, you need to pick up the Stray energy drinks from the floor. Sometimes the can may roll a little away from the vending machine’s draw. So, make sure you dont lose the energy drink.

Once you have all four, you can then buy both items from the market, which will get you a music sheet and a memory. The memory costs three cans of energy drink, which is what drops from the vending machine. On the other hand, the music sheet costs one energy drink.

The musician vending machine

This blue vending machine sits right across from the musician

A stocked vending machine is directly opposite the musician to whom you take your music sheets. You may find the musician down some stairs near the sweet gate, which is found very close to the Guardian’s room at the center of the village.

Above grandma’s shop

Climb the alleyway to the right of Grandmas’s shop, and you should come across this balcony.

If you’re Grandma’s shop, you can climb the buildings through the corregated metal found on the walls of the small alley to the right of her shop if you’re direclty facing her. Continue climbing and jump across it until you get to a balcony with a vending machine. Alternatively, you can look for the wooden beams near a white-light-lit part of the alleyway next to Rozey the robot and jump across them until you land on the vending machine.

Alleyway Vending Machine

Follow the patrolling robot to find a memory and another filled vending machine

You can find the Alleyway’s vending machine on the ground floor of the slums. A robot patrols the village’s alleyways with a piece of cloth over its head and toro. Feel free to follow him around until you get humans graffiti on the wall. The vending machine is to the left of the graffiti if you’re directly facing it.

Rooftop vending machine

The red vending machine is towards the edge of the opposite building’s roof

The final vending machine is on the roof of the slum village. Once you climb up to the village’s roofs, using whatever means necessary, you may find a vending machine near the edge of a building’s roof. More specifically, it Is on the same rooftop as the TV, which is very close to Clementine’s room as part of the slum’s notebook quest.

And there you have it, you now have all four energy drinks in Stray’s slums level. YOu may now return ot the marketplace and trade all your energy drinks in for the two items the marketplace sells in exchange for the drinks.

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