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Persona 5 Tactica

All Quest Rewards and Unlock Requirements in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

As you progress through the game’s main story missions, you’ll periodically unlock quests, which are optional side-missions you can complete to earn extra rewards. This page will provide information about quests in Persona 5 Tactica, including when every quest unlocks, what the rewards are for completing each quest, and more.

(1 of 2) You can start quests via the Hideout menu when you’re in Leblanc. They will unlock as you progress through the game’s main story missions.

You can start quests via the Hideout menu when you’re in Leblanc. They will unlock as you progress through the game’s main story missions. (left), Many quests restrict what characters you can deploy and task you with clearing a stage in a timely manner. (right)

What Are Quests in Persona 5 Tactica

As mentioned above, quests are optional side missions that will unlock based on your progress through the game’s main story missions. There are fifteen quests in total, five in Kingdom 1, four in Kingdom 2, and three each in the last two sections of the game. There are no requirements for unlocking quests aside from main mission progression and they cannot be missed. They also do not expire, so if you find yourself not up to the challenge or otherwise disinclined to bother with them when they unlock, you don’t have to worry about it - you can always come back and finish them later, at least until the point of no return (after completing Mission 50, but before embarking on Mission 51).

Combat in Persona 5 Tactica is already fairly gimmicky, making battles more like puzzles than your standard tactical role playing game fare, and quests make this even more apparent, effectively playing out as heavily restricted missions. Typically, your objective is simple enough - reach a goal or defeat all enemies (often within a time limit) being the most common, but the characters you can deploy (and the order in which you can deploy them) are almost always determined for you, at least in part. Between the objectives and the narrow confines of how you’re able to deploy your characters frequently limit your options, and you’ll need to display proficiency with the gameplay elements available to you in order to succeed. On the other hand, the restrictive nature of many quests often means there’s an obvious solution and you usually won’t have to spend too much time fussing over builds and persona to succeed, although there’s usually just enough wiggle room to allow such gameplay elements to shift the odds in your favor a bit. On the plus side, quests do not have awards or optional objectives - you complete the main objective and you complete the quest, if not, not. Unlike missions, quests cannot be [replayed].

(1 of 3) Completing quests will often earn substantial GP for the characters who were required,

All Quest Unlock Requirements and Rewards in Persona 5 Tactica

Complete a quest and you’ll get a reward - almost always GP for the required characters, a new persona, or in the case of the last three quests, unlocking the [ultimate skill] for the deployed characters. Whenever you can bring Yusuke along on a timed quest, he usually makes things easier by virtue of his Auto-Masuku ability, but generally keeping your personas upgraded and ensuring you have reasonable up-to-date guns with your deployed characters can help, although it is worth warning that over-leveling for early quests may break intended gameplay mechanics. If you’re killing enemies too fast to score One Mores or Triple Threat All-Out Attacks, you may end up making things more difficult in the long run! That said, we’ve provided links to walkthrough pages for all the quests in the game, so you should be able to complete them all at the time they unlock by following these guides.

On the table below you’ll find information about when each quest unlocks, who can be deployed for each quest, and what rewards you’ll get for completing each quest:

Quest Unlocked Party Conditions Reward
Quest 1 - Quietly Storming the Castle Mission 8 - Signal the Counterattack Ann, 2 others Defeat enemies in 3 turns Ann +20 GP, Futaba +20 GP
Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info Mission 11 - Beauty and Brawn Joker, Erina, 1 other Reach objective in 1 turn Joker +20 GP, Erina +10 GP
Quest 3 - Decompressing Mission 14 - A Bitter Retreat Ryuji, Haru, 1 other Defeat enemies in 3 turns Haru +20 GP, Ryuji +20 GP
Quest 4 - Once More, With Feeling! Mission 14 - A Bitter Retreat Makoto, Yusuke, 1 other Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Makoto +20 GP, Yusuke +20 GP
Quest 5 - Operation BOOM Mission 18 - A Perfect Plan Morgana, Erina, 1 more Defeat enemies in 3 turns Morgana +20 GP, Erina +10 GP
Quest 6 - Yusuke in Freefall Mission 23 - A Wanted Criminal Joker, Yusuke, 1 other Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Joker +20 GP, Yusuke +20 GP
Quest 7 - The Mysterious Box Mission 23 - A Wanted Criminal Makoto, Ryuji, 1 other Defeat enemies in 3 turns Makoto +20 GP, Ryuji +20 GP
Quest 8 - The Rightful Prince Mission 28 - Garrison Liberation Mission 2 Ann, Morgana, 1 other Defeat enemies in 7 turns Ann +20 GP, Morgana +20 GP
Quest 9 - Recovering A Lost Treasure Mission 28 - Garrison Liberation Mission 2 Any 3 females Defeat enemies in 1 turn Decabria Persona
Quest 10 - A Balancing Axe Mission 35 - Key to the Past - Courtyard Haru, Yusuke, 1 more Defeat enemies in 4 turns Haru +20 GP, Yusuke +20 GP
Quest 11 - Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret Mission 37 - Key to the Past - Faculty Room Any 3 males, including Morgana Reach the objective Okuninush Persona
Quest 12 - Learning From a Pro Mission 38 - Key to the Past - Rooftop Joker, Erina, 1 other Defeat enemies in 1 turn Joker +20 GP, Erina +10 GP
Quest 13 - Lavenza’s First Trial Mission 45 Joker, Morgana, and Makoto Reach objective in 1 turn Unlocks Ultimate Skills
Quest 14 - Lavenza’s Second Trial Mission 45 Ryuji, Yusuke and Ann Carry Trial Gear to the Target Unlocks Ultimate Skills
Quest 15 - Lavenza’s Third Trial Mission 45 Haru, Erina, Toshiro and 1 more Defeat enemies in 4 turns Unlocks Ultimate Skills

In addition to the rewards listed above, you’ll also gain bonus rewards for completing all the quests within a kingdom, as follows:

Kingdom Quests Reward
Kingdom 1 Quests 1 - 5 Principality Persona
Kingdom 2 Quests 6 - 9 Decarabia Persona
Kingdom 3 Quests 10 - 12 Black Frost Persona
Kingdom 4 Quests 13 - 15 Shiva Persona
All Kingdoms All 15 Quests Satanael Persona
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