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Quest 1 - Quietly Storming the Castle Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

After completing missions in Persona 5 Tactica, you’ll unlock Quests. Unlike other games, quests are difficult challenges that use specific gameplay features to complete the goal in a set number of turns. The first quest, Quietly Storming the Castle becomes available after completing mission 8, Defeat Panther. By completing quests, you’ll earn bonus GP for two characters which allows you to upgrade your skills, and if you complete all the Kingdom’s quests before finishing the Kingdom, you’ll unlock a rare Persona. Read our step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete Quietly Storming the Castle.

With Erina gaining intel, she asks Ann and Futaba to help her storm the castle.

How to Complete Quest 3 - Decompressing

With the help of the Phantom Thieves, Erina has gained intel on the movements of Marie’s army. Erina seems to have a plan in mind.

Party Conditions
Ann, 2 others Defeat enemies in 3 turns

After mission 8, you’ll unlock your first quest which can be found under the quests menu located in the Hideout menu. Accepting the quest will take you straight into it, so make sure you’re ready to tackle it before you accept it. As stated above, quests are more like challenges that require you to defeat the task in one to three turns while using a specific gameplay feature to accomplish the goal. Quests are by far the most difficult content in Persona 5 Tactica with some of them requiring you to think outside the box. Alternatively, you can use our step-by-step guides to do that for you.

Before you get started, you’ll be required to bring Ann along for the quest, but the other two can be given to anyone by selecting “Choose Squad”. For the other two party members, bring along Morgana for the area of effect magic, and Erina for her area of effect gun which will come in useful later.

(1 of 6) Cast Agi on the two enemies at the back of the left sandbags with Ann.

Quest 1 - Quietly Storming the Castle - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The idea of this quest is to use magic to remove the enemies from the cover, and then follow it up with a gun attack to trigger One-More which allows that character to have another go. There are six enemies in total to defeat with four of them using the sandbags to your left as cover, and the other two doing the same on your right. Follow the step-by-step guide below to complete the quest with no issues.

Step 1: Switch to Ann and target the two enemies grouped together at the back on your left.

Step 2: Select Morgana and target the two enemies in the sandbags to your right to bring them out of cover.

Step 3: Now, switch over to Erina and end the turn. This will make her “charge” and allow her to down the enemies caught by her gun in her next turn regardless if they have “resist” above their name.

Step 4: When you end your turn, two more enemies will appear as reinforcements, and you’ll have to defeat all of them in this turn or the quest will fail. Switch to Erina, and position her, so she targets the two enemies close to her in the left sandbag. This will give her a One-More, and you’ll get another turn with her.

Step 5: Now it’s time to set up an all-out attack. Position Erina at the sandbag on the left, Ann opposite her on the other side of the sandbag, and then move Morgana to the center of the right sandbag. This should defeat the majority of the enemies, and will still leave you with two attacks minimum, maybe more if you get a critical hit.

Step 6: Select Ann and cast Agi on the group of enemies in the right sandbag, and you should defeat a couple while leaving the other two at low health, and without cover.

Step 7: Finally, use Morgana to clean up the remaining enemies. You can do this by casting Magaru, or if you want to be safer, shooting the enemies who’re not downed to get another turn before using the spell.

This will complete the first quest, and after the short scene, you’ll be rewarded with 20 GP for both Ann and Futabu. Note, you could replace Erina for Joker, and use Eiga to deal more area of effect damage, but using Erina gives you a bit more safety due to her charge ability.


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