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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 15 - Lavenza's Third Trial in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

The final quest of Persona 5 Tactica is another trial from Lavenza, but this time it involves Erina, Haru, and Toshiro. Completing Quest 15, Lavenza’s Third Trial will unlock the final three skills for Erina, Haru, and Toshiro. If you have been doing all the quests up until this point, you’ll also unlock the Conqueror of Kingdoms Achievement or Trophy for completing all quests. This is one of the hardest quests in the game, so if you’re not sure how to tackle it, read our expert step-by-step guide to finish it with ease.

Completing Lavenza’s Third Trial will unlock the final skills for Haru, Erina, and Toshiro.

How to Complete Quest 15 - Lavenza’s Third Trial

The third trial from Lavenza. Those that overcome this challenge will see their power grow.

Party Conditions
Haru, Erina, Toshiro, and 1 more Defeat enemies in 4 turns

The last quest in the game is arguably one of the more difficult. Not because of a turn limit, but because of the abundance of enemies you’ll need to defeat, and the fact that the party is segregated from each other. For the final party member, it’s recommended to bring someone who has access to at least Mediarama, or the higher equivalent spell as you will need to keep your health topped up throughout the stage.

Quest 15 - Lavenza’s Third Trial - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The general strategy for this quest is to set up All-Out-Attacks between Erina, Haru, and the last party member/Toshiro. The party will be split up into three groups, Erina at the back left, Haru at the front left, and the last party member with Toshiro in the front right. The latter two will be stuck in a box made of nuts. Erina and Haru are free to move, but for the first few reinforcements, you’ll want to keep them where they are.

Step 1: Select Toshiro, target the Shotgunner in the center of the ledge above, and cast Liberator on it. This will hit the enemies on either side of it as well as the Revenger down below and remove them from cover. Note, that this will get Toshiro hit by the counter-attack from the Revenger though.

Step 2: Switch to party member 4 next to Toshiro, and cast an area-of-effect attack on the same enemies to down them.

Step 3: Select Haru, and stand behind the pillar to the far right edge of the map.

Step 4: Now, switch back over to the party member who started the Triple Threat, and activate it. This will defeat most of the enemies while leaving the rest of them at low health.

Step 5: Switch back over to Haru, move to the wall where Erina is, and cast an area-of-effect attack on the enemies. This won’t defeat all of them, but it will get their “attention”.

Step 6: Select Erina and cast Ultimate Shining Partisan on the unsuspecting enemies to defeat them. This will end turn 1.

(1 of 6) Step 1: Select Toshiro and cast Liberator at the enemies on the ledge.

Step 7: At the start of turn 2, there should be just one enemy left. Select Toshiro and finish it off.

Step 8: Select party member 4, and cast Mediarama or something similar to heal up Toshiro.

Step 9: Now, head over to Erina, walk around the corner, get in cover, and destroy the explosive barrel blocking your way.

Step 10: You can do the same for Haru too if you want, but it’s not needed just yet. When you’re ready, end the turn.

Step 11: At the start of turn 3, the enemies will get some reinforcements (get used to this). There will be a group placed above and to the side of Toshiro, and another group near Haru.

(1 of 4) Step 7: Finish off the remaining enemy with Toshiro.

Step 12: Looks like it’s time for another Triple Threat. Cast Liberator with Toshiro on the enemies on the ledge and then cast an area-of-effect attack on them with party member 4 afterward like last time. Activate the Triple Threat with party member 4, and the majority of the enemies will die.

Step 13: Select Haru, run to the wall on the opposite side of the Umbrella enemy, and cast a single target attack on it to finish it off.

Step 14: Switch over to Erina and move her further up behind the pillar cover, and then end the turn.

Step 15: At the start of turn 4, you’ll have two enemies to take care of, one on the ledge above Toshiro, and the Revenger to the left of them. Select Toshiro and use Baywell 45 MkII to finish off the enemy on the ledge.

Step 16: Switch over to party member 4, and cast your strongest attack on the Revenger. Before doing this, make sure you’re in cover, and that you won’t get hit by its counter-attack as the Revenger will jump into the box. This will deal damage to you on its next turn. When you’re ready, end the turn.

Step 17: At the start of turn 5, you’ll want to focus on taking out the Revenger. Now, depending on your set-up, you may have to take some damage unless you have a bufu spell as that will freeze it in place. If you don’t have that, select Toshiro, get into cover on the opposite side of the box, and then use Baywell 45 MkII on it.

Step 18: Switch over to party member 4 and finish the Revenger off. If the attack doesn’t defeat it, use a Triple Threat to finish it off. Party Member 4 will trigger a One-More, so use this turn to heal up, and then end the turn.

(1 of 7) Step 12: Set up a Triple Threat like last time, and activate it to defeat most of the enemies.

Step 19: At the start of turn 6, another group of reinforcements will arrive. You’ll get the regular group of enemies near Toshiro and party member 4, and another group on Erina’s side. Select Toshiro, cast Liberator on the ledge enemies, and then use an area-of-effect spell with party member 4 to down the enemies which will trigger a Triple Threat.

Step 20: Switch over to Erina and move her against the wall to the left of the enemies, and then activate the Triple Threat with party member 4. This won’t defeat all enemies, but it will defeat the majority of them.

Step 21: Now, you’ll need to start making your way up to the other enemies. Select Haru, and shoot the nearby explosive barrel.

Step 22: Switch over to Erina, get into some form of cover, and attack one of the nearby enemies, with Ultimate “Forget”. This will end turn 6.

Step 23: At the start of turn 7, move Haru toward Erina, and wait in cover. Select Erina, and use an Ultimate Partisan on the Revenger.

Step 24: Select Toshiro, and cast Baywell 45 MkII on the enemy who just climbed up onto the platform which will trigger a One-More. Now, cast Liberator on the other enemy on the ledge to remove them from cover.

(1 of 6) Step 19: Cast Liberator on the ledge enemies. Follow this up with area-of-effect spell with party member 4.

Step 25: Switch over to party member 4, and cast your strongest spell on the last enemy you hit with Toshiro to defeat the enemy while also triggering a One-More. Now, use the same spell on the other ledge enemy, and end the turn.

Step 26: At the start of turn 8, select Erina, head around the corner, and attack the Revenger with her gun. This will “down” it, and you can either finish it off with a gun attack or if that’s not enough, a Triple Threat. Heal up if needed, and then end the turn.

Step 27: Move Haru closer to Erina, stand next to the wall (for cover), and attack it with her gun, or a non-Psi spell (she’ll take damage). This will give her a One-More, and attack it again to finish it off.

Step 28: For turn 9, some more reinforcements will arrive. The majority of them will appear on the ledge above Toshiro apart from the Revenger which will spawn in the box. Line up Erina, Haru, and party member 4 to create a triangle around the enemies (not the Revenger), and activate the Triple Threat to defeat the majority of enemies. Heal up if needed, and end the turn.

(1 of 6) Step 25: Cast a single-target spell with party member 4 to take out the enemy on the ledge.

Step 29: Now, switch over to party member 4, stand in a corner for cover, attack the Revenger with your strongest spell, and then finish it off with the other members.

Step 30: Finally, finish off any remaining enemies in either this or the following turn.

Once the enemies are defeated, you’ll get a short scene before you’re rewarded with unlocking the final skills for Haru, Erina, and Toshiro. Haru will unlock Psycho Impact, Erina will unlock Covenant of the Spear, and Toshiro will unlock Light of Promise.

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