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Persona 5 Tactica

Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

As you make progress through the game’s main missions, you’ll occasionally [unlock Quests]. Most combat scenarios are, in fact, puzzles, with a bit of RPG mechanics obfuscating the core puzzle objectives on each map. Nowhere is this more clear than with Quests, and while Quest 1 - Quietly Storming the Castle only hints at this, Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info lays bare the purpose of Quests. This page will provide a walkthrough for Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info in Persona 5 Tactica, providing tips and strategies for completing the quest in a single turn.

How to Complete Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info in Persona 5 Tactica

Party Conditions
Joker, Erina, 1 other Reach objective in 1 turn

Quest 2 - Stealing Classified Info will unlock after you complete Mission 11 - Beauty and Brawn, and it’ll be the first of several quests requiring you to finish its objective in a single turn, with others unlocking at future dates. As you may expect from such restrictive requirements, your stats have almost no bearing on the outcome of this quest, it’s purely a test of your grasp of the game’s mechanics. There are some variables, however, as you get to pick one free party member to join Erina and Joker, and while those two are locked, you can customize their weapons, skills, and, in the case of Joker, his persona. That said, this quest is designed to be completed by unupgraded characters, so while some skills (movement range, skill range, Auto-Masuku, if you’ve recruited Yusuke) and longer-ranged weapons will help, they’re not really needed.

When you load into the quest you’ll find that Erina is on high ground in the middle of the map, on the opposite end of which is the destination. Enhanced or not, Erina doesn’t have the movement speed to sprint across an entire map, so you’ll need to feed her enemies primed to be downed by her, which will grant her a One More and allow her to keep pressing forward. Here’s a step-by-step guide for completing this stage:

(1 of 7) Melee two enemies with Joker to knock them both down and score a One More.

Quest 2 Persona 5 Tactica - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Switch to Joker, who is on the right side of the map, and head forward to find two Musketeers, one out of cover, and one in cover. The one out of cover is a red herring, who serves only to make you think you can shoot him with Erina as she runs past… and you can, but this is a trap. It won’t get her the movement range she needs, as she has to shoot this enemy before she climbs down the ladder. Help things along by meleeing the Musketeer with Joker, knocking it into its ally, and sending them both down to the low ground.

Step 2: Meleeing the exposed Musketeer will get Joker a One More. Continue forward to reach a ladder, and cast Eiga on the Musketeer below to knock him out of cover.

Step 3: Switch back to Erina and head forward as far as you can, then shoot a nearby Musketeer to get a One More.

Step 4: As Erina, climb down a ladder in front of you and advance to the end of your movement range - likely near some crates, just in front of the two Musketeers Joker dislodged earlier. Shoot them to get another One More.

Step 5: Still controlling Erina, march as far as you can, then cast Partisan on the enemy to the right - the one behind the barrier whom Joker made vulnerable with Eiga a moment ago.

Step 6: Switch to Morgana and climb a ladder to reach a platform housing an exposed Musketeer. Ignore him for now and descend the opposite ladder to reach the other side of the platform, where you’ll find another Musketeer hiding in cover. Stand near the ladder and cast Maru on the Musketeer on the platform above you to score a One More.

Step 7: Press on with Morgana to reach the Musketeer hiding behind cover. Melee him to knock him off the ledge and into Erina’s path.

(1 of 2) Take advantage of the gift provided by Morgana and shoot the final Musketeer to give Erina the fourth One More,

Take advantage of the gift provided by Morgana and shoot the final Musketeer to give Erina the fourth One More, (left), which should be sufficient for her to make it to the objective. (right)

Step 8: Swap back to Erina and advance as far as you can, then shoot the Musketeer Morgana knocked down to get the last One More you need. This should give you the movement range to just reach the edge of the objective area.

Roses, flowers, parades, they’re all yours for completing this puzzle. Metaphorically, anyway. More importantly, you’ll score 20 GP for Joker and 10 GP for Erina.

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