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Quest 11 - Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Matt Chard

When you reach Kingdom three in Persona 5 Tactica, you’ll unlock a couple of quests by mission 37. One of these is the tricky Quest 11: Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret. This quest will give you four turns to get all three party members to the goal at the other end of the stage while manipulating platforms to do it. If you’re having trouble with it, why not read our expert step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the quest?

Toshiro has an embarrassing secret that he doesn't want the female members to know about. What's he hiding?

How to Complete Quest 11 - Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret

The group comes across a mysterious location that relates to a secret Toshiro wants to keep hidden…

Party Conditions
Any Male, Any Male, Any Male Reach the target with the entire party in 4 turns

For this quest, you’ll need to reach the blue area at the back of the stage with the entire party. Due to the quest lore, you’ll be restricted to male party members. As this quest is about reaching an area, focus on taking party members who have the highest movement which you can check when you choose a squad. If you have any Personas that give Auto-Sukukaja, then even better, although it’s not needed. We went with Joker, Morgana, and Yusuke for this quest, but your party members may have been built differently, so select whoever has the highest movement stat.

Quest 11 - Toshiro’s Embarrassing Secret - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The idea behind this quest is to manipulate the lifts by standing on the button in the center of them to allow another character to get further ahead. There are two types of lifts, blue and light red we’ll call just red for guide purposes. The blue platforms will all go in the same direction, so if they are up, they will all go down at the same time when you step on the button. On the other hand, the red platforms alternate, so if one is up, the others will go down, and vice versa. You will have four turns to get all party members into the blue square at the end while enemies will get in your way and attack you. When you start the stage, you’ll soon find out that each character is in a different part of the stage. Party Member (PM) 1 will start on the left, PM2 in the center, and PM3 on the right.

(1 of 5) Step 1: Step on the blue lift button with PM3.

  • KEY: PM1= Party Member 1 (Left Path) PM2= Party Member 2 (Central Path) PM3 = Party Member 1 (Right Path)

Step 1: Select PM3 and step onto the button in the center of the nearby blue lift which will raise the blue lift on PM1’s path.

Step 2: Select PM1, walk him across the blue lift onto the next platform, and then switch over to PM2.

Step 3: Walk forward with PM2, stand on the red lift button nearby, and then switch over to PM3.

Step 4: Follow the path, and make your way to the cover near the blue lift. Use any Garu, Bufu, Zio, or Ambush spells you have to keep the enemy at bay as they can knock you off the platforms, although you can ignore them for the most part providing you’re in cover.

Step 5: Now, end your turn, but make sure they’re in cover, or on the lowered lift. This will end turn 1.

(1 of 5) Step 6: Take control of PM1 and head across the red lift, and wait behind the cover. Then end the turn.

Step 6: At the start of Turn 2, reinforcements will appear, but you can ignore them for now. Select PM1, run across the raised lift, wait by the cover opposite the target area, and then end the turn. This will end turn 2.

Step 7: When turn 3 begins, you’ll face some more reinforcements. Ignore them for now and select PM1. Now, head across the target area and stand on the blue lift button past the target area, behind the reinforcement.

Step 8: Switch over to PM3, walk across the raised blue lift, and then switch over to PM2.

Step 9: Raise the lift you’re standing on if it’s still down, and then head to the end of the path, and switch over to PM1.

Step 10: Head back up the lift, go back on yourself, stand on the red lift button near the target area, and then switch back over to PM2.

(1 of 6) Step 11: Select PM2 and head across the red lift into cover.

Step 11: Walk him past the red lift and wait in the nearby cover.

Step 12: Select PM3, stand in front of the umbrella enemy, and then switch over to PM1.

Step 13: With PM1, shoot the umbrella enemy in the back which will down it. This will trigger a triple threat on the enemy, so activate it to take the enemy down.

Step 14: Now, place both PM1 and PM3 in the target area and then end the turn. The enemies will deal a bunch of damage to you once you end your turn, but you should be okay depending on your health/level. If you’re worried about PM 1 or 3 dying, move them into nearby cover. This will end turn 3.

Step 15: At the start of Turn 4, simply select PM2 and walk into the target area to complete the quest.

Once you reach the target area with the party, you’ll get a short scene before you’re rewarded with the Dizzy Persona, Okuninushi. Unfortunately, Toshiro’s secret wasn’t a stash of dirty mags like the rest of the team hoped, instead, it was a love-letter…traitor.


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