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Quest 5 - Operation BOOM Guide in Persona 5 Tactica

Nathan Garvin

The fifth and final quest in Kingdom 1, Quest 5 - Operation BOOM is much like Quest 4 - One More, With Feeling! since as it seeks to test your proficiency with the Triple Threat All-Out Attack gameplay mechanic. Unlike the aforementioned quest, however, Quest 5 requires repeated use of Triple Threat All-Out Attacks over a series of three turns, so you’ll also need to know about scoring One Mores and using Skills to knock enemies off cover to you can set up these Triple Threat attacks. There are more variables at play this time around and the map won’t do you a favor by corralling one of your companions, so now more than ever the strategy is up to you to devise. This page will provide one such solution for the Quest 5 - Operation BOOM, offering tips and strategies for completing the quest in three turns.

Complete Mission 18 - A Perfect Plan and you'll unlock Quest 5 - Operation BOOM.

Quest 5 - Operation BOOM Preparation and Strategy

Party Conditions
Morgana, Erina, and 1 more Defeat enemies in 3 turns

The leash has been loosened, but it’s still there - you must include Morgana and Erina in your party, along with one other character. To make our strategy work, Morgana needs to have Magaru unlocked, and ideally, all the characters you bring along with you have the longer-range variant of whatever gun is being sold at the shop. We bring Yusuke as our optional third character, so this means Morgana should have the Slingbow, Erina should have the Mosser and Yusuke should have Black Assault. As for Persona, Morgana’s shouldn’t matter, but Yusuke needs a Persona with Psi - Kodama or Sudama should both suffice. In addition, Yusuke needs to have Auto-Musuku unlocked, as it’s really his top selling point.

(1 of 4) Advance with Morgana and hit a group of enemies with Magaru.

Quest 5 - Persona 5 Tactica - Step by Step Guide

When the quest starts, Futaba will mention some bombs - which we largely won’t be using, ironically enough. They’re fine for tossing enemies out of cover, but spells are another means of accomplishing the same thing, except you can actually aim them and move the caster about. Anywho, with that out of the way, let’s get started.

Step 1: Move Morgana right to find a cluster of 2x Musketeers and a Grenadier clustered around an explosive barrel. Stand next to some terrain and cast Magaru on a Musketeer. This should catch all enemies in the attack and send them flying (along with detonating the explosive barrel to no effect). The Grenadier will jump forward after this and is now vulnerable to being downed - something we won’t take advantage of.

Step 2: Switch to Yusuke and head over to where Morgana is. Stand one tile down from the Grenadier and cast Psi on a distant Musketeer standing out of cover near an explosive barrel. This will draw him next to the Grenadier and score Yusuke a One More. We’re grouping enemies for an upcoming Triple Threat All-Out Attack.

Step 3: Continuing with the grouping process, advance to the far end of the map with Yusuke and work your way behind the Musketeer who was tossed furthest by Morgana’s Magaru earlier. Melee him towards Morgana to keep him near his buddies and score Yusuke a second One More. Move Yusuke into the upper right corner of the map near some cover on the other side of which are six explosive barrels, then swap to Erina.

Step 4: Move Erina up alongside the left edge of the map from her station position until she’s almost standing opposite Yusuke - Yusuke’s Auto-Masuku is the only reason she’s able to be this mobile. Erina should be surrounded by a log pile, some cannonballs, and an explosive barrel. Switch back to Yusuke and check the area of the Triple Threat All-Out Attack by pressing DualSense-R2 and you should have every enemy save two in the AoE. If so, let rip and you’ll kill every enemy on the map save for four Musketeers (two wounded). Your results may vary slightly depending on your exact level and the stats of your Persona, but it’s hard to imagine a party weaker than the one we used.

Step 5: Take cover with Erina near an L-shaped trio of rose statues and shoot the only exposed Musketeer, detonating some explosive barrels in the process. Might as well chip a bit more damage, eh?

Turn 2 will begin after the enemies move, and there may be some RNG involved in where they end up. The strategy for the next turn is largely the same - use spells to force enemies out of cover and move them into the midst of another upcoming Triple Threat All-Out Attack, and you’ve two rounds to dispose of four enemies. Should be easier enough, but it’s going to take more than just spamming spells and gunfire and hoping for the best - we need at least one more good All-Out Attack. Let’s get to work.

(1 of 6) Head into the bottom right corner with Morgana and cast Garu on an explosive barrel to encourage a Musketeer to practice flying.

Step 6: The First step is to dislodge one of the enemies that didn’t get touched last time, and one of the reasons we moved Morgana where we did is so he can facilitate this. Move Morgana into the bottom right corner of the map and cast Garu on an explosive barrel near the previously untouched Musketeer hiding nearby. This will knock him forward, towards Yusuke.

Step 7: Yusuke’s job this turn is similar to his last turn - he’s going to travel around the map using Psi to move enemies and score One Mores while ultimately getting into position to pull off a Triple Threat All-Out Attack. Given Morgana’s position, this is going to be a bottom-heavy triangle, and depending on where the enemies moved last turn, Erina and Yusuke will have to compensate. We have Yusuke move down a bit until he’s near the tower in the middle of the map and cast Psi from as far away as possible on the Musketeer Morgana just knocked forward. This should trigger a One More and get the Musketeer in a centralized location.

Step 8: Now that Yusuke can trigger a Triple Threat All-Out Attack, it’s time to suss out the area of this upcoming attack. Yusuke should move as far away from Morgana as possible while still preserving the All-Out Attack, which means keeping the Musketeer Morgana and Yusuke downed in between the two aforementioned characters, albeit at the edge of the triangle formed by the party. Have Erina move to encompass as many enemies as you can. If you can hit all four, great, trigger it and you should kill most of the enemies on the map, and turn 3 can be spent mopping up. More than likely, however, one enemy will have fled to the left corner of the map.

Step 9: Assuming you weren’t able to hit every remaining enemy, plan out the All-Out Attack and when everybody is in position switch to Erina. It’d be a waste not to use this turn optimally, and there’s a good chance Erina can hit one of the enemies near her from the position she needs to be in for the All-Out Attack, and if this is the one enemy not in the All-Out Attack’s AoE, all the better. Have Erina cast Partisan on the target while remaining where she needs to be for the All-Out Attack to deal some damage and knock this foe out of cover. Switch to Yusuke and run down and shoot the enemy from as far away as possible (if this will kill it) or cast Psi on it to drag it up and toward the center of the map, hopefully bringing it into the AoE of the upcoming All-Out Attack. Since Erina knocked it out of cover with her Partisan, this should get Yusuke a One More, and Yusuke’s great movement speed bolstered by Auto-Masuku should allow him to return north to where he needed to be for the All-Out Attack.

Either way, you should end up with three enemies left alive by the time you trigger your All-Out Attack or four enemies within the All-Out Attack’s area. Execute the All-Out Attack and if any enemy survives, you can mop up on turn three. The important thing to achieve in turn 2 is killing the enemy in the bottom right corner (the one we had Morgana and Yusuke bully), as the others should all be on the left side of the map. Even if you end up with a straggler or two, they should be injured and confined to a small area. Clean up on turn 3 by moving Morgana and Yusuke (both fast enough normally and still boosted by Yusuke’s Auto-Masuku) to form a triangle around the remaining enemies, at which point you are a simple Garu, Bufu, or Psi followed by downing an enemy away from pulling off a third and almost certainly victorious Triple Threat All-Out Attack.

(1 of 2) In addition to earning GP for Morgana and Erina, you'll unlock the ability to fuse the Principality persona if you completed all Kingdom 1 quests.

In addition to earning GP for Morgana and Erina, you'll unlock the ability to fuse the Principality persona if you completed all Kingdom 1 quests. (left), Principality is arguably the strongest Kingdom 1 persona you can get. (right)

Emerge victorious and Morgana will gain 20 GP and Erina will earn 10 GP. Also, if you’ve completed all five quests up to this point you’ll be able to fuse Principality - a bonus reward for completing all the Kingdom 1 quests!


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